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  1. Ryath

    Bury My Heart Knee Deep (RELEASED!)

    Okay, I'm really annoyed with myself for not noticing before uploading to /idgames, but there's definitely a serious problem with the final battle. (I guess this is why so many WADs sit at v0.99 for so dang long.) I'm going to reupload eventually, but here's a beta of the fixed version if anyone's interested in giving it a look (@Salt-Man Z?). Nothing outside the final arena has been touched, and the only thing there that's been changed is the addition of a little strip of damaging floor in front of the arachnotron platforms, and a few sector height changes to make everything look natural with the expanded lava pit. This should discourage camping right against the platforms.
  2. Ryath

    Bury My Heart Knee Deep (RELEASED!)

    Thank you! I definitely thought of the Souls games while making it, but I've never actually played any of those games so I couldn't be sure about the comparison. That's a legitimate complaint, and possibly enough of an issue that I'll need to do a fixed version. I'll do more testing. Wow! You hung in there by the skin of your teeth for so much of the map. Even so, you were on track to beat it in record time as far as playthroughs I've seen. If only you hadn't got lost in the Depot. Thanks for the video!
  3. Ryath

    Most creative Cyberdemon encounter?

    Don't know if it's the most creative, but definitely the most memorable: the final map of @Jayextee's The Becoming.
  4. Ryath

    Bury My Heart Knee Deep (RELEASED!)

    Hey folks! Super huge apology: If you tried to play RC3 in vanilla or Chocolate and had a weird, random crash problem, that was totally my fault. I forgot to run that last version through zokumbsp to get the BLOCKMAP under 64kb, so it was breaking vanilla limits. I've uploaded a quick fix and updated the link in the OP. Thanks for the demo! If you give it another try, let me know. Heh... hope it lives up to RDR2!
  5. Ryath

    Bury My Heart Knee Deep (RELEASED!)

    That's also true... If you want a hint for the super secret:
  6. Ryath

    Bury My Heart Knee Deep (RELEASED!)

    Thanks, these are great! I'm starting to feel like BMHKD's identity is too tied to E1 for any other midis to fit, though. Maybe some sort of medley of KDitD midis would work, but otherwise I'll probably stick with The Imp's Song. The intention was for there to be one for each player. Granted, I could just mark them multiplayer only. Originally there were two dark areas in Maintenance, but you're right that there's only one use for the light amps there now. So I might compromise down to two light amps maybe. In Labs, there's technically four places you can use them (the blue armor secret, the back entrance to Depot, secret way into Anomaly Control, and for the arch-vile fight as you mentioned), so I wouldn't want to cut any there.
  7. All my recent stuff has been for vanilla: UnAligned (3 episodes for Doom) UnNecessary (32 maps for Doom II) Bury My Heart Knee Deep (1 giant map for Doom II) [EDIT: I literally just realized the name UnNecessary was uploaded with is incorrect. It should be "30 Days, 32 Maps..."]
  8. Ryath

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    Wouldn't Blackroom by Romero's fifth major FPS, disregarding stuff like Heretic (which I don't think he did much work on) and Spear of Destiny/Doom II (since those are more akin to standalone expansion packs)? 1. Wolf3D 2. Doom 3. Quake 4. Daikatana 5. Blackroom?
  9. Ryath

    Bury My Heart Knee Deep (RELEASED!)

    No final version yet, though I'm still hoping to release before the end of the year. I've got everything basically in a finished state... I just kind of wanted a custom midi for the release version but I can't think of/find one that suits the map. In the meantime, I updated the OP with the most recent RC (and temporary text file) if you want to check it out.
  10. So before this thread's completely forgotten, I want to throw the question out there about what month we should hold the next NaNoWADMo. I've always done it in November but I think I'd rather do it somewhere earlier and less-hectic-with-holidays-and-stuff, so if there's a consensus for some other month I'd gladly make the move there. Maybe the best way is for everyone who wants to participate next year to post with three or so months that would work best for them (and if there's a month that you absolutely can't do, mention that too). Oh, silly me. For some reason I thought your last post had a WAD in it. If you'd like anything playtested, just post a link to it if you don't mind!
  11. Gettin' there! I've made it through elmle's maps and half of Walter's. You're up after @Terminus! (I'll be sending feedback/demos via PM.)
  12. Thanks for the updates, folks. I'm still updating the OP and working on playing through your WADs. Speedmapping tends to teach you a lot about your mapping hangups. I'm glad you got something out of NaNoWADMo, even if you weren't happy with the maps themselves. Keep working on them, though, and see what they turn into!
  13. We never made it to 32 maps, sadly. Really surprised 2002: ADO and Ultimate NMD haven't been mentioned. (EDIT: Oh, they were.) I'd also include Mano Laikas but that's just me.
  14. Hey all! Keep the submissions coming. I'm going to play every single map made for NaNoWADMo -- in the order they were posted in this thread starting on November 30th. That means if you posted your WAD earlier in the thread, I'd appreciate if you posted again just to bring it to my attention. Also, I'll add a link in the OP to your post (or your release thread if you've got one) in order to make all the NaNoWADMo WADs easy to find. If you'd rather I didn't link to your WAD until it's in a more finished state, etc., just say so and I'll hold off.