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  1. Juras_Avis

    Not Taking Forever

    How about ancient?
  2. Juras_Avis

    Not Taking Forever

    Thanks, I figured out the problem. After making my way to the Badlands in Foreverhood, I have to say that I am very impressed with what was done on this prehistoric engine. The art design is fantastic and the music fits the atmosphere of the game wonderfully. Some things I noted about the game play were this: In the first level I was attacked by swarms of floating heads and nothing else. The fighting got a little repetitious and I found myself bored. I didn't like how the heads swarmed around you and spawned in both front and behind you. Also only having two weapons at the beginning didn’t help either. A little more weapon/ enemy variety will help, especially since the dusty valley took so long to get through. If all other levels are like the dusty valley then I can see the combat getting stale. Whenever I spoke with a NPC, I was attacked from behind. I couldn't get critical information without having to move away from the character to fight off another horde. Dialog from important characters is really just elongated speeches on where next to go. Maybe a little bit of character development would help out and make them/ what they have to say more interesting and engaging? The sound effects aren't finished -- I am also wondering, what you plan on doing with the sound effects? I think that's a huge realm unexplored. Overall, I didn't mind just wandering around the linear levels and taking in the scenery/ talking with the people. I liked the amount of history you put into the world too. The story has got me very interested and I hope that as I play the game it will give me motivation to become good or bad. I think it is important that I really care about the world I am trying to save. I look forward to finishing the game but I can tell already that this is a beautiful mod and a job well done.
  3. Juras_Avis

    Not Taking Forever

    I still can't get Foreverhood to run. I've downloaded 1.0, extracted it into its own folder and run the .bat file but I keep getting the message that Zdoom can't find a Wad to run. Obviously if I put in DOOMII, it runs that and not Foreverhood. Any advice? (thanks!)
  4. Juras_Avis

    The /newstuff Chronicles #251

    Appears that the Divine_Malice Weapons mod isn't compatible with Zdoom 2.0.97.
  5. Juras_Avis

    This Just In, Doom Movie Is Terrible

    Did anyone else see IGN's review? http://filmforce.ign.com/articles/658/658956p1.html I still wish the monsters in the film were simply demons from hell and not some genetic mutation "which unleashes the evil of the soul." That's crap.
  6. Juras_Avis

    Horrible Doom Movie Poster Revealed

    Did anyone look at the scope of that weapon? It appears to have the image of a mountain on it.
  7. Juras_Avis

    The /newstuff Chronicles #236

    I unzipped .96 into the wrong directory, problem solved!
  8. Juras_Avis

    The /newstuff Chronicles #236

    Ya. I downloaded it today to play the map -- I'll try reinstalling it.
  9. Juras_Avis

    The /newstuff Chronicles #236

    Anyone else having problems with uploading Island 2 in to Zdoom? Zdoom keeps crashing and it only says "Syntax error!"
  10. Juras_Avis

    Doom2 UV Run in 24:40 - No Damage (TAS)

    Ok, I need to know how do I run a demo (I've never done this before and I only use Z-Doom. I can't figure out how to get Boom running - I know, I know, sacrilege).
  11. Juras_Avis

    The /newstuff Chronicles #208

    Thanks for the info on the patches! Agreed. Once I got CAH running at a playable FPS, I was blown away at how fun this mod is ("fun" being a term I do not use too often).
  12. Juras_Avis

    The /newstuff Chronicles #208

    So, does anyone know how exactly to get CAS to run at a playable framerate - or what exactly is causing these slowdowns? I've turned off the snow and it made a difference but if I were to load a saved game, I wrangle one frame per second. My system is more than able to hand this stuff. Cheers.