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  1. I got my AA in Liberal Arts/University Studies. I was originally going for a degree in Digital Media, but the scheduling was fucked up and I wasn't able to take one of the courses that I needed for it. For some reason, I had my photoshop class at the same time as my English 1C class. I needed both classes for the Digital Media degree, but my councelor said that if I were to take the English 1C class, it would fulfill the requirements for the AA in Liberal Arts/University Studies, so I had to change my major. Oh well. The whole graduation ceremony was pretty boring. There was two good speeches. I dozed off to sleep for a few minutes during the ceremony and I woke up because for some reason everyone was standing up and waving their arms around. I still haven't a clue what happened at that moment. I was pretty much awake throughout the rest of the ceremony.

    Anyways, hopefully I transfer to San Jose State in the Spring of '08.