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  1. xAn

    How would you rework partial invisibility?

    I would replace "partial" with "temporary". And let it act like in Descent. The enemy will fire at your last known/heared location (where you have fired from...) until you fire again. But might be overpowered then...
  2. xAn

    Do People Really Like Classic Doom For What It Is?

    Both. Even with mods its simplicity is unmatched.
  3. xAn


    Anything behind Doom missed the party, no matter how many charme they might have...
  4. xAn

    First/Second/Third gen Doomer?

    First gen i guess. I started playing Doom in 1993, the shareware version at first. Later i found some disks in my fathers desk with the full version on it. It was packed with ARJ and i had to figure out how to extract these ones. So yeah, learning by doing for a young boy...
  5. Very nice one. I remember using DEU for DOS creating my very first map. I also used DeepSea later on. Maybe you should try using the DOS-editors on real hardware (if possible).
  6. Continuing with this one, including a (kinda) boss fight. And of course: secrets within secrets within secrets...
  7. Well, maybe because it was made in China. UAC wanted to save some money perhaps...
  8. The sound after firing a rocket into a bunch of zombiemen.
  9. xAn

    What nicknames do you have for monsters?

    I used to call the Cyberdemon "cybie". I might also called the Archville "wizard" or "archie".
  10. xAn

    What is your favourite secret Level?

    E3M9, followed by E1M9.
  11. So i went on with this one here: Took me some attempts.
  12. xAn

    Whats your favourite Demon death sound?

    Arachnotron for sure.
  13. xAn

    Your dumb Doom habits

    I am doing that with switches... ^^
  14. I went to the armor-room and tried to get out of the balcony there.