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  1. SOSU

    I read all of you know what's awesome? Doom and found out at episode 50 that you were the author :''D

    1. Ryath


      Yeah, I admit it. It was me.


      Thank you for reading though!

  2. Aaand that's a wrap in the last time zone I'm aware of! I'm blown away by what I'm seeing so far and promise to check all of it out once I've got my own project out the door. Thanks again to everyone who participated or just spectated, and especially to the folks who took this as their opportunity to dip their feet into mapping for the first time. You're all the best.
  3. Ryath

    Terrible 3s - First wad (made for NaNoWadMo)

    It warms my old crusty heart to see these "my first wad"s coming out of NaNoWADMo. And this one looks super creative and fun! It may take me a little while but I will definitely get to playing through it.
  4. Don't know about the rest of you but there's just about a day left where I am. So whether you've already posted your WAD, you're polishing up what you've got, or you're trying to squeeze out those last maps, thank you for being part of this year's NaNoWADMo! I've been feeling a bit bad that I definitely won't make it to my goal this time, and I know there are others in the same position, but seeing the work everyone is showing off has made me feel a heck of a lot better. We're all in this together and there's already a ton of awesome stuff coming out of this NaNo, with more sure to come!
  5. I guess I should post some screens of my project here and not just on the Discord, huh? Here's what I'm working on for Doom 64: No worries. Sorry about the confusion. Yeah, I mean... there's nothing stopping you.
  6. Awesome work, everyone! Some of us (namely me) are stalling a bit but I'm also seeing some mind-blowing progress from other mappers. It's important to remember that the muses are fickle and not to worry even if you haven't gotten anything finished yet. There's still lots of time to go. I don't know if I'll have time to test it during this month but I'm hoping to do videos of everyone's NaNo WADs at some point afterward.
  7. Awesome! I've added you all in just under the wire (at least according to my timezone). Thanks for hopping on board! And with that, we're about into the thick of it! Best of luck to all this year's mappers, big love to the whole lot of you, and I'll see you on the Discord. Let's make some maps!
  8. Nope! I've added you to the list.
  9. Everyone should be signed up! Just let me know if I missed you. Still plenty of time for everyone else to jump on board too!
  10. This is probably a good time to point out that just because you sign up/join the Discord/etc doesn't mean you have to deliver anything at the end of October. There have been plenty of folks the last two years who run out of steam partway through or don't even get started like they thought they would, and that's totally okay too. It's hard to plan around your creative ebbs and flows. It counts if you want it to!
  11. This year's NaNo-ers are: @AD_79 @aletheos eberlain @Alper002 @Athel @BluePineapple72 @Breezeep @Bridgeburner56 @CanSteam @Chainie @croc_rock @dac @Darox @DavidN @DeathBearOfDeath @Dieting Hippo @DMPhobos @DragoKnot4200 @DukeOfDoom @Dylan Omen @E.M. @finnks13 @Gothic @HitBoi64 @Horus @HQDefault @Hurricaine Jr. @jerrysheppy @Jimmy @joe-ilya Kaito @Kokoro Hane @komojo @kwc @LowGcifer @M_W majamystic256 @Major Arlene @Mr Masker @NeedHealth @Obsidian @Omniarch @PasokonDeacon @Pechudin @Phobus @RiviTheWarlock @Ryath @Scorpius @sean_muscles @SiMpLeToNiUm @Scypek2 @Solmyr @Terminus @The_SloVinator @TheNoob_Gamer @TheOrganGrinder @TheV1perK1ller @TOVA @Triangle Box Studio @Voltcom @Walter confetti @WashingMachineEnthusiasts (and 2048 units of /vr/ team) @wolfmcbeard @Worm318 @xxWeNxx @Yoshiatom
  12. It's been a hell of a year. I hope everyone is staying safe and doing okay. While a lot of us are still spending most of our time cooped up inside and stressing over the state of the world, maybe it's a good time for a month-long distraction and some mapping comradery? NaNoWADMo is returning for its third year and we kick off October 1st! It's the NaNoWriMo of Doom mapping. For one month, dozens of mappers come together to do that thing we do: make maps. Have you been itching to get your first finished WAD under your belt? Want to break through a creative block that's held you back for months? Thinking about laying the groundwork for that megaWAD you always wanted to make? Why not give NaNoWADMo a shot and see where it takes you? The premise is simple: you start mapping on October 1st and challenge yourself to complete a project by the last day of the month. "Completed" doesn't mean released, or polished, or even playtested necessarily. Nobody expects a masterpiece; the point of NaNoWADMo is to buckle down and make maps without overthinking it or second-guessing yourself. At the end of NaNoWADMo, if all you've got are some unfinished concepts to build off of later, consider that a victory! And share your work as you go! NaNoWADMo-ers and spectators alike are invited to comment in this thread and on the Discord, to give feedback on works-in-progress, and cheer everyone on. We're in this together! The challenge runs from October 1 to 31, and at the end I hope everyone who participated will post what they made. That's it! Any additional rules are ones you set yourself. You could set yourself a certain number of maps to finish or how long those maps need to be. You could set a goal of how often you finish a new map or how much time you'll set aside each day to work on them. You could make it a rule that every map needs a different theme or gameplay hook. For me it helps a lot to have really concrete goals and deadlines, so I've included a spoiler below with the rules I've used in previous years. Keep in mind that this is just one example of a goalset, and probably an extreme one at that. NaNoWADMo is about what you want to get out of the challenge. Okay, so you set out to make a 32-map epic and you didn't quite make it. You've only got 25 maps, or 10, or 3. Did you "fail?" Heck no! You've got 25 or 10 or 3 maps you didn't have a month ago! You've got something to build off of at your leisure, or some cool concepts you can turn into even cooler concepts later. The idea of the challenge is to get your mapping juices flowing, so if you get anything done, pat yourself on the back! You did it! Remember: this is a challenge, not a contest. Above all, it should be fun. Happy NaNoWADMo! Here are all the awesome projects that came from previous years' NaNos: NaNoWADMo 2019 NaNoWADMo 2018
  13. Ryath

    DBP26: The City of Damned Children

    Hope I'm not too late here but I just started playing and noticed a weird bug. It's an issue I think with linedef 7427 or an associated sector. Looked like it was missing a texture since it appeared as a HOM ingame (but a quick check in DB says it is textured). However, standing on the other side of the cart near one of the blood puddles (Thing 860) I noticed a slimetrail coming from the area around the HOM and I occasionally got stuck on nothing in that spot. Can't say I know what's causing this but I figured I'd mention it
  14. Thanks again @Not Jabba! I'd never done anything for Heretic before and probably only played through the IWAD once, but somehow I feel like I managed to do some of my best ever speedmapping for UnBeliever. And it's always encouraging to hear good feedback, especially on my weird puzzley stuff. I really appreciate the write-up! And you've now officially covered the three WADs I'm most proud of in this thread!
  15. Hi @E.M.! NanoWADMo 2020 will be this October. I'll post a more official announcement next month.