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  1. MVW

    Resurrection of Evil details

    You guys realize they aren't going to reveal EVERYTHING about it in one article like that? I think its guranteed we'll at least get one new sub boss, probably the Baron Of Hell, I hope. And it ********ly sounds cool. And since this takes place on Mars, theoretically the HOE mod can take place at the same time, and they won't interconnect, so it'll be uh...cool. Heh Oh and, you guys bitch way too much.
  2. MVW

    The /newstuff Chronicles #208

    This is the first GOOD NEWSTUFF we've had in awhile
  3. Took this from the well-known Metal News site BLABBERMOUTH : "KREATOR frontman Mille Petrozza appeared on the children's TV channel KinderKanal in Germany today (Nov. 19). The 30-minute program featured Petrozza answering questions about the heavy metal genre. According to a BLABBERMOUTH.NET visitor, "the presenter of the show was a bit nervous, and Mille seemed a bit misplaced, but all in all it was a good show for kids. They learned much about metal. ('Hello kids, this is Mille. He plays in a so-called 'metal band'). They didn't make fun about metal (like many media [outlets] usually do). They explained metal in simple words. They showed some METALLICA, MANOWAR, IRON MAIDEN and KREATOR [videos], and talked about riffs etc. A boy asked, 'Is your long hair a wig?' At the end, Mille played a BLACK SABBATH riff." Some pics of his appearance can be found here. If only I saw shows like this as a kid...
  4. MVW

    A Wad by Danarchy

    Why don't you throw in some hellishness taking over the base than? That could be interesting :P
  5. MVW

    Doom 3 Hell On Earth Pain Elemental

    It looks better than I could have imagined, good fucking work.! Oh and dammit Maka, i'm not anal =(
  6. MVW

    Furries may soon invade the earth

    I could see the US possibly doing this as BLACK OPS shit, and than unleashing the results into the future wars at hand, as fucking monsters, or even soldiers with improved animal senses, which would be unstoppable. The good (and bad) applications for this type of science are not only staggering, but frighteningly real. This should prove interesting if it gets out of hand, for sure.
  7. MVW

    1603 error

    Well thats pretty goddamn vague Sounds like a software problem to me, ask the people at 1.) Planetdoom 2.) Email ID customer service directly And how do we know your system requirements are ok if you don't bother to post them? If all else fails, re-install windows, than do it again.
  8. MVW

    Furries may soon invade the earth

    If they made an elephant man, i'd beat it with a stick for fun :>