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  1. Played and beat each of these before moving on to the next, but if I recall correctly, these were my first three WADs: 2002: A Doom Odyssey (I got back into Doom in 2002, so this was big then) Memento Mori II STRAIN (once I figured out how to get dehs to work)
  2. Like everyone's saying, hitscanners add variety to encounters and force you to think and prioritize in ways you wouldn't otherwise. Quite the opposite: they're an integral part of Doom that's often forgotten in newer games that try to be "like Doom." Casual players, game journalists, and modern devs look back and see Doom as that shooter that was all about dodging projectiles. Yes, weaving in and out of fireballs is part of what makes Doom so good, but it's only a part.
  3. This is a smart thing I wish I'd thought of before.
  4. I'd say it overstays its welcome by... about one map. I had enjoyed it a ton but was ready for the end after Map07. On top of having had my fill by that point, I couldn't make any sense of 08 and found myself ending the experience with a really negative reaction. Which I shouldn't have, because I LOVED the rest of the WAD. If it was me, I'd cut Map08, move every map over one slot, and add some kind of "normal" Map01 that starts glitching out by the end, like Salt-Man suggests. But it's not me, so... grain of salt, etc.
  5. Well, it's official. Return to Daro is up on /idgames! I've updated the links in the OP. And if you're wondering, not much was changed before uploading. I made a few tweaks to decorative objects and brightened the yellow key door in map01 so players are more likely to notice it. Otherwise, the /idgames version is the same as the release candidate you all played. Thanks for all the comments, feedback, and kind words!
  6. Geez -- thank you. I didn't know anyone else was thinking about a STRAIN sequel. Do you know who?
  7. Judging from that "I quit," I thought you were going to say you hated it. Whew! Yeah, there's a lot of arch-viles in the WAD, relatively speaking, but there's also a lot of ministers (mini-cybers) and demon lords (white barons). I think I was trying to sort of condense 30 maps of STRAIN into just 4 here, plus increasing the difficulty a bit for modern players. That idle chaingunner is a weird thing -- you're the second person who's pointed it out... but it doesn't happen to me, at least when testing in Chocolate.
  8. I think this is the bit you're talking about, which is more complex on the wall part, but not quite as complicated on the floor/ceiling as what DoomLover is trying to do.
  9. I know there are a few people who make brand new Doom-style sprites for various WADs (Vader, Eriance, etc), but is there anyone who does commissions? Could be someone within the Doom community or an artist you know at large. I'm not looking to get sprites done right now, but it would be nice to know ahead of time if there's anyone I could hit up for future projects. And I'm sure other mappers on here could use a spriter-for-hire in their projects too.
  10. Good explanation from @TheOrganGrinder. All I'll add is that if you absolutely need enemies to teleport into the map, and you're using the sound method, the easiest way to make sure they wake up is including a mandatory shootable switch. The example that always comes to mind is Scythe 2 Map16, "Mr. X", where you can't leave the starting room without shooting a switch through the window.
  11. Shame? Nah. But I will say it's pretty lame if you cheat through UV because you can't beat it, instead of just lowering the difficulty to something more manageable. Difficulty settings are there for a reason. BUUUT I'll also cop to cheating occasionally if there's an unfair trap or difficulty spike, especially in a really long map.
  12. Thanks, 40oz! It would be awesome to see Mutiny fleshed out into a full 32 maps, though I don't know if I'd have time to contribute with all the other projects I have going on. Glad you enjoyed it! Still not quite sure what makes a cyberpunk map a cyberpunk map... but if you liked STRAIN, I'd suggest @years' Nihility. It scratches a lot of the same itches for me that STRAIN does.
  13. Aand here you go: They're from STRAIN!
  14. Thanks, Alfonzo! I feel like I've become known as a gimmick map man, and if this WAD proves anything, it's that even when I try to make a bunch of "normal" maps, you can take the man out of the gimmick map, but you can't take the gimmick map out of the man. ...Or something. :D It's possible I might be that sucker.
  15. Twenty years ago today, a new STRAIN of demons was unleashed on the universe. STRAIN was the first WAD I ever played that wasn’t just a pack of maps; it was a project that genuinely tried to be a proper sequel to Doom II. New weapons, new enemies, and a new story. And, for me, it is that proper sequel. Whenever I think about the Doom series, or tell people about it, STRAIN is just as much a part of it as Final Doom or Doom 64. Quite a while back, Charlie Patterson (who led the STRAIN team) said in an interview that he hoped someday someone would create a followup to STRAIN… and for a long time I’ve hoped for the same thing. Before I knew it, the 20th anniversary was coming up and I figured -- why not now? Why not me? So on this July the 3rd, 2017, I hope you'll join me for a short trip back to Moonbase Daro. Return to Daro is a four-map tribute to my favorite WAD of all time. And maybe, just maybe, a backdoor demo for a larger STRAIN followup. Who knows! Screenshots: Before you download: Return to Daro is a vanilla WAD, but requires STRAIN.WAD and STRAIN.DEH, which you can find here. Just make sure the WADs are loaded in the correct order: STRAIN.WAD before rtd-rc1.wad. If you don't see the Return to Daro titlescreen, the WADs were applied in the wrong order. And if you find arachnotrons in the first map, you forgot to apply STRAIN.DEH. Download Return to Daro!