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  1. MAP07 - Ground Beneath UV-Max; Pistol-Start; PrBoomPlus That was a lot of fun. Even though that blue-key-trap was very tough. Ammo-management is very important once more in here. Tried to spare some cells for cybie.
  2. xAn

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    That was tough and fun.
  3. xAn

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Some weird corpse-behavior is going on with the Arachnotron's corpse - creepy...(@02:17)
  4. MAP06 - On the Block UV-Max; Pistol-Start; PrBoomPlus Okay, some notes: - there is some high percentage behind the bar, handle with care - that Arachnotron in the final area almost ruined everything - there is no BFG in this one, don't even try to search for it (might have been useful in the final room) Other than that i really enjoyed this one. Not wasting any time, right into the action.
  5. MAP05 - Demolition Zone UV-Max; Pistol-Start; PrBoomPlus This one took me some attempts on a semi-agressive play, especially at the beginning. All that hit-scanners and the Arachnatron in your neck. Ammo is also very tight, you need to manage it well. At least i could spare some rockets for the final area. Oh, and some rip and tear included...
  6. xAn

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Quite a tough one...
  7. MAP03 - Townsquare UV-Max; Pistol-Start; PrBoomPlus No secret hunting this time. Mancubus und Archie joining the set again. And the Baron steps in as well. Archie just went straight into my 4 rockets, without resurrecting anything. Thanks for that... MAP04 - The Stormdrain UV-Max; Pistol-Start; PrBoomPlus Difficulty picks up on this. Some low acrobatic skills are needed to get the shootable, secret switch. Dealing Pinkies, Revs and Lost Souls with only SG and Chaingun was kinda tough.
  8. MAP02 - Flow UV-Max; Pistol-Start; PrBoomPlus That was a short one. Skipped the pits. And Archie joins the party now...
  9. MAP01 - Ebb UV-Max; Pistol-Start; PrBoomPlus Quite a tough and fast pacing start. Lucky that one Mancubus joined the party later on.
  10. Category 1, died at map 05. By the combination of picking up a red key and getting cornered by an revenant, an archvile and an resurrected chaingunner. I knew it was a trap... bd_xan.7z
  11. xAn

    How would you rework partial invisibility?

    I would replace "partial" with "temporary". And let it act like in Descent. The enemy will fire at your last known/heared location (where you have fired from...) until you fire again. But might be overpowered then...
  12. xAn

    Do People Really Like Classic Doom For What It Is?

    Both. Even with mods its simplicity is unmatched.
  13. xAn


    Anything behind Doom missed the party, no matter how many charme they might have...