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    (DoomTube) - Comprehensive list of Doom YT Channels

    Multiplayer Doom Federation
  2. Multiplayer Doom Federation is excited to announce what we are calling Freeplay Sessions, a series of casual events to be chosen and submitted by YOU! That’s right – Freeplay Sessions will allow everyone to submit their own idea for a casual session. Players will choose the source port, the gamemode, the wad, the maps, the day of the week and other settings. Once submitted, the MDF staff will take care of setting up a specific date, server, and highlighting for the public at large to come and take part. If it sounds easy, that’s because it is! We’ve created a simple-to-use SUBMISSION FORM that is open for everyone to utilize, with each submission notifying staff to begin working on it. Events will be organized on a first-come, first-serve basis AND are subject to staff availability. Although there may be a delay between when an event is submitted and when it gets organized, all submissions will be run. The form will be located at the top of our web page in the menu bar. We hope this gets more players involved in the community and we’re looking forward to seeing your ideas! MDF Freeplay Sessions #1: WHEN: Saturday, March 27th @ 5pm EDT / 10pm CET WAD: Back to Saturn X E1 GAMEMODE: Survival (20 players) PORT: Odamex 0.9 MAPS: 01-25, 31-32 MULTIPLAYER DOOM FEDERATION DISCORD SERVER
  3. HumanBones

    MDF Freeplay Sessions - Live Update Thread

    We are celebrating the release of Odamex 0.9 with the first-ever organized Survival event for Freeplay Sessions #1! We hope to see you there: MDF Freeplay Sessions #1: WHEN: Saturday, March 27th @ 5pm EDT / 10pm CET WAD: Back to Saturn X E1 GAMEMODE: Survival (20 players) PORT: Odamex 0.9 MAPS: 01-25, 31-32
  4. Ralphis founded the clan Unidoom in the late 90s, which later gained fame through releasing the critically acclaimed UDM series of deathmatch wads. Many of the maps in those wads are considered to be the best DM maps of all time, being played in various tournaments and events. He founded the source port Odamex in late 2005, which has grown into an actively competitive port with ongoing leagues and events, including being selected as the official port of QuakeCon doom tournaments for 3 separate years. As if all of this wasn't enough, he created the International Doom League, known now as the World Doom League. Spanning 25 seasons, the combined heritage of the IDL and WDL make it the largest and longest enduring Doom league in history. LISTEN ON: Apple Podcasts Spotify Stitcher
  5. Buu342 has flown under the radar for years while working on several innovative mods & projects, the most well-known of which is DoomWare. Based off the video game series WarioWare, DoomWare is a multiplayer minigame wad that requires players to survive &/or complete the tasks of minigames that are swapped every few seconds. DoomWare was presented with a Multiplayer Award in the 2020 edition of the Cacowards. Buu also recently developed a new game mode entitled Dominatrix, which utilizes ACS to inject control points into your favorite maps for easy access to games like King of The Hill & Double Domination. He is also a council member of the Multiplayer Doom Federation where he is involved in week-to-week event planning. LISTEN ON: Apple Podcasts Spotify Stitcher
  6. Multiplayer Doom Federation is pleased to announce another edition of the Take The Crown series, a two-day FFA Tournament that will officially be a part of the QuakeCon @ Home celebration! Beginning with the group stage on Saturday, August 8th @ 3PM EDT, participants will battle through a series of rounds to accumulate the most points. The top 6 players with the most points in the group stage will advance to the FFA Finals, being held on Sunday, August 9th @ 12PM EDT, for their chance to take the crown. That’s not all – the FFA Finals will be streamed LIVE on https://www.twitch.tv/bethesda! You read that right – you’ll get a chance to showcase your fragging skills on the big stage and show the world that Doom II will never die. But wait, there’s more ~ we’ll be giving out a $750 prize (350/250/150), along with t-shirts and posters (some items given out randomly). Signups are now open and will close on Friday, August 7th @ 11:59PM EDT. You may signup through our Toornament page or in our Discord server, however you will be required to join our Discord 1 hour prior to gametime to check in. Odamex: The tournament will be held on the source port Odamex. You must make sure you have the latest version downloaded. Please follow the download link to find the latest version, and join the official Odamex Discord for help and support. How does the FFA Tournament work? All players of a particular round join the server at once and will play the same number of maps, but the actual lineup of each round will be randomized. Admins will announce the player lineup for every following round, and the selected players will join the game and the map will be restarted for them. This should speed up the proceedings while keeping the event spiritually free-for-all. If it’s not your round, you simply idle in the server. The maps have been chosen for their variation of styles (pace, spam, player/frag/time limit) and we’ll try to make sure everyone plays across all of them, but this part will be heavily dependent on the player signups and randomization. It should ensure, however, that you don’t meet the same opponents often. Point Distribution: Maplist: WAD: TBA (link provided soon) The event will be supported by the stat-tracking system Plasmabump, which will give us real time stats updates as the games happen.
  7. We currently have 47 signups - we hope more of you will join us!
  8. HumanBones

    PSM: Multiplayer Madness!! Survival Sunday 8/30/2020

    Here is a permanent invite link: https://discord.gg/YQyg4cf
  9. HumanBones

    PSM: Multiplayer Madness!! Survival Sunday 8/30/2020

    The Multiplayer Doom Federation is really looking forward to seeing your submissions, and we're super excited to team with Steve on this session!!
  10. AlexMax has been an influential member of the Doom Community for almost 20 years, as a hugely successful mapper, coder, community organizer, and so much more. You've played his work in such mappacks as the ZDCTF series, UDM3, UDMX, Odamex CTF, the 32in24 series, ChaosCore CTF, and Eyedea_. He is the maintainer of the Duel40 compilation wads, which introduced hub maps into the Doom universe. In 2020, AlexMax was credited as a contributor to the Doom Classic Unity Port, providing uncapped framerate into the official release. LISTEN ON: Buzzsprout Apple Podcasts Spotify Stitcher
  11. RottKing is the premiere mapper for an entire generation of Doom players. His contributions to the single-player and multiplayer community are endless, being credited in hugely popular WADs such as UDMX, Greenwar II, Doom 2 The Way Id Did, Back to Saturn X, and the entire 32in24 series. He is the co-author of Double Impact (with Ralph "Ralphis" Vickers), an episodic replacement PWAD for The Ultimate Doom that was adopted by Bethesda as one of the official add-ons for the Doom Classic Unity port. He has also dabbled in Heretic with the critically acclaimed Elf Gets Pissed. As a player, he was part of the championship team in the IDL Winter 2011 season. LISTEN ON: Buzzsprout Apple Podcasts Spotify Stitcher
  12. Celebrating the upcoming release of DooM Eternal, KingDime and the Multiplayer Doom Federation are pleased to announce a DooM II duel tournament with a cash prize! Players will have four chances to qualify for the final bracket by placing in the Top 4 of one of the one-day qualifying tournaments. Prize Pool: $1500 USD (50%/30%/15%/5%) Tournament Dates: Qualifier 1: Saturday, February 15th, 2020 @ 3pm EDT Qualifier 2: Saturday, February 22nd, 2020 @ 3pm EDT Qualifier 3: Saturday. February 29th, 2020 @ 3pm EDT Qualifier 4: Saturday. March 7th, 2020 @ 3pm EDT Take The Crown Finals Bracket: Saturday, March 14th, 2020 @ 5pm EDT Port: Zandronum Game Format: Double elimination. Upper Bracket: Bo3 Lower bracket: Bo1 up to top 8 Grand Finals: Bo5 Ruleset: Traditional Duel; first to 50 kills wins or highest kill count at the end of 20 minutes. Opponent gives up 1 round if they are 10 minutes late, at 20 minutes late the match is forfeited. Picks/Bans: Coin flip; p1: Ban p2: Ban/Ban p1: Ban/Pick p2: Pick Tournament Maps: https://allfearthesentinel.net/zandronum/download.php?file=mdfdueltest.pk3 Moo2d Dweller2 map11 King1 Eyedea Saskatoon CGI (Map 08) Phyyric 2 (Map 10) UptightDM (Map 08) The tournament will be organized out of the Multiplayer Doom Federation Discord server – you will be able to find further information on signups, rules, and servers. It will also be a place for you to find players to practice with. Any player is allowed to sign up to a qualifier if they have yet to qualify for the final bracket. Any player who qualifies does not need to sign up for subsequent qualifiers. Streamers: In The Keep Multiplayer Doom Federation TastySpleen >>>MULTIPLAYER DOOM FEDERATION DISCORD SERVER<<<
  13. March 14 was the final bracket of KingDime’s Take the Crown DooM II Duel Tournament where 16 qualified players battled for a piece of the $1500 prize pool. It was set to be quite a tournament with top talent from all around the world competing. The qualified players were as follows: Qualifier 1 Qualifier 2 Qualifier 3 Qualifier 4 Denzoa D’Sparil Dant3 DevastatioN Langrenus GhostKiller Zakken Tai Animal JWarrier thebestkiller Dastan Ammar proteh Seifer Legion Link Link Link Link In the grand finals it came down to two players, Denzoa against Langrenus. Denzoa took the grand finals 4-2, to secure the top spot, and the $750 USD first place prize. Final results are as follows: 1st: Denzoa ($750 USD) 2nd: Langrenus ($450 USD) 3rd: JWarrier ($225 USD) 4th: Dant3 ($75 USD) Congratulations to the top finishers! You can checkout the final brackets here: https://www.toornament.com/en_US/tournaments/3385591799358144512/stages/3385669756701843456/ The events were streamed by Tastyspleen, KingDime, TheMotherload and Xenaero. Missed out on your action? Check out video recordings of the streams at the follow links: Thank you to all of the volunteers and players that made this event a success. The MDF looks forward to organizing more great successful events like this in the future.
  14. The Qualifiers are complete and we have our 16 participants, ready to compete for $1500 in the Grand Finals of the Take The Crown Doom II Duel Tournament! Thank you to all the players who played but did not qualify, we're so glad you could join us and hopefully you stick around for more events. In the meantime, tune in next week to see who takes the crown! KingDime's Take The Crown Doom II Duel Tournament GRAND FINALS being hosted by Multiplayer Doom Federation When: Saturday, March 14th @ 3pm EST Where: Zandronum Details: https://doomfederation.com/2020/01/06/kingdimes-take-the-crown-doom-ii-duel-tournament-1500-cash-prize/ STREAMS FOR THE GRAND FINALS: Jehar/TastyspleenTV KingDime In The Keep PLAYERS QUALIFIED FOR THE GRAND FINALS: Denzoa Langrenus Animal Armour D'sparil GhostKiller Jwarrier proteh Dant3 Zakken thebestkiller Seifer DevastatioN Tai Dastan Legion QUALIFIER RECAP: Dew, Denzoa, Flambeau, HumanBones and TheMotherload hold a roundtable discussion where they break down the first four qualifiers of the Take The Crown Doom II Duel Tournament. Denzoa learns in real time that he will be seeded as the top player in the Grand Finals, and shares his thoughts on all his fellow competitors. The panel summarizes the highs and lows of organizing an event this complex, and looks ahead to the Grand Finals. Buzzsprout Apple Podcasts Spotify Stitcher
  15. Qualifier #1 is in the books. With 25 total signups, we had 4 players qualify for the Finals Bracket: Denzoa, Langrenus, Animal, and Armour. Qualifier #2 takes place this Saturday, February 22nd @ 3pm EDT. There are still 12 more spots and 12 more chances to walk away with a cash prize, so don't miss out! KingDime's Take The Crown Doom II Duel Tournament QUALIFIER #2 being hosted by Multiplayer Doom Federation When: Saturday, February 22nd @ 3pm EDT Where: Zandronum How to sign up: Join our discord - https://discord.gg/YQyg4cf Details: https://doomfederation.com/2020/01/06/kingdimes-take-the-crown-doom-ii-duel-tournament-1500-cash-prize/ Streams for Qualifier #2: twitch.tv/kingdime twitch.tv/tastyspleentv twitch.tv/inthekeep Qualifier #1 Brackets: https://www.toornament.com/en_US/tournaments/3306949231145132032/information Qualifier #1 Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/552500986
  16. HumanBones

    Doom Is Dead? Podcast - #05 Dr. Sean (Odamex)

    Thanks for all the kind words - really appreciate it!
  17. Our featured guest today is Dr. Sean, best known as the lead programmer of Odamex. Sean has worked tirelessly over the past decade to bring Odamex to the forefront of the competitive doom scene. Not only is he an accomplished coder, but he’s also one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. We were thrilled to talk with him about all things Doom, all things Odamex, and all things Sean. As always, Doom Is Dead? is sponsored by In The Keep and the drowned god Cthalha. LISTEN ON: Buzzsprout Apple Podcasts Spotify Stitcher
  18. Welcome to another episode of the Doom Is Dead? Podcast, a show where we delve deep into the minds of dooms biggest heroes and villains. Our guest today is more like a superhero - he’s an incredible Doom and Starcraft speedrunner, setting the world on fire with his enthusiastic streams. I speak of none other than KingDime - we had a really fascinating conversation and finally unveiled a big project we’ve been working on for a while. LISTEN ON: Buzzsprout Apple Podcasts Spotify Stitcher
  19. The Doom community has always been a close-knit group of friends, and over the years we've had to experience the unfortunate passing of far too many of these friends. I think it is important for us to remember them and their contributions, and not many Doomers will ever manage to contribute to or influence the Doom community as much as Toke has. Toke was a great friend to not only me, but so many other people. He may have also been someone's pain in the ass, but only because he was so passionate about the game we all love and the direction it was heading in. I know I'm not the only one who spent hours talking to him strictly about Doom without ever getting bored. He was in the process of creating a "hub" website that would more or less connect each multiplayer community, something I was very happy he asked me to be a part of. His generosity is something I have always remembered. He was also an accomplished mapper, between releasing a classic competitive 1v1 map in moo2d, taking public FFA on ZDaemon by storm with omgmaps, or even putting out his own coop wad. It is difficult to sum up everything he did for Doom in a trite forum post, which is why as we approach the 10th anniversary of his death I would like to honor him in a different way. Friday, August 19th, I will run a medley of his DM wads - to me, the gold standard in FFA/TDM play in the early 00s. Saturday, August 20th, I will hold a small one-day 1v1 tournament on moo2d. Signups for that will open on a date TBA.. Both events will be run on Odamex and hopefully you can set aside your personal preferences for at least one evening in memory of our friend Toke. FFA SESSION WADs: omgmaps, vex-doom, tokedm, udm3 map11 Mode: FFA (on shuffle) Fraglimit: 65 Server: [WDL] doomleague.org Date: Friday, August 19th, 2016 @ 7:30PM EDT 1V1 TOURNAMENT WAD: moo2d Mode: 1v1 Signup Tournament Playerlimit: 12+ Fraglimit: 50 Server: [wdl] doomleague.org Date: Saturday, August 20th @ 3pm EDT
  20. Announcing the launch of the brand new Multiplayer Doom Federation website! Since the MDF began in July of 2018, we have had the goal of creating a website that encompasses all that we do as an organization combined with articles, guides, and other community happenings to create a “portal” connecting the doom multiverse. Some of what you will find on this site includes information regarding the various events that the MDF either runs or co-sponsors. You will also come across different articles and guides written by members of the multiplayer community. Great amounts of time and effort were put into these to assist everyone from a seasoned veteran to a brand new player. The MDF has also branched out into the world of podcasting. The “Doom Is Dead?” podcast interviews members of the community, digging deep into their own personal history with Doom and analyzing their contributions and accomplishments. Our YouTube channel features streams of various events and official matches that have taken place throughout MDF history. This is just the beginning. There is a lot more to come. Welcome to the future, and enjoy your stay. https://doomfederation.com/
  21. Doom Is Dead? Episode #03, features a community legend; the originator of the massively popular 32in24 series AND Tales from Texas, Shaikoten. The 32in24 series revolutionized the way the Doom community looked at mapping projects. By inviting the entire Doom multiverse to participate in each entry of the series, 32in24 became a community within a community, propelling Shaikoten and the rest of the YEDS team into Cacowards stardom. LISTEN ON: Buzzsprout Apple Podcasts Spotify Stitcher
  22. Doom Is Dead? is excited to be joined by Decay, an incredible mapper and owner of the Classic Doom Multiplayer Discord server. As a member of the mapping group The Mechanix Union, Decay's maps are on display in wads such as Velocity CTF, Rage CTF, DBAB, Progressive Duel, NeonDM, and many more. His layouts are known to push the boundaries of what is traditionally accepted in the multiplayer doom community, and he's moved the conversation along with them. For anyone thinking about jumping into the tough world of making maps, Decay is who you want to talk to first. Here he shares his philosophy and thought process behind his projects, and even gives a hint of what the future may hold. LISTEN ON: Buzzsprout Apple Podcasts Spotify Stitcher
  23. MDF ONE-DAY EU/US 3-WAY CTF TOURNEY being held on ZDAEMON, scheduled for Saturday, September 14th @ 4pm EDT / 10pm CEST. Teams will compete through 3 rounds to reach the Finals. Each round, the number of flags that a team scores determines how it advances through a seeding method. The more flags your team scores, the better chance you have at receiving a higher seed and reaching the finals. During the first and second rounds, maps will be randomly assigned from the pool to both groups. During the semi-finals and finals, teams will choose one map from the pool to play in each group. There are no tiebreakers. MAX FLAGS PER ROUND IS 7 FLAGS. 6-9 Teams, 2v2v2 FIRST ROUND: Teams are split up into groups of 3. Each group will play 3 maps, with each team being assigned seeding depending on their overall number of flags: GROUP 1: Team A - 11 Flags, Team B - 8 Flags, Team C - 7 Flags GROUP 2: Team D - 10 Flags, Team E - 9 Flags, Team F - 5 Flags SECOND ROUND: The groups will then swap based on their seeding, for example: #1/#3/#5 as one group, and #2/#4/#6 as the next. Flag totals will carry over from the first round. GROUP 3: Team A - 23 Flags, Team E - 17 Flags, Team C - 16 Flags GROUP 4: Team B - 24 Flags, Team D - 18 Flags, Team F - 14 Flags SEMI-FINALS ROUND: The semi-finals round splits the group up once again based on their seeding, giving the #1 seed the best chance to reach the finals. The seedings split the groups up as follows: #1/#5/#6, and #2/#3/#4. Flag totals DO NOT carry over, but in this round the 3 teams that have the most flags overall from BOTH groups advance to the final round. GROUP 5: Team B - 10 Flags, Team C - 7 Flags, Team F - 6 Flags GROUP 6: Team A - 8 Flags, Team D - 12 Flags, Team E - 9 Flags FINALS ROUND: The teams that have the highest flag total overall will advance to the finals, where they will play 3 maps to determine the winner of the tournament. At the end of the 3 maps, the team with the highest number of flags scored throughout every round will be crowned the winner. GROUP 7: Team B - 9 Flags, Team D - 13 Flags, Team E - 9 Flags WINNER: Team D WAD:http://rhinoduck.net/kmwads/32in24-17.zip MAPS: 01, 02, 03, 06, 07, 08, 09, 16 If you want to participate in this event, you can signup on the MDF Discord. For more information and signups go to: https://discord.gg/XaUtgvZ