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  1. I've been called a furry or say that I associate with them like once or twice before.

    That doesn't really make sense to me. I don't go around saying I'm actually a lizard or have a tail or some crazy shit. I don't go around saying that I'm not human. Lizardcommando's just a cartoon character I made up and I happen to admire him, at least I did in High School. He's still my favorite hero out of anything else I can think of.

    Can someone tell me why someone would make that assumption?

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    2. AndrewB


      I had a really furry night tonight.

    3. Snarboo


      leileilol said:

      This is furry make-up world.

      This coming from a guy who wanks to gargoyles and girly corpses. :P Then again, they'd have to come up with some new word for your fetishes. Perhaps you're a Halloweeny, giving all the macabre crap you seem interested in?

    4. Johnatone


      Eh, don't feel bad, there's a kid I went to school with at McDonald's that everyone calls a furry because I started calling him that one day. He's not, and I had no reason to label him so, but meh, I'm an asshole.