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  1. CyberMarine

    The /newstuff Chronicles #79

    Pretty good, better than my first wad by far. *sees everyone wonder who the hell he is sinse he hasn't posted for months* ;x
  2. CyberMarine

    ZDoom ambeint sounds.

    Thanks, now I've worked it out. =P
  3. CyberMarine

    ZDoom ambeint sounds.

    Hey. I'm having trouble with ambeint sounds in ZDoom. I can easily make the lumps and write the code etc., but what i don't get is this(from the ZDoom site): "The ambient sound it defines (1-64). ZDoom supports up to 64 ambient sounds, and this number is used to indicate which of those 64 this command is describing. To use this ambient sound in a map, add 14000 to this number, and use that as the type of the thing in your level editor. (Refer to your level editor's documentation if you don't now how to use things that aren't in the original Doom.) For instance, if this number is 1, then use a map thing of 14001 anywhere you want this sound to be used." I don't get the "To use this ambient sound in a map, add 14000 to this number, and use that as the type of the thing in your level editor." bit most of all. Thanks.
  4. CyberMarine

    news u can use

    But ZDoom is built off Boom isn't it? So why do you think Boom ruins it? Anywho, I like MBF and Boom, mainly 'coz I can edit them easily(I know, I'm lazy). =P
  5. CyberMarine

    Since I got the go ahead...

    CRAP! Thats me gone.
  6. CyberMarine

    Best Soda Flavor

  7. CyberMarine

    best doom moments

    Yes. Yes I was.
  8. CyberMarine

    looking free website hosting

    What he said.
  9. CyberMarine

    best doom moments

    Hope not...
  10. CyberMarine


    Do any of you have the D!Match CD? Its got about 500 maps for DooM I/II, among other stuff.
  11. CyberMarine


    I know they're based of each other, so, a coupla questions about 'em... 1. Is one easier than the other to program/use? If so, which?(Yea, I'm a lazy git =]) And 2. Which has more features? If I don't use either of these, it'll be Boom or vanilla DooM.
  12. CyberMarine

    best doom moments

    Hmmm...wonder where...
  13. CyberMarine

    best doom moments

    He already is. XD*shot*
  14. CyberMarine

    best doom moments

    So many... I'll only say a few. 1. Playing DooM I for the first time, and then being scared to play at night(I was only 7). 2. Getting DooM 2. 3. Playing E2M7 for the first time. I saw the Mancubi and I was almost fell off my chair. Then came the Arachnotrons... 4. Hearing the level 30 music. Still sends shivers down my spine. 5. Making my first map. I was like "I can't belive I made this!", even though it was a room with a slime pit and 1 monster... 6. Seeing the Cyber Demon for the first time. And more will probably come soon...
  15. CyberMarine

    Hey. I'm new...

    Heh, don't worry, I've been going to message boards for most of my net life, plus I've been lurking...