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  1. Short Version: It's a long rant on looking back at past stuff and also stuff dealing with my life these days.

    Long Version:Instead of working on my small animation project and any other school stuff, I was wasting my time here and looking at all the past crap I posted. I found this gem just now and I am utterly embarrassed for the retarded crap I posted. I am slightly amused at how insane most of my early posts are. I also remember an early post I made and I asked who Joseph Stalin and Mao Ze Dong (spelling is probably not right, but who cares) are. Now that's pretty embarrassing.

    I sure miss some of the old members like Sephiroth, koolkat, and Dunbar. I know I missed a couple other members, but these guys I remember most. I didn't talk to Sephiroth a whole lot aside from posting through here, but I do remember emailing and IMing the likes of Koolkat and Dunbar. Looking back at these old posts and remembering the names of a few of the members who used to post here and then seeing the new posts now and not seeing their familiar names is kinda saddening. I can't really remember the last time I even saw them post something here. Geez, I miss some of these old members.

    Aside from the last two days of October, overall it's been a pretty fucking crappy month for me. I've fallen a bit behind on school and some other personal stuff has been fucking me over, namely this girl I like and kinda sorta fucking things up with her, then fixing things up a bit, and then fucking things up again. It's all a friggin' roller coaster ride, but I don't really feel like going into huge details. It's been putting me into a slight depression. I don't know what the fuck to think. I'm trying to keep up with everything, but it just feels like every time I try to improve myself, something holds me back and I keep falling behind. It feels like life's going at warp speed and I'm just drifting along. I'm sure that feeling will go away once I start forcing myself to trudge along through this semester. Then again, there's probably a good chance that this feeling won't go away, so meh...

    I'm trying to improve myself socially, taking baby steps, improving myself by taking better care of myself. Back in high school, I wouldn't even try to talk to anyone. I'd just sit somewhere and draw some stupid doodles by myself. These days, I actually try to talk to people in my class. You know, start up small conversations with random people in my class and whatnot. Hell, I've even mustered the courage to talk to this girl that I like. Now that's something I would never had done in High School. Back in those days, I'd run away as far away as possible from her! I have little chats with her every time I see her at work. I know that's not really much, but to me, that's something. That's a real step up from saying "Uuuuh, hi..." And then running away like a pussy. I still get a little nervous talking to her, but at least it's not as ridiculously bad as I was in High School.

    I don't really know why I'm typing all this stuff. Maybe it's from the nostalgia of my old posts, looking back at how ignorant and immature I was back then and then looking at what I've become today. I know I'm not exactly the most well-known member here or one of the veterans of this forum, but I've been around since December 2001 and to me, that feels like a really, really long time ago.

    Anyways, so that's about it. Hi guys. :)

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    2. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Danarchy said:

      I remember back in the day me, pritch, and nxn basically got in huge spamming contests, which partially explains my postcount.

      Probably is a pretty big factor in my postcount, too. I make like two posts a month outside of blogs and I'm still over 2 1/2 posts a day.

    3. Creaphis


      Danarchy said:

      Holy shit, that's a flashback.

      Ha. I wasn't around then, but it does seem like the character of this place has really changed.


      Shut up. I can't be profound every day.

    4. Danarchy


      With mods like myk, Grazza, and Bloodshedder not around back then, there was a bit more tolerance of silly topics back then. Basically it was only Lüt moderating, and he'd only Hell something if it was gibberish or Dashiva.