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  1. Postal

    Win98 Users SOL

    I'd say this is only a good thing. First, I believe that even Windows ME can't recognize over 512 MB of RAM. The game *requires* 384! And even if you do have Windows ME as well as 384+ MB of RAM, that version of Windows is notorious for a memory leak problem. Not to mention that anyone who can run Doom 3 semi-decently is probably running Windows 2000/XP already. After all, the CPU hardware you'd have bought would have been brand new in late 2001 (i.e. after XP was released).
  2. Postal

    Doom 3 requirements here! PC Gamer's opinions:

    DJ_Haruko: Technically you can't have dual Pentium 4s. You can have dual Xeons, but something tells me that you didn't buy that from Alienware. ;)
  3. Postal

    word is out :( NO COOP in DOOM III!?

    I'm sure there will be a mod for co-op, but I doubt id will ever make a co-op mode for Doom 3, even as an add-on. It worked for the first two Doom titles because there weren't any elements you could "break" in the level design by having more than one player. Doom 3 will have numerous scripted events, and those can cause problems. You can't have a passageway collapse behind you (what if other players are behind you and get cut off?). Cinematics wouldn't work properly, since they make assumptions about there being only one player in a specific location (if the cinematics use the active game world, what happens if a co-op player is blocking the route of a character?). Things like that. id is trying to go for quality in a specific aspect of the game rather than succumbing to featuritis and including everything you could possibly think of. That's how we get games with 5 hours of total single-player play and all kinds of multiplayer modes that don't actually get used (i.e. Elite Force). If you try to please absolutely everybody, you end up giving everyone a mediocre effort.
  4. Postal

    Anyone planning a D3-D1 port?

    AndrewB: You seem to treat engine advancements as though they're a negative thing - that we all have to be content with "2.5D" or Quake-1-level 3D if we want to play a game more than once. Replayability doesn't have to mean X number of maps for download or Y number of mods (otherwise Doom would win simply due to those shovelware CDs), it's a question of the quality in proportion to the volume. I would rather see one quality Doom 3 map that feels like an extension to (or fresh departure from) the original game, instead of ten so-so maps that feel like boxes with monsters. Did you really play the "average" map more than once? Probably not! If you want to add more detail visually, you have to put in more effort - pipes that break open, in-game computers that operate machines, those take time. Flathead: It may be more difficult to breach the user agreement on Doom 3 depending on how you convert maps. Doom 3 is a very different engine and will have very different versions of the same characters. Visually, having the exact same level would be boring; everything would be angular, flat, and lose its effect. Bringing a map up to Doom 3 visuals would essentially remake that map. With monsters you'd naturally end up needing a mod to keep the same kind of playbalancing. It'd be more worthwhile to just use the existing Doom 3 monsters and fit them as best you can to the map data. So, as before, it ends up feeling like a "new" map. If you do it right, you could likely have a conversion that escapes legal death simply due to the effort needed to make it work well. It may be that any map too faithful to the originals would "deserve" to die due to the mediocrity of the conversion.
  5. Postal

    Doom 3 System Reqs

    In a nice instance of synchronicity, a German site seems to have run tests on an AMD "Clawhammer" (an early test version of what will become the 64-bit Athlon/Opteron): http://www.tecchannel.de/hardware/937/1.html If that site is correct, and it certainly looks like that's the case, then Intel will have its work cut out for it in improving the Pentium 4. The specs seem to show that the Clawhammer is literally twice as efficient, clock-per-clock (an 800 MHz example being equal to a Pentium 4 at 1.6 GHz), and that's assuming that other improvements don't come in final production. For reference, my Athlon XP 1800+ is actually clocked at 1.53 GHz; that's only really a 17% efficiency improvement (although AMD has been known to be a bit pessimistic with their numbers). I can picture myself with a 1.6 GHz, 64-bit Athlon that runs Doom 3 astoundingly well (when accompanied by a cutting-edge video card, of course). It may end up that Intel, for once, has to add support for AMD features to get business. :)
  6. Postal

    Doom 3 System Reqs

    Alientank hasn't e-mailed AMD, and probably not Intel either, since his information seems decidedly mixed in authenticity (sorry to sound harsh, but you've got to check facts). AMD's 8th-generation CPU technology, which is going into the Opteron and next-generation Athlon (beyond the upcoming final updates to the 32-bit-only version), is a 32-bit/64-bit hybrid. It's referred to as an x86-64 technology since it's actually an x86 processor design with 64-bit extensions. That means that the ability to handle 32-bit operations is NATIVE, not emulated, since the normal 32-bit functions are still there. You could easily run Doom 3 on an Opteron or 64-bit Athlon. The Itanium and Itanium 2 from Intel, on the other hand, are only capable of 64-bit functions natively and use an architecture called IA64. IA64 isn't compatible with x86-64, and that means that code written in 64-bit for AMD's chips won't work for Intel's. For example, Windows XP 64-bit currently only runs on Itaniums, since that version of XP was coded for IA64 chips. In that version of Windows XP any 32-bit apps have to run in an emulation mode which is, as you might have guessed, much slower (it's more akin to a Pentium 3, and not a high-end one either). Therefore, with Intel's current designs, Doom 3 would have to be recompiled and retested for the Itanium series. Of course, Intel also doesn't intend to brand the Itanium 2 (and definitely not the original Itanium) as a "consumer" chip. It's there for servers and apps that depend on 64-bit precision. The AMD design is still expected to be a consumer chip from day one; it just happens to have 64-bit abilities.
  7. Postal

    How long will doom 3 be?

    From what I've read from Mr. Carmack recently, the game will be conceptually one big level, it has to be divided into many smaller "acts" due to memory limits (there's only so many levels you can cram into the minimum requirements). Unless, of course, you want the game to require at least 1 GB of memory. :)
  8. Postal

    GameSpots 11 minute video

    Ah, now I remember why I considered that Gamespot presentation useful... I know I remember seeing something different in there, but at the time I couldn't remember what. Yes, I do remember seeing a Lost Soul possessing a marine, as well as the extended bathroom scene. I don't remember the Lost Soul (or souls, rather, since I believe it was a few that had escaped from the portal - which we didn't see) looking TOO much like the concept art, as it seemed more pale and generally closer to the original. The marines (both the one that gets possessed and the player), like Sev said, don't resemble the original Doom's nor Q3's model. It's green and (I believe) layered, but it's much less bulky. The helmet is also small and has a transparent visor over it that almost reminds me of safety goggles.
  9. Postal

    GameSpots 11 minute video

    Hm - my memory of it isn't exact (probably should've come in here right after it finished), but there were no surprise revelations about the game. I do remember it being somewhat useful though... just don't ask me how! :P
  10. Postal

    GameSpots 11 minute video

    Er, I'm a Gamespot Complete member, and they didn't show that 11 minute video - the main exclusive we got was an interview and Q&A with Tim Willits. The footage may have been a bit different then, but not so different that you people who didn't pay are horribly deprived.
  11. Postal


    danarchist: It definitely has something to do with id... have a look-see: http://www.netsol.com/cgi-bin/whois/whois?STRING=ua-corp.com&SearchType=do :) Really, as Zaldron said, ua-corp.com isn't too likely to update until they have something more substantial than four screenshots and a brief blurb about the plot. The old quake3arena.com website tended to change very little while Q3 was in development, and of course it had virtually no story whatsoever. Even after release it only changed for updates to game files.
  12. Postal

    Just a tidbit

    Pat Duffy is actually the creator of QERadiant (which eventually became id Software's main editor for Q3-engine games), so he's primarily responsible for things like their editor software and general programming.
  13. I don't think that a lack of direct user input necessarily makes for a bad game (or one without valuable hooks for the game community). After all, many of the best games were made in relative isolation; the most id has done to change a game before launch has been "public test" versions, and there it's mainly to catch bugs or playbalance issues that wouldn't get caught privately. There's also the worry about too many cooks spoiling the broth. It's not universal, naturally, but many people would just be asking for unrealistic features or playbalancing that favours the way they play. They almost sound like a 6-year-old sitting on Santa's lap: "and I want an easy map editor, and 32-player co-op, and make the rocket launcher kill everyone in the room, and and..." id Software has enough experience in the field to make something without much public influence. Besides, the ultimate goal for any design team is to make the game they would want to play, not something that fits a demographic. They should just know not to exist in complete isolation from the outside.
  14. Postal

    The Enemies...

    I think that, seeing as how you are in literally the worst place in existence, you shouldn't be too afraid to have some dark content. I remember E3M4 (House of Pain) being more ghastly because of some of the structures - such as an inaccessible room where the floor is nothing but blood, and the only people there are the ones chained to the walls. Wouldn't that be a horrible thing to experience, even if you were the marine on the outside with a shotgun? This message thread isn't a terribly happy one, you know that?
  15. Postal

    BMW Z3 or Doom3?

    Those who ignore the past are condemned (doomed?) to repeat it. When Doom came out in 1993, people thought that requiring a 386 wasn't too much. When Quake came out in 1996, people thought that requiring a Pentium 60 wasn't too much. And so it goes. By the time the new Doom comes out, requiring an original GeForce (note that you only need a GF3 or Radeon 8500 for maximum detail, not necessarily to play well) as well as a good P3 or older Athlon chip won't seem like an excessive requirement, although it won't be modest. Do you want game visuals that are as much a jump as Doom (or Quake, you could say) was? Be prepared for it! If you're stingy, wait until Doom is on the verge of release and then buy your new parts.