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  1. Doom Is Dead? is excited to be joined by Decay, an incredible mapper and owner of the Classic Doom Multiplayer Discord server. As a member of the mapping group The Mechanix Union, Decay's maps are on display in wads such as Velocity CTF, Rage CTF, DBAB, Progressive Duel, NeonDM, and many more. His layouts are known to push the boundaries of what is traditionally accepted in the multiplayer doom community, and he's moved the conversation along with them. For anyone thinking about jumping into the tough world of making maps, Decay is who you want to talk to first. Here he shares his philosophy and thought process behind his projects, and even gives a hint of what the future may hold. LISTEN ON: Buzzsprout Apple Podcasts Spotify Stitcher
  2. MDF ONE-DAY EU/US 3-WAY CTF TOURNEY being held on ZDAEMON, scheduled for Saturday, September 14th @ 4pm EDT / 10pm CEST. Teams will compete through 3 rounds to reach the Finals. Each round, the number of flags that a team scores determines how it advances through a seeding method. The more flags your team scores, the better chance you have at receiving a higher seed and reaching the finals. During the first and second rounds, maps will be randomly assigned from the pool to both groups. During the semi-finals and finals, teams will choose one map from the pool to play in each group. There are no tiebreakers. MAX FLAGS PER ROUND IS 7 FLAGS. 6-9 Teams, 2v2v2 FIRST ROUND: Teams are split up into groups of 3. Each group will play 3 maps, with each team being assigned seeding depending on their overall number of flags: GROUP 1: Team A - 11 Flags, Team B - 8 Flags, Team C - 7 Flags GROUP 2: Team D - 10 Flags, Team E - 9 Flags, Team F - 5 Flags SECOND ROUND: The groups will then swap based on their seeding, for example: #1/#3/#5 as one group, and #2/#4/#6 as the next. Flag totals will carry over from the first round. GROUP 3: Team A - 23 Flags, Team E - 17 Flags, Team C - 16 Flags GROUP 4: Team B - 24 Flags, Team D - 18 Flags, Team F - 14 Flags SEMI-FINALS ROUND: The semi-finals round splits the group up once again based on their seeding, giving the #1 seed the best chance to reach the finals. The seedings split the groups up as follows: #1/#5/#6, and #2/#3/#4. Flag totals DO NOT carry over, but in this round the 3 teams that have the most flags overall from BOTH groups advance to the final round. GROUP 5: Team B - 10 Flags, Team C - 7 Flags, Team F - 6 Flags GROUP 6: Team A - 8 Flags, Team D - 12 Flags, Team E - 9 Flags FINALS ROUND: The teams that have the highest flag total overall will advance to the finals, where they will play 3 maps to determine the winner of the tournament. At the end of the 3 maps, the team with the highest number of flags scored throughout every round will be crowned the winner. GROUP 7: Team B - 9 Flags, Team D - 13 Flags, Team E - 9 Flags WINNER: Team D WAD:http://rhinoduck.net/kmwads/32in24-17.zip MAPS: 01, 02, 03, 06, 07, 08, 09, 16 If you want to participate in this event, you can signup on the MDF Discord. For more information and signups go to: https://discord.gg/XaUtgvZ
  3. The last session was supposed to be the final one, but I screwed up on the rotation and missed out on a bunch of maps, not to mention we didn’t make it all the way through what I had set up anyway! So we will be doing this again today, playing the maps we missed last week. We still need your criticism/complaints/feedback/suggestions/whatever the hell else you have to say, so please come on by. BTW the maps we played already kick ass. You’ll be seriously missing out on a good time if you don’t show up! When: March 17th, 2019 @ 4pm EDT Where: [TSPG] Server cluster on ZANDRONUM WAD: https://allfearthesentinel.net/zandronum/download.php?file=32in24-17_rc2c.wad
  4. Our previous testing session was a great success. This is definitely one of the tougher gamemodes to map for, and each mapper took the feedback and suggestions that were given to them to heart. The improvements that have been made since the beginning of the project have been astounding and I'm looking forward to having you get a chance to check them out. I want to give a big shout out to Marcaek and Worst for putting in more time than anyone to get this thing as close to release as possible. So come join us for one last testing session and experience the madness of 3-way CTF. I really think what everyone has managed to pull off here is innovative and super forward thinking, it's not every day that you get to introduce something so bizarre and wacky to the masses and have it be accepted. So here's to the future! When: March 10th, 2019 @ 1pm EST Where: [TSPG] Server cluster on ZANDRONUM WAD: https://allfearthesentinel.net/zandronum/download.php?file=32in24-17_rc2c.wad Please also join us afterwards at 2pm EST for a special edition of the Doom Is Dead? Podcast, hosted by the Multiplayer Doom Federation radio crew. We'll review and talk about the testing session and what else we have in store for the league in the coming months.
  5. You may use this topic to signup, however the best way to do so would be to use our Discord server. For all previous FFA tournament information, visit our forums - Multiplayer Doom Federation.
  6. Multiplayer Doom Federation FFA Tournament February 2019 - https://discord.gg/YQyg4cf Date: February 23rd, 2019 @ 6pm EST on Odamex Objective: The objective of the tournament is to accumulate the most points throughout a series of rounds, playing across a total of 6 maps. The target is for each player to play every map twice. Points are awarded based on scoring position. Point Distribution: 1st place: 6 points 2nd place: 4 points 3rd place: 3 points 4th place: 2 points 5th and under: 1 point Gameplay: All players of a particular round join the server at once and will play the same number of maps, but the actual lineup of each round will be randomized. Admins will announce the player lineup for every following round, and the selected players will join the game and the map will be restarted for them. This should speed up the proceedings while keeping the tourney spiritually free-for-all. If it’s not your round, you simply idle in the server. The maps have been chosen for their variation of styles (pace, spam, player/frag/time limit) and we’ll try to make sure everyone plays across all of them, but this part will be heavily dependent on the player signups and randomization. It should ensure, however, that you don’t meet the same opponents often. Maps: Dwango5 Map12 Staph1 Map03 Staph1 Map04 Staph1 Map05 UDM2 Map03 UptightDM Map13 WAD: (link will be updated soon)
  7. Do you know anything of how to get the user defined folder to appear while testing a wad with decorate on gzdoom builder r3045?

  8. This week we'll be taking a stroll through two wads that still fall into the newer category, featuring some amazing detailing partnered with innovative layouts, a rare combination in this day and age. Happy fragging on this holy Sunday! EURO SESSION WAD: iddm18 Maps: 18 (01 - 14, 29 - 32) Players: 16-Player DM Server: [BaseQ.fr • Phobos] When: Sunday, February 17th @ 9pm GMT (4pm EST) USA SESSION WAD: UptightDM Maps: 34 (01 - 34) Players: 16-Player DM Server: [WDL] doomleague.org When: Sunday, February 17th @ 8pm EST The best way to get involved in the community is to join the Odamex Discord Server where you'll be able to chat with other players and track development.
  9. HumanBones

    32in24-17 - 3-Way CTF

    MAP29 This one has a lot of potential. I already spoke with Marcaek and dew about this, so we're gonna give this a shot; eliminating the area to the right of the entrance to the tunnel when leaving the base on the right hand side.. which should make it so someone can't score the flag in 2.5 seconds. That means if players want to get to the enemy base going that direction, they'll have to follow through the tunnel or jump over the trench to the left. I can see this being a great map if we can find the right balance in the middle. MAP30 Already a big improvement over the last time I saw the map. Obviously we still need to do something about the middle. The BFG needs to go. I'd replace it with a plasma because I can see it being useful on this map and not overpowering. Maybe a few more structures too that will impede the runners progress, especially if they make the jump from the flag to the mid platform. MAP31 I think I told someone I'd pay them to make this map, so I guess I'm getting some blank checks this weekend. I absolutely love this map as traditional CTF. The gameplay emobodies everything that is great about 3-way CTF, so to see a version of this is amazing. I am so very happy. MAP32 An interesting take on an overplayed and broken map. One thing I'd do is find some way (still) to prevent the camping inside the teleporter room. I know it's not likely to happen as much in 3-way CTF, but the possibility still exists. Otherwise it's just same old same old. Perhaps a switch on the other side of the lift so you can enter in that way? Wouldn't be viable in traditional setting, but I think it could work well here.
  10. HumanBones

    32in24-17 - 3-Way CTF

    MAP20 Another case of having an unused middle. I don't see the point in ever NOT using that route with the side passages that lead you in a big circle from flag to flag. I would keep it the way it is except I'd get rid of that room with the giant block and the armor that has a much too easy connection to another base. That way, runners are once again pushed to use the middle when escaping which makes gameplay fair and even. MAP22 One of my favorites. Not much that is negative to say about this. I'd argue against having the sphere in the middle. Make it a green armor, maybe. A sphere on a map with this kind of fast pace seems a bit overpowering. MAP23 Well there isn't too much you can do with this one. I like the concept, although I'm not sure if it would do well in a competitive setting. It would be far too easy for a defender to camp the teleports, but I may just have PTSD from years of Generic Gray. What might make for something chaotic would be to have each teleporter take you to a "purgatory" room where you get a chance to meet up with everyone going through the teleporters. In both situations, I would also make it so that when you come through the other side of every teleporter, you have to walk forward and drop down before just appearing in front of someone camping. That could lessen the blow significantly. MAP24 I like the bases but the obvious issue here is having the flag inside a room with a door. Remove the door and make the area a little wider and you can keep the rocket launchers, because there are technically three ways into each base. Unfortunately you can't expect anyone to enjoy a map where someone can sit inside a room with a flag and just blast rockets anytime the door opens. Make those changes and this would be a really solid layout, nothing too fancy and sometimes that's exactly what you need. MAP25 Well the back hallways have been made useless with the way this is set up. Allowing for such close traveling between flag rooms cancels out the rest of the map. Make walls in the main circle that block such easy access to each base, and make it so you have to go through the backs of the map to score. Remove the random area with the rocket launcher as well. It would obviously have to be changed so the back hallways filter out into the bases with the walls as well. The bases themselves are not ideal, but one thing it has going for it is it's hard to run AND defend. Really just about who lands the best shot. MAP26 I like it, it's a bit heavy on the walls though. I would make it so that, let's say you are on Red and you grab the Blue flag, but you go in the opposite direction into Green base.. you should be able to run through Green and into the portal back to Red more easily. In order for that to happen, I would knock down all the walls that separate the portals from being seen between each other. They should all be within the direct line of vision of each other. I'd also create a little window in the walls on both sides leading to the flag to be able to see someone coming in on either side as you are sitting on top of the flag. It's super hard to defend otherwise.
  11. HumanBones

    32in24-17 - 3-Way CTF

    Here is what I have so far... the remaining maps will be coming in a new post. MAP01 I agree with dew's assessment that the back portion should be cut out. It's really just a trap for the flagrunner and gives the defender advantages they don't need. The mid should definitely be made more difficult.. the way it is currently makes it really easy for a runner to get across by essentially ignoring the true middle and using the pit/staircases to make a run for it. Maybe the distances between them should be spread out to the point where unless you make a perfect jump you'll fall, because it gives any defenders or flaghunters a chance to make a move on the runner. MAP02 The side hallways need to go. With the mid being as small as it is, the amount of time it will take to get across it is very short. The side hallways make it way too easy for a runner to get out and into their own base. Stimpaks instead of medkits for sure - it's rare to have a 3-way standoff so we shouldn't be giving out too much help. MAP03 I would argue that the middle should be changed to not allow for jumping across the park that has nukage. Maybe put up a fence you can see and shoot through, but to me it just gives the opportunity for the flagrunner to make a 2 second run through the mid. If you consider how proficient players are with rocketjumping these days, I can see this turning into some form of rjspace.. the bases are already large enough to allow for some trickery, the middle should counter that. MAP04 This map is a bit of a mess, but I'd go with dew's suggestion about killing a portion of the mid and shortening up the area leading up to the main entryway. Additionally, I think a second entrance is needed. Make the main door where dew suggested, but add a second one where the original door is but have it lead to an elevated part of the base, closer to the level of the flag (via dew's drawing, make his stair suggestion OUTSIDE and have a door inserted). I think it is essential for this map to have that second way out, otherwise it just becomes a bottleneck. MAP05 Love this one. Great gameplay that is benefitted by the very unique flagstands, which I think were important considering the more "wide open" approach taken on this map. MAP06 It actually took me about 5 minutes to realize that the platform that goes down leads to the other bases, and that's because the tunnels surrounding the map were deathtraps. I couldn't make it to any of the other bases due to the hordes of people firing plasma and running through. The tunnels absolutely need more vision, so go with dew's suggestion to knock down the walls because otherwise it's just a mess. I would argue that the flag is fine being that deep in the alcove, but that it shouldn't be up a staircase.. make it the same level as the room so it gives the defender a chance due to having two exits for the runners. MAP07 100% agree with dew about killing the caverns - that's way too easy for someone to get base to base. Every flag that I scored on that map I was able to run through the caverns unscathed. They gotta go. Push the bases up to meet the mid and I think it's actually a solid layout. Really unique idea to have the flag (mostly) only accessible from dropping down on top of it. I'd maybe raise it just a little higher (and the platform behind it) to prevent really easy rocket jumping. Rocket jumping in itself is fine but it breaks the intent of the map pretty badly. I'd also add a rocket launcher and perhaps a chaingun to the bottom portion of the base, considering how big it is and how far behind you can get caught sometimes. MAP08 Not much bad to say about this one.. I expected to hate it but the tunnels and window jumping make for some amazing and quick gameplay quirks that I love. It really spreads everything out. I am still unsure about having invisibility in a CTF map.. something tells me it wouldn't go over well. Conversely I think a soulsphere or a megasphere would be too much. My suggestion is a blue armor OR if you want to get really creative, follow Worst's lead and throw a berserk in there. "Close quarters and dark tunnel fisting" - The new name for this map or an unwanted porno? Find out next week. MAP09 The mid is a bit bland and underused and I have a cruel way to fix it. The side pathways that go from base to base.. keep them, except you should put a wall in between that filters everyone out into the mid. It makes getting out of the base a little more difficult but at the same time, the map is so fast-paced that you'd be flying through the middle anyway. Follow dew's suggestion to widen it, but I think if you force everyone to the middle no matter what path they take, it'll make for some interesting gameplay. MAP10 A layout that would only ever work in 3-way CTF. I have no complaints about this, love it. I'd be interested in seeing a chaingun placed somewhere in the middle, maybe in place of one of the energy shells. MAP11 Another situation where I'd take the side tunnels and filter it out to the middle. It can't be understated that 3-way CTF in itself is pure chaos with a constant struggle to maintain control, and giving teams the ability to fly through the map without running into another player is a gameplay no-no. I would replace the medkits in the middle with stimpaks, and call it a day. The map simply isn't big enough to warrant picking up full health like that in the middle. So maybe 6 stimpaks. MAP12 I would possibly extend the bridge as it leads out into the middle.. I think it's a little too short and sweet for scoring. If you extend it you can give someone a better chance at taking one last shot at a flag runner as they run into the base. Additionally it's pretty easy to grab the flag and make one giant leap to the staircase of another base.. so maybe also extend the wall at the end of the bridge to make it a tad bit more difficult... essentially, instead of being able to look at the bottom of another bases staircase from the ledge, you should have to go around the lanterns sitting on the extended wall. MAP13 This is a tough one.. for the bases I would axe the spot where the flags are, it's just a campers dream and a runners nightmare at the moment. I'd extend the remaining portion of the back hallway and make it go a little deeper and place the flag there. The entrance on the right side coming in to the flag area with the plasma should be pushed back closer to the entrance of the base, to allow for more time for both a flag runner and a defender to adapt in respective situations. I like the tunnels.. is there a way out or just a way in? If I'm missing something and there is I apologize, but if not I'd make it so you could escape into the middle somehow by exiting the base through the tunnels. This map is geared towards fast runners and that would prolong them scoring a little bit and sort of even the gameplay. MAP14 I am absolutely IN LOVE with this layout. I think it's an underused idea when it comes to CTF to have the flags mirror each other and so close but you have to take a roundabout way to go between them. I wouldn't change a damn thing about it. Well done! MAP15 So this is a totally new type of layout and I dig it. The only thing I don't dig though are the teleporters.. If we're going to go through the trouble of having sneaky hallways that lead out to the middle, there should not be teleporters that lead directly into the back of each base. I'd change it so that the teleporters actually take you to the middle of the map like all the other routes. That way you can still reach the back of the base by using them in the middle, but they don't allow you to bypass what is an otherwise extremely inventive layout that has real potential. MAP16 As a fun joke map, I can't really say anything about this. Give me a few glasses of wine and I'd play this map 100 times and it would be hilarious. Sober HumanBones would get angry. MAP18 Fascinating layout. Another use of the mirrored flags, which I enjoy. I'd get rid of the spot for the BFG.. I know it's damn near impossible to get out of that spot alive, but I think it's bad to have a place like that where someone could sit with a flag forever and not be found. I'd make a few changes to the layout, starting with removing the outside passages between bases entirely. On any other map I'd say two ways into each colors base is a necessity, but this is sort of a large circle and there are still two ways out of each base so it should be fine. To that end, I would mirror the bases, so that the room with the spawns that should no longer have the plasma passage or the other back passage essentially becomes just a spawn room with two entrances on both sides. MAP19 The middle needs something, because right now it reminds me of ZDCTF06 and total mayhem. I would spread the bases out a little more to create some wider hallways between the bases. I don't see anyone scoring a flag the way it is currently. What might be good as well is to add a second hallway to the back of the base with a teleporter.. one way in and out makes it susceptible to camping defenders and adding a second method in will force them to pay some attention to it, giving the runners a chance to grab the flag. I'd say add the teleports somewhere in the middle, just one to go into each base.
  12. Don't run out to the eye doctor, your sight is just fine: Odamex Nitro has returned! We are thrilled to be back in the saddle and supporting the recent release of Odamex 0.8.0 - the first in almost 5 years! Nitro represented some truly special moments in the history of Odamex, and together we can create new and exciting memories that will last a lifetime. Last but not least, for the first time in Nitro history, we will be running both Euro AND US sessions! For a full list of changes made for 0.8.0, visit the Odamex Wiki. The best way to get involved in the community is to join the Odamex Discord where you'll be able to chat with other players and track development. Odamex Nitro Team Ch0wW Hekksy HumanBones Ralphis Tai EURO SESSION WAD: gw2 Maps: 36 (01 - 36) Players: 16-Player DM Server: [BaseQ] When: Sunday, January 27th @ 9pm GMT USA SESSION WAD: 32in24-11 Maps: 45 (01 - 45) Players: 16-Player DM Server: [WDL] doomleague.org When: Sunday, January 27th @ 8pm EST
  13. The server is up and we are ready to go! You can download the WADs by clicking this link right here. [TSPG] Painkiller: :: MDF :: 32in24-17 3way CTF ALPHA Testing - zds:// Hope to see you all there!
  14. That's right, the time has come. The most unique and challenging 32in24 is ready for the testing stage, and we need your help. We'll be holding a session this Saturday, January 26th, @ 5pm EST on Zandronum and everyone is invited to participate. Your feedback is especially crucial this time around because 3way CTF is still uncharted territory. Some of you may not have even known 3way CTF existed. What is 3way CTF? Simply, CTF with three teams and three flags (red, blue, and green). Maps were geared towards play with 2 players per team, or 2v2v2. The challenge was to create layouts that supported these dynamics while also respecting the general guidelines of CTF gameplay. So, enough said! We need you to bring your eyes and ears and be ready to dole out as much constructive criticism as you can. Feedback and map reviews should be placed IN THE ORIGINAL 32IN24-17 THREAD or on the YEDS Discord. When: January 26th, 2019 @ 5pm EST Where: :: MDF :: Server cluster on ZANDRONUM WAD: https://www.sendspace.com/file/fiq6mb Hope to see as many of you there as possible!