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  1. Since May, Doomworld was always loading really slow for me. I don't know why. It would take about 3-5 minutes just to load the forums and the other pages on the site. The /idgames database and the /newstuff review center page, however, loads fast. Anyways, just right now, it seems like the main site and the forums load pretty fast all of a sudden.

    Did anyone else notice this or is it just me?

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    2. Snarboo


      No problems with Doomworld, but Firefox has been having problems loading animated gifs lately. It used to load them quickly, and they would play back smoothly, but now sometimes even a single one causes lag. I wish I knew what was causing it. :/

    3. Technician


      The new version of Opera is double-timing gifs for me.

    4. Coopersville


      No issues loading forum pages for me.