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  1. Wad'a'Holic

    Skulltag forum and IRC down?

    Anyone having trouble getting on these? I haven't been able to get ahold of anyone for over a month now. Did I miss something that went down?
  2. Hey sup guys! UPDATE: Gameplay trailer from Alpha Click here to watch Mid 2006 I announced this project and after a short break I am happy to announce that it is almost complete and ready for release. Hopefully sometime late February or mid March. It's fair to say that the progress is way over %80. Screenshots (from Alpha): Heres a basic outline about the mod: The demons are invading. The target in their sights, the marine power core. Standing between it and their spawn is 3 sectors which they must capture. You must not let them reach the core. Shotgun Frenzy is an Invasion/Real Time Strategy Cooperative mod featuring epic scale battlefields and immense hordes of monsters. One player plays as the commander through the command center, allowing them to buy turrets, weapons, build structures and research specific ability's. Every other player must defend the 3 sectors. If a sector is unoccupied for a certain amount of time, the demons capture it and move on to the next sector. Once the demons have captured all 3 sectors, they have a straight shot at the marine base and its core. When destroyed, marines loose. Marines have a chance to defeat the invasion by destroying the demonic portal. This won't be easy though since it is heavily guarded. Either destroy the portal or defeat the invasion. This mod runs on ZDoom, Skulltag and ZDaemon however it is mainly been tested on Skulltag and ZDoom. Stay tuned, trailer coming soon. Cheers -Wad'a'Holic
  3. Wad'a'Holic

    Doomsday on Mars

    Doomsday on Mars is a Doom 3 machinima series that was inspired by the brilliant Red vs Blue series. The story takes place on Mars before the Doom 3 storyline. The UAC's latest weapon has been stolen by someone who now has the power to destroy anything in his or her sight. It is not long untill the marines are called in to take care of the mess as Burt and Ross are sent to Sector X. The first episode is expected to be released on the 25th of June at: http://www.wadaholic.d3-unlimited.com/doomsday_index.php
  4. Wad'a'Holic

    Doomsday on Mars

    First episode has been released :D Enjoy...
  5. Wad'a'Holic

    Doomsday on Mars

    Try http://www.wadaholic.d3-unlimited.co.uk and click on the Doomsday section (news)
  6. Wad'a'Holic

    Best fightscene ever!

    Shit that was funnY!!!
  7. Wad'a'Holic

    Odluval explosion?

    Hey guys, I noticed that at the end of the orignal DOOM Trailer you see Odluval exploding into lots of little peices. What happend to that I havent seen it in the theature or Extended versions?
  8. Wad'a'Holic

    Best fightscene ever!

    Was not the best fight scene ever but it was still pretty cool. If you wanna see a resourceful fight scene then watch some Jackie Chan films.
  9. Wad'a'Holic

    Wad'a'Holic Online Returns!

    Hey there, A new version of WadaHolic.d3-unlimited.co.uk is back. This new layout is heaps tidier and will have more maps on it shortly. Sweet -Wad'a'Holic
  10. Wad'a'Holic

    Action DOOM 2

    Will there ever be an Action DOOM 2, OH GOD PLEASE SAY YES!!!
  11. Wad'a'Holic

    Action DOOM 2

    Well that sucks, it was one of the bestest mods out there. They said 'ACTION DOOM WILL RETURN' but the question is if it happens and when...
  12. Hey guys, I am currently looking for a PHP coder for the new wadaholic.tk site (wadaholic.d3-unlimited.co.uk) The type of PHP im looking for is the kind of stuff like posting news on the news page, giving wads a rating out of 5 and giving them comments etc. If you are interested please email me at wadaholic@d3-unlimited.co.uk or wadaholic@gmail.com Thank you Hope to hear from someone soon -Wad'a'Holic
  13. --- Another pic --- A rare desese has been discovered and you have been infected with it. In the last 5 years, reports of people having 'interactive' nightmares have been heard. Researchers have tried to find a reason for this nightmarish mental desese but have come up with nothing. The desese causes people to start having nightmares in there sleep. When they shut there eyes, they are brought into a world created by there mind, a nightmare world. If you die in this world, you die in the real world. You have fallen asleep and it is up to you to get out of your nightmare. --- Heres a BETA of the mod, its a 1 leveled demo beta (untill the mod gets complete). It's for DOOM Legacy (best ran in OpenGL), just a one thing you need to do. -Please turn off auto-run. It ruins the gameplay of the mod and the level is too cramped to run anywhere. In the full thing I will disable the running somehow ;) adds to the atnosphere... Anyway, heres the beta. 'Watch your 'Heads' ;)' DOWNLOAD LINKS: Direct Link URL: http://home.ripway.com/2005-1/236539/tcbeta.zip Alternate URL: http://host.picturewizard.com/2005-1/236539/tcbeta.zip ------------ Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting Also thanks to Ripway for hosting!
  14. Wad'a'Holic

    "XWE sucks"

    Why is everyone saying that XWE sucks? Its not a bad program, I find it more useful than Wintex (cos that program hates Windows XP and never works for me). XWE does have some nice features, and the interface is heaps more user-friendly. Anyone else feel the same way as I do?
  15. Wad'a'Holic

    First Picture From Doom Movie!!!!!!

    I'm gonna cry. And yes, with joy. This movie could end up as a masterpiece, but if it doesnt, we can always forget ;)
  16. Hey guys, Ive made a mapping tutorial for Doom 3 mappers. It explains the progress of creating your first room with Doom3Edit. It can be located at wadaholic.tk
  17. Heres the story: Make a really awsome Doom 3 city level for a team based mod im makin. I add in a skybox. It deletes all the brushs inside the block (and I am sure I didnt click on CSG Subtract). Now the map wont reappear. No to get to the point... Is there a way to bring back my lost work? Like a backup thingy or something. Some mabe thinking "wadaholic, your map is proberly shit anyway, why us bother to help you bring it back", well, heres a screenshot...
  18. Wad'a'Holic

    Is there a way to bring back my lost work?

    Ok, I did a search and these are the results that I found in the Doom 3 folder for my map "citydoom2" Also, BTW, I didnt save it after I added the sky sphere and when I load it the blocks are still missing :( EDIT: What files would be the backup ones? I also have a mod called GuardSentry loaded onto my computer.
  19. Wad'a'Holic

    Frag - A click together scripting program

    Ok guys, I have just finished implanting ZDoom support into Frag but it is quite limited at this current time. Also, does anyone have a complete, ZDoom script I can look at. Just want to know what the layout of ZDoom code looks like. BTW, ZDoom support is ASC since thats the only good refrence on zdoom.org I could find. And for those intrested in Frag screenshots, visit the following... http://wadaholic.tripod.com/sourcedemon/id3.html if you want to download the older version of Frag, visit the following... http://wadaholic.tripod.com/sourcedemon/frag1.html
  20. As most of you proberly know, I have released a program that allows people to click together scripts for Doom Legacy withen seconds, without needing to know any scripting knolage. Its released and advaible for downloading at wadaholic.tk That version is an older one compared to the new 2.0 that will be released on December the 15th. Frag2.0 will feature ZDoom support so you can click together ZDoom scripts aswell as been able to make Legacy ones. For screenshots on Frag 2.0, visit http://wadaholic.tripod.com/sourcedemon/
  21. Wad'a'Holic

    Frag - A click together scripting program

    Remember guys I also said it was for ZDoom. Not just Legacy.
  22. Wad'a'Holic

    Frag - A click together scripting program

    The thing is Ultraviolet, I didnt make Doom Legacy.
  23. Wad'a'Holic

    Screenshots for Resurrection of Evil

    If they put a Pain Elemental in the expantion im going to be screwed...