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  1. Ryath (aka scwiba)

    Cyberpunx: episode for doom2 complete and ready for testing!

    Wow, the difficulty on this one is nuts. The first fight is the hardest encounter in the entire mapset up to that point. The combination of damaging sectors, super fast demons, and homing fireballs... what a nightmare. I'd suggest getting rid of the spectres at least on difficulty settings under UV -- most of my deaths were from getting blocked by them and then dying to one of the other threats. That cyberdemon fight though... hoo boy. I really have no idea how to survive this one. Demons/mancs/archviles is hard enough, and it took me at least a dozen attempts to kill all of them. But after that it became clear there's nowhere near enough ammo to kill the beefed up cyberdemon. Gave myself full ammo just to see how much more it would take, and it required 1200 more cells to finish him off. Hard to believe he's possible to kill even with damage from infighting. So then I thought maybe I needed to distract him long enough to get to the exit, similar to the spider masterminds earlier. But there's no way infighting will distract the cyber long enough to ride the platform all the way to that switch. I'm at a loss on this one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Ryath (aka scwiba)

    Doom64 25th Anniversary COMMUNITY Map Jam

    I've said this kind of unofficially, but I'll put it here to make it official: I'm down for at least one map. I can also assist with Remaster compatibility issues since I have some experience in that area. Kinda feel like the title is a little wordy though.
  3. Ryath (aka scwiba)

    The UnMaking: ReMade for the official Doom 64 PC port (plus 7 new maps)

    A little earlier than expected, here's Beta 3! This one is cool because it also patches text strings in the KPF file to replace "Doom 64" and "The Lost Levels" when you start a new game with "The UnMaking" and "Bonus Maps" so you have a better idea of what you're selecting. But there's also some bugfixes and visual updates. Very happy with this version, so I expect the next one will be a release candidate.
  4. Ryath (aka scwiba)

    The UnMaking: ReMade for the official Doom 64 PC port (plus 7 new maps)

    Pretty sure you mean the Absolution TC for Doomsday. It had some extra levels which I believe @AtomicFrog is working on porting over to Doom 64: Retribution. I don't think any of the Absolution content is available for the official port but I could be wrong. @Immorpher would know.
  5. Ryath (aka scwiba)

    The UnMaking: ReMade for the official Doom 64 PC port (plus 7 new maps)

    Hey all! New version is on the way to fix the few remaining bugs I'm aware of. Thanks to @Immorpher though we're now aware of a way to replace the Doom 64 logo with an UnMaking one, so if anyone has the art skills to cook something up in this style, I'm happy to pay for your time.
  6. Ryath (aka scwiba)

    Cyberpunx: episode for doom2 complete and ready for testing!

    Two more great maps. I really like the change of scenery that map07 provides. It's "out of place" in a way but I don't think that's bad or something that needs to be corrected. Some of @Cacodemon187's suggestions for aesthetic changes could be interesting though. I also didn't have too much trouble with the first ambush and was fine using the rocket launcher -- assuming I was ready for the fight. Once I knew what was coming, I was able to carve a path to the right side and take out the archvile in no time using the RL, and then hold that position. But the first time I tried the fight I died almost instantly by blowing myself up. Not the strongest map in the wad but I like it a lot. Map08 is another one of your best ones. Really ties all the elements of the visual theme together and that final arena is foreboding as hell. Funny, though, I thought it was one of the easiest fights in the map because of the invuln spheres! I also wasn't sure how to get around the spider mastermind the first time, and it was just luck whether I survived running around it. Is there something I'm missing? (I know that once you get to the other side it can be crushed, but that initial mad dash was a crapshoot.) The two long nukage tunnels at the north end of the map aren't flagged as damaging, by the way. And sectors 73, 78, and 80 are damaging when they shouldn't be. Very much looking forward to the last map!
  7. Ryath (aka scwiba)

    The UnMaking: ReMade for the official Doom 64 PC port (plus 7 new maps)

    Oh, that's totally encouraged! It gets easier and easier to trigger infighting as she lowers, and I balanced the ammo with the intent that it would get really hard to finish her off by yourself. I'm surprised you could survive the arachnotron wave pacifist though. Yes, I tried to make that as clear as possible in the text screen. All of the arenas will just start repeating if you manage to survive long enough.
  8. Ryath (aka scwiba)

    Cyberpunx: episode for doom2 complete and ready for testing!

    Having played a bit more, I know I said in my last post that I liked the new item graphics, but one of them isn't working for me: the armor bonus. I just don't see how we're supposed to look at that sprite and think "armor bonus", but that's the only one I don't like. Map04: Such a clever, funny concept. As if an AI on a space station created a forest out of available pipes and other random components. I thought the resources were insanely low, but I realized later that I'd missed a sizeable cache of ammo. So it was mostly my fault. Ambushes weren't quite as tough as in 02 and 03 but the difficulty for me came from scarce ammo and having to resort to rockets in tight quarters. Map05: Absolute banger. Can't say enough good things about this one. Possibly your best looking map in my opinion, and the difficulty feels perfect (for the most part). That fast spiderdemon is terrifying. I have no clue how many HP it has because I never brought one of them down. The only way I made it out alive was getting them to infight and then booking it for the end. The only thing I don't like is how much the difficulty varies depending on which way you go from the start. I kept dying over and over until I finally settled on a route that started with the SSG to the left of the start (and all the ammo/armor nearby) -- then it was a breeze to survive the early parts. Map06. Love this too. Super fun starting room and just as awesome when you get out to the rest of the map. Seems easier than the others, though. I think I only died once on this map. Sectors 120 and 136 may be flagged damaging by mistake -- at least they didn't seem like they should be damaging to me.
  9. Ryath (aka scwiba)

    The UnMaking: ReMade for the official Doom 64 PC port (plus 7 new maps)

    Thank you! Just out of curiosity, what is the trick to beat map39?
  10. Ryath (aka scwiba)

    Cyberpunx: episode for doom2 complete and ready for testing!

    Whoa, hey! I've been a huge fan of your work for years but I'm never around to see the testing threads. Finally I get my chance! I've only played the first three maps but will get to the others when I have a chance. As always, I adore the way you use the alpha textures. It's all unmistakably your style but the darkness gives it a moodier feel than most other maps of yours I've played. All the new pickup sprites add a nice alternate flavor too. Some of them can be confusing until you get a hang of which represents what, but I think that's part of the fun. Map01 is nasty but a great intro map. I felt unprepared and under-equipped for a lot of it, which I liked. Wasn't expecting those fast demons! The best part is the early baron turret who you don't have the ammo to deal with until halfway through the map. I didn't have trouble with it, but I can see some players missing the switch that opens the path to the exit. You may want to add a light or something to highlight it. Map02: Wonderful little city-type map with way more gameplay in it than you expect from the small size. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do to avoid damage on that lift that raises to put you toe to toe with a hell knight. Seems like if you're low on health there you just have to restart the map. Maybe it would be more fair if there was a berserk pack right on the lift? Not sure about the midi either, but weird music selections seem to be a Nicolas Monti signature at this point. Map03 has got some cruel ambushes, but I felt like a million bucks when I outsmarted them. Gorgeous outdoor areas. Those crushers plus the archvile can result in quite a few ghost monsters if you're not fast. Thankfully I had enough rockets to kill the ghosts with splash damage, otherwise they would have haunted me for the rest of the map. A complete delight, this one.
  11. Ryath (aka scwiba)

    The UnMaking: ReMade for the official Doom 64 PC port (plus 7 new maps)

    New version is up to fix a number of softlocks and tweak some things in the bonus maps. The only original map I touched is 04 (thanks to @finnks13 for kindly breaking that one). This new patcher should also look in the default places if you have Doom 64 through GamePass or the Bethesda launcher. If you have any issues with it, please let me know. Now that I'm familiar with the conversion process I'm happy to help anyone who wants to port their stuff over. It's actually not too bad a job if you know what to look for.
  12. Ryath (aka scwiba)

    Best megawads with custom enemies

    +1 for STRAIN if you don't mind them a little goofy
  13. Surprise! It's another map! Every Part of the Buffalo is a sizeable E4-themed map made from 25-30 scrapped speedmaps I designed between 2007 and 2009. It's vanilla-compatible with the exception of the savegame buffer, with appropriately challenging combat for a Thy Flesh map, and a monstrous 666 enemies on Ultra-Violence. Probably about 1-1.5 hours of gameplay on a first run. The WAD file also contains a sort of update patch to my original UnAligned mapset. These are fixes for more modern ports as well as a difficulty adjustment to the much-maligned E1M8. You can load this file up along with unalign.wad for "The Ultimate UnAligned" experience -- but load unalign.wad first or E4 will be invisible on the episode select menu. Five years ago today I started the little UnAligned project and now with the release of Every Part of the Buffalo and the 40-level edition of The UnMaking, the project has produced a grand total of 128 maps. This is my way of putting it to bed, once and for all. DOWNLOAD HERE Tested with Chocolate Doom, Eternity, ZDoom, and GZDoom NOTE: An area late in the map uses intentional HOM effects. These will not display correctly in hardware rendering. However, if you are sensitive to these visuals or flashing in general you may WANT to play with hardware rendering so they do NOT display as intended. Saving in vanilla or Chocolate Doom will result in a crash. Screenshots:
  14. Ryath (aka scwiba)

    NaNoWADMo 2021 - The month-long mapping challenge (see you next year!)

    Here you go.
  15. Ryath (aka scwiba)

    The UnMaking: ReMade for the official Doom 64 PC port (plus 7 new maps)

    This conversation is a little beyond me, but if there's any way to record demos for this I'd be up for trying. Even if the controls were terrible and I was completely bumbling around, the recordings would come out better than the nonsense demos that are in the wad now.