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  1. A little late on posting this, but we've come to the end of NaNoWADMo 2019! Thank you to everyone who mapped, posted here, hung out on the Discord, or even planned on mapping but never got around to it! The creative output this year was amazing and you should all be extremely proud of what you've done. If you didn't manage to do any work or came too late to get in on the fun, there's always next year. NaNo 2020 is just around the corner! I've updated the OP with links to all the playable projects I've seen. Please help out your fellow NaNo-ers but giving their maps a play and posting feedback here or in the project thread if there is one. If you haven't posted a WIP of your WAD, I'd love for you to do so, and I'll continue to update the list as they come in. Thanks again, everybody!
  2. Three days to go! I hope everyone's still got some steam left, but don't worry too much if you can't make the goal you originally set. If you're making any kind of progress, you're livin' the dream! You can post it right here and see if we can get you some good feedback on what you've got done so far.
  3. I have personally confirmed that this is a very good mapset.
  4. Halfway there! How's everyone doing? I've seen so many awesome maps so far and we've still got more than two weeks to go! If you're having fun then you're doing something right. Two maps is good progress! Can't wait :) Beautiful work! I'll play it as soon as I have a chance.
  5. Ryath

    Bury My Heart Knee Deep (updated 10/8/19)

    Well, it's back again! One more release candidate before the official rerelease to /idgames. If you've got any pressing feedback, get it in now or forever hold your peace! Download right here, or check the OP for a list of changes since the last version.
  6. Absolutely not. It wasn't even past midnight in most of the world when you asked. I've signed you up! Good luck to everyone! Don't forget to have fun!
  7. One week until kickoff! Still plenty of time to join. Everyone who's already said they're in should be on the list in the OP, but if I missed you just give me a poke.
  8. Sorry about that! It should work now.
  9. No need to aim for a full megawad if that doesn't work for you. I was really particular about rules last time but I think it makes more sense to set your own goals this time. 12 maps is nothing to sneeze at.
  10. You're right! Sorry I missed that. That thread was for voting on the month NaNo would be held. I figured I'd start fresh with a new thread for the actual challenge. Welcome aboard! Also, just an FYI that I won't be doing a mapset for this year's NaNoWADMo, since I want to be more active on the Discord and with feedback on your maps. Grinding out my own 27 maps last time was a big distraction from that, and I regret not being as interactive and supportive as I could have been. So this year I'm sitting out the mapping part so I can spend more time with you fine folks.
  11. NaNoWADMo is back! Are you ready for Round 2? Get your map editors fired up for October 1st! [NaNoWADMo 2019 is over, but there will always be a next year! Mark your calendars for October 2020!] It's the NaNoWriMo of Doom mapping. For a whole month, dozens of mappers come together to do that thing we do -- make maps. Been itching to get a finished WAD under your belt? Want to break through your creative block? Thinking about laying the groundwork for that megaWAD you always wanted to make? Why not give NaNoWADMo a shot and see what you can come up with? The premise is simple: you start mapping on October 1st and challenge yourself to complete a mapset by the last day of the month. "Completed" doesn't mean released, or polished, or even playtested necessarily. Nobody expects a masterpiece; the point of NaNoWADMo is to buckle down and make maps without overthinking it or second-guessing yourself. At the end of NaNoWADMo, if all you've got is some unfinished concepts to build off of later, consider that a victory! And share your work as you go! NaNoWADMo-ers and spectators alike are invited to comment in this thread and on the Discord, to give feedback on works-in-progress, and cheer everyone on. We're in this together! The challenge runs of October 1 to 31, and at the end I hope everyone who participated will post what they made. Any additional rules are ones you set yourself. You could give yourself a number of maps you have to finish or how long those maps need to be. You could set a goal of how often you finish a new map or how much time you'll set aside each day to work on them. You could make it a rule that every map needs a different theme or gameplay hook. For me it helps a lot to have really concrete goals and deadlines, so I've included a spoiler below with the rules I've used in previous years. Keep in mind that this is just one example of a goalset, and probably a bit of an extreme one at that. NaNoWADMo is about what you want to get out of the challenge. Okay, so you set out to make a 32-map epic and you didn't quite make it. You've only got 25 maps. Or 10. Or 3. Did you fail? Heck no! You've got 25 or 10 or 3 maps you didn't have a month ago! You've got something to build off of at your leisure, or some cool concepts you can turn into even cooler concepts later. The idea of the challenge is to get your mapping juices flowing, so if you get anything done, pat yourself on the back! You did it! Remember: this is a challenge, not a contest. Above all, it should be fun. Happy NaNoWADMo! This year's NaNo-ers and their projects are: @_sink @AD_79 @Albertoni @Alper002 - NaNoHexen 2019 @Arcturus @Benjogami @Bridgeburner56 @Chainie - Dysnomia @DavidN - Keeper of the Seven Keys 3: Disk One @DMPhobos @DragoKnot4200 - summaps @E.M. - Extra Spicy @Forli - Redundancy @galileo31dos01 @Gothic - Four Weeks of Pain Greentiger1 - nanoDMwad @HUNdebLeonidasX - Booze and Bullets @Jark @Jayextee @jerrysheppy @Jimmy @JudgeDeadd - When The Stars Are Right @JustCallMeKaito @komojo @LowGcifer @Major Arlene @meapineapple @Misty @MTrop @NaZa @NoReason - Some Speedmaps for Nanowadmo @NuclearPotato @Pavera @PasokonDeacon @Pegleg @Philnemba @Phobus @purist @Tango - Friday Night Unidoom @Tarnsman @TheMightyHeracross @TheOrganGrinder @Scypek2 - Three's a Crowd @Solmyr - Genocite @Voltcom - Withered Dimension @Vyre @Walter confetti @wolfmcbeard - Heresy @Worm318 - Hasty Evil @yakfak - Tivauri Here's a list of all the awesome projects that were born out of NaNoWADMo 2018:
  12. Hey, thank you for bringing some attention to Return to Daro! It's always great to hear that folks enjoyed it. Two years and three WADs later, RtD is still the project I'm most proud of.
  13. Ryath

    Bury My Heart Knee Deep (updated 10/8/19)

    I've done a number of no-secret runs of the map to make sure it's playable that way, but it's definitely tight. I'm not surprised you had a little trouble. No shame in running from the red key fight either. All the key fights are designed so that you can hoof it out of there as soon as you have the key. But, to wit, there's 280 cells in the red key area, which is plenty of ammo to mop up the remaining enemies after the infighting is over.
  14. Ryath

    Bury My Heart Knee Deep (updated 10/8/19)

    Thank you! I never considered it a dungeon-crawl map exactly, but now that I think about it that would be a good description. Let me know how the UV run goes! You can get the light amps super early if you know what you're doing. Before the blue key, even, which is part of the no-key route.