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  1. hello, i reached the 30th level of HELL ON EARTH!! haa, feel very happy because i am the hero now! >>joking man! u all already reached that level few years ago, right?? mmm....i'm late! but now i'm there! one question here: how i get into the "bulls head" on level 30 and shoot the human head inside there? (actually who is that freak, looks like a sucker!! please help me!!!
  2. siaosiao

    new to doom and doom2

    HI, thanks for ur reply and the phucking joke, ha...
  3. siaosiao

    new to doom and doom2

    hello, i'm a newbie to the classic doom games,(arr...too late, it it?)because i'm influenced by many popular fps game nowadays. so, i want to know where the styles of these game comes from, then i bought Doom and Doom 2 -eerrr, i want to know can i play with free look in doom and doom2? if can, then how?? -the graphic is blocky, got something to fix that? -is it a console for doom and doom2? -i have a onboard soundcard that support that name something like ac'97...and i can't hear any sound in doom, and sometime can't in doom2, how can i fix it??