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  1. Wow man, this one caught me just like the vela pax beta did. And the secrets are really hard to come by. I still don't know how to get the soulsphere in map02 (the one with the firewalls behind, at the round stairs). I just have to dive into it again...
  2. More, we want more of this.
  3. Holy crap. Awesome. What a masterpiece. I got right back into the hocus-pocus-feeling back these days.
  4. Nobody puts square in a corner... This one is freakin awesome. :)
  5. Same issue here. All settings on ultra. Maybe i should try to reduce some of them. Specs are i5-2500k, 8GB RAM, GTX770 (2GB). I also have many framedrops, but could be the ultra settings combined with only 2GB VRAM...
  6. It's the slot for the argent accumulator...
  7. At least the painkillers should have given to her. But on the other hand we won't got such a great game and plot...
  8. Just a few impression from meltdown... http://imgur.com/a/P8wqV
  9. PC. Took me some time to download the 50GB..
  10. Same here. Settings are set to ultra. I can't wait to get the new 1070 in my hands...
  11. Had some issues with the bethesda-intro. Kinda looked like the "game-overlay" (the one, that shows your key) made it stuttering. After a few restarts it works fine now. And you can't close this message (shift-tab) until you get to the main-menu. And it doesn't keep your self selected resolution until this point though. #edit: The game does not keep you self-selected resolution (1920x1200 in may case). After restarting the game it goes back to 1920x1080). I have to reselect my resolution und apply it.