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  1. I'm on map 22 with the latest beta. Should i stick with the beta or would i miss something on the final release?
  2. Absolutely agree with you. Though i always loved this one in E1M2...
  3. Setting the value to 48khz solved the issue btw.
  4. Purple, purple, purple, i love purple...
  5. I checked both values - they both has 22050. Maybe i should increase this value a bit. What's the max on that (48k or something?)? #edit# Ah, i found it: I'll give it a try.
  6. Maybe it is just me but for me the sound in is kinda muffled. I compared it several times with - the sound quality in isn't that good...
  7. SSG against hordes of imps and pinkies.
  8. Hmmm, sadly doesn't seem to work with the flac-music anymore... #edit: Well, nevermind. I had to change the file-type from .zip to .pk3. Works fine now. This one is really impressive. I see me investing hours in this...
  9. Wow man, this one caught me just like the vela pax beta did. And the secrets are really hard to come by. I still don't know how to get the soulsphere in map02 (the one with the firewalls behind, at the round stairs). I just have to dive into it again...
  10. More, we want more of this.
  11. Holy crap. Awesome. What a masterpiece. I got right back into the hocus-pocus-feeling back these days.
  12. Nobody puts square in a corner... This one is freakin awesome. :)