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  1. Signups for the WDL Special Event #01 - Spring 2018 FFA Tournament are now open! This is a one-day FFA tournament scheduled to take place on April 28th, 2018. Signups will remain open until Thursday the 26th. Spread the word! All are welcome. This tournament will be played on Odamex. The objective of the tournament is to make it to the FFA Megacup through a series of stages, which begin with the Qualifying Round. The top 8 players at the end of the Qualifying Round will advance to the Megacup, while the remaining 16 will battle in the Losers Bracket. Only the top 6 players will make it out of the Losers Bracket and into the Megacup, meaning 10 players get eliminated. In the Megacup, 14 players will battle in a 10-map, 4-round series, with each round eliminating players until the final 4 maps. The top 8 will then play 4 maps, and the player with the highest accumulated frags at the completion of the tournament will be crowned the winner. >>SIGN UP HERE<<
  2. HumanBones

    ZDS #500 - BRIT12

    Congratulations on #500! I'm very glad to see ZDS still going strong. Keep up all the hard work.
  3. We did this same exact thing on one of our very first Nitro sessions, and it was pretty crazy. These maps aren't made for more than 4 people, so we should definitely try to shove as many as possible into the server! WAD: onslpack Mode: DM Maps: 51 (map01 - map51) on shuffle Players: 16-player TDM Frags: 50 Server: [WDL] doomleague.org Date: Friday, March 3rd, 2017 @ 7:30pm EST See you there!
  4. More carnage and mindless killing is in store for you this week with another great set of maps known as BucketDM! Unfortunately, we no longer live in the age of getting to play FFA whenever our body desires it. So the crazier the better. WAD: BucketDM Mode: DM Maps: 16 (map01 - map16) Players: 16-player DM Frags: 50 Server: [WDL] doomleague.org Date: Friday, February 24th, 2017 @ 7:30pm EST See you there!
  5. HumanBones

    Odamex Friday Night Nitro #202 - IDDM18 Deathmatch

    Nitro is starting now: [WDL] doomleague.org - Friday Nitro || || IDDM18 Deathmatch
  6. Another relatively newer set of DM maps that don't get any play. If you didn't have carpal tunnel before you played it, you'll have it after. The layouts are small, but they are strong with some really top notch detailing. We've had success with this wad in the past, so I hope to see you there! WAD: iddm18 Mode: DM Maps: 18 (map01 - map14, map29 - map32) Players: 16-player DM Frags: 50 Server: [WDL] doomleague.org Date: Friday, February 17th, 2017 @ 7:30pm EST
  7. HumanBones

    Odamex Friday Night Nitro #201 - Lazarus TDM

    Nitro started about 45 minutes ago: [WDL] doomleague..org - Friday Nitro ||
  8. Lazarus has become one of those new classics that everyone loves to play. I think it remains as a very underplayed wad despite its popularity, so let's try some Team Deathmatch with it. WAD: lazarus1j Mode: TDM Maps: 25 (map01 - map03, map05 - map26) Players: 16-player TDM Frags: 40 Server: [WDL] doomleague.org Date: Friday, February 10th, 2017 @ 7:30pm EST See you there!
  9. HumanBones

    Odamex Friday Night Nitro #200 - UDM3 Deathmatch

    Nitro has begun! Join us here: [WDL] Odamex Friday Nitro #200 - UDM3 || We also have a live stream going by DevastatioN: https://www.twitch.tv/devastation1337
  10. We have finally reached #200, and what better way to celebrate than jumping into a great classic like UDM3? UDM3 has always been a very popular set of maps for both duels and regular deathmatch, so let's do it! WAD: UDM3 Mode: DM Maps: 16 (map01 - map16) Players: 16-player DM Server: [WDL] doomleague.org Date: Friday, January 27th, 2017 @ 7:30pm EST See you there!
  11. HumanBones

    Ladies and Gentlemen... The Nintendo Switch.

    The idea is a pretty good one, especially being able to take it out with you - but look at the battery life it has! Some games you'll only be able to get 2 1/2 hours (basically the games most people want to play), and those arcade games you could get up to 6. I mean I suppose if you are leaving the house you shouldn't really be spending that much time playing a game anyway, but it's great for commuting and a lot of people spend more time than that. I'm also not sure about the joy-con setup, with the diagonal joysticks. Wouldn't the one on the right get in the way of you trying to use the buttons above it?
  12. HumanBones

    Odamex Friday Night Nitro #199 - 8-bit CTF

    Wouldn't you say that opinions are subjective? I don't show up to events that are running wads I don't like either
  13. We return back right where we left off with #199 and a chaos inducing set of maps known as 8 bit CTF! Some of these maps may be hard to look at but the layouts and gameplay make up for any potential seizures you may have while operating this wad. I'm ready, but are you?! WAD: 8bitctf1 Mode: CTF Maps: 9 (map01 - map09) Players: 8v8 Server: [WDL] doomleague.org Date: Friday, January 20th, 2017 @ 7:30pm EST See you there!
  14. HumanBones

    World Doom League Winter 2017 Signups are Open!

    The WDL is approved by Putin
  15. The seventh season of the World Doom League is officially open for signups! >> SIGN UP HERE << Signups will close Tuesday, January 31st, 2017. Signups for the seventh WDL season are now open! The first six seasons have been a huge success thanks to our great community and we hope to continue that into our Winter 2017 season. If you'd like to be a part of the league, it's time to jump on over to the signup thread and put your name down. If you are unfamiliar with the WDL, read on for more information. What is the World Doom League? The WDL is a 3-on-3 CTF league, played on Odamex, and built on tried and true competitive traditions. In the WDL, 4 man teams are built when captains take turns selecting players before the season through what is known as the "draft". The WDL is currently projected to be composed of six to eight teams. These teams will compete in a "regular season" schedule that allows them to qualify for a playoff tournament, a concept you're surely familiar with if you follow any major professional sport organization. The regular season should last five weeks with an additional two weeks of playoff contention. The WDL is currently an OPEN league. However, the league reserves the right to deny free agency to select players under certain conditions. Players from 5 continents and over a dozen countries have already played in the league. Those who show a proactive, vested interest in the the league, the game, and the community are most likely to be drafted onto teams. How can I get involved? That's simple! The easiest way to get involved with the WDL is to play Private CTF. Private CTF, or "privs", are organized games of Capture the Flag played on private servers only available to members of the community. Don't worry though, you don't have to sign up for anything to play. All you have to do is visit us on IRC and jump into a game! The IRC server information for the WDL is as follows: Server: irc.quakenet.org Channel: #wdl Will I make it onto a WDL team? While there is no guarantee that a new player will make it onto an WDL roster, dedication to the game and the apparent will to do well at it will take you a long way in the process of securing a roster spot. Even backups and free agents usually get an opportunity to play in WDL games. Some of CTFs brightest stars have come from stepping up when opportunity called. Even if you do not secure a spot on a team through the WDL Draft, a continued interest often allows you an opportunity to play during the season by way of a "free agent signing". By receiving and accepting an invite, you are immediately a free agent and can be picked up onto any roster during the season. Some of the league's most notable players got their start like this. How does the WDL benefit me? Although some free agents may not make it onto a team, being involved in the WDL community has its benefits. Aside from playing with some of the best CTF players in the world daily, by means of private CTF or WDL league activity, many great friendships have been born out of past endeavors (such as the WDL's predecessor, the IDL). Leagues like the WDL have gone a long way by uniting once rival doomers and turning them into respected opponents and, more importantly, close friends. The WDL scene could be daunting at first, and most players have to work for in-game recognition, but the bonds within the WDL are some of the closest I've ever seen with over 15+ years in the Doom Community. So what are you waiting for? Check out the website and forums, and more importantly, come see us on IRC and get ready for the upcoming season!