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  1. I was in this party at night and there was a pool. I was swimming for a minute then there was some kind of commotion. I got out of the pool and everyone was staring at me for a few seconds. Then I see a bunch of jock/preppy looking guys yelling and pointing at me. I thoutght things were going to get out of hand so I run out the door and my legs felt really wobbly so I stumbled out.

    I was running through this courtyard and I run into a few people. There was this chick that looked a lot like Eliza Dushku, but I only had a short glance. I fall into a bush and I hid there. I see the jock guys running every in a frenzy, but two guys stayed in the area I was hiding. They looked real pissed off for some odd reason, then all of a sudden, a dalmation was barking and ran towards my direction. I stumbled out of the bush and one of the jock guys had a hunting rifle pointed at me. The one with the rifle told his buddy to call the other guys. So he ran off and I was still stumbling around because my legs were feeling like jelly and I was yelling at him "Don't use that rifle. Fight me like a man." So the jock guy threw the rifle away and he stands there. I yell out "Fight me!"

    And that's where the dream ends. The odd thing was that I actually shouted out fight me! So my brother and mom got startled and asked who was screaming and I had to tell them I was having a dream. Crazy, eh?

    Has anyone else had a dream that seemed so real that you shouted or screamed so loud that it startled people?

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    2. Piezo


      I discussed this with Danarchy on IRC, but I would get a problem when I was taking a nap once a week where the second time I went to bed, which was for the night, I couldn't sleep for the first hour of lying there, then I keep opening my eyes while dreaming so what I see is what I see in the dream except it's all distorted. Then I'll dream that I get out of bed but I can't walk right because the room is skewing around and finally I'll wake up and I was lying there the whole time. The worst time where I thought I got out of bed was when I was dreaming that I was standing there and then I felt weightless and paralyzed.
      It turned out that it was the Nyquil that I took to get me to sleep in the afternoon. I don't think it was the pseudoephedrine since it still happens with the newer antihistamine which isn't quite as strong. Hell maybe it's the Tylenol in the damn stuff. The problem is just going to start again since I'll feel too hot to sleep starting spring. :-/

    3. Marty Razor Kirra

      Marty Razor Kirra

      I had a dream that I watched a trailer for the movie, "The Hills have Eyes" or I think so. I've never seen the actual trailer but yet I know everything that happens in it O_o

    4. Dr. Zin

      Dr. Zin

      Heh, I seem to have the opposite problem of many people here. My body wakes up before my mind does sometimes, so I think that someone is trying to get me or there is an animal in my bed. I jump up, and I used to start yelling things like "HOLY SHIT! OH SHIT!" until I really woke up, but now I just jump up and wait until my mind fully boots.