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  1. Ryath

    Does a doom level have to be long to be fun?

    Super no. It's personal preference here, but I'm honestly turned off by long maps. Most of my favorite WADs are made up of short, concise maps. Life's too busy and there's so many WADs to play, if I boot up a full 32-map megaWAD and it takes me longer than an hour to get a few maps in, I'll usually shelve it and move on to the next thing.
  2. I've played into the third episode now, and honestly cooled off a little bit on the game as a whole. They seem to have gone for a structure where each episode uses completely different resources and enemies. That can be really interesting and keep things from ever getting stale, but it also means it's easy to accidentally make episodes of vastly different quality and entertainment value. Fighting soldiers and knights in the gothic fortresses of Episode 1 is '90s FPS perfection. Episode 2 has more Lovecraftian enemies and feels kind of like the Runic theme from Quake; it's good but not quite as fun as the first episode. And then the third one so far has been kind of underwhelming. After Episode 3, I'm hoping that the later episodes swing back toward the other end of the spectrum. Or that the themes repeat -- like, Episodes 1 and 4 are medieval, 2 and 5 are Runic, 3 and 6 are Mesoamerican or whatever. But all that said... this is still by far the best FPS I've played recently.
  3. Really shocked this thread's gotten so little attention, and what attention it's getting isn't super positive. I'm absolutely in love with Amid Evil. Played the first episode so far and it really feels like Heretic pasted into the Quake engine. It's not all arenas, if videos have given you that impression. More varied than that, with a good mix of corridors and bigger areas, incidental combat and bigger melees. Super colorful and vibrant, too, which may turn some folks off, but it's not full-on rainbow mode or anything. Enemies and pickups stick out in bright reds, greens, and yellows, while the maps so far have been mostly greys and blues. Looks fantastic in my eyes. Your mileage may vary, but this is basically the Heretic 3 I always wanted. I'll post a video of the first 45-ish minutes as soon as it's ready.
  4. I've been messing around with it a bit. Only played the first level and a half (they're longer than I expected), but I'm enjoying it a lot so far. Maybe more than Duke3D, but then again I never was a huge Duke3D fan. Will probably play the rest of the demo over the weekend. Here's a couple idiots (one of which is me) playing the first 40 minutes blind:
  5. Final update! UnNecessary is on /idgames! Tell all your friends, family, and church group members!
  6. Ultimate Doom > Doom 64 > Doom 2 > Doom 3 > Doom 2016 > Final Doom But they're all wonderful and I don't dislike any of them.
  7. Ryath

    How to Record DOOM 2016 Gameplay?

    I've been able to record fullscreen Doom 2016 gameplay in both OBS and Shadowplay without any trouble.
  8. Tried the process twice now on two separate computers, running all three demos through the utility, and replaced all of them in the WAD. DEMO1 plays fine, but then DEMO2 gets stuck in the first rocket "course" area. If I play the demo outside the WAD with -playdemo, it plays out correctly -- which is that it gets past the first two blue barriers, brings down the third one, but then I die on the way back to it.
  9. Did you test it out specifically on the UnNecessary demos? I ran it on all three and the second one still desyncs -- though it desyncs at a different point. So... progress?
  10. It's been a hot minute, but here's a proper release candidate of UnNecessary. I rushed the last version out with some pretty serious bugs, but everything seems to be in working order this time with just one exception: I wasn't able to fix the desync in DEMO2 in vanilla/Chocolate. It'll play properly in most other ports, though, so I'm willing to live with it. But if anyone smarter than me wants to give it a shot, I wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. Anyway, if you were too busy over the holidays to check out this big dumb WAD, now's your chance!
  11. Big announcetime! I've been talking with the incredible @Jayextee about doing some art for the TITLEPIC -- and he has delivered in spades! It'll get scaled way down once it goes into the WAD, so I wanted to post it here for you all to see it in its splendor! Are you hype yet? Because you should be. PS: Jay you are the best.
  12. Ryath

    Cacowards 2017 discussion (24 years)

    Hey all! Late to the thread, but I wanted to congratulate all the Cacoward winners. There were some incredible WADs this year, including two of my all-time favorites: lilith and No End In Sight. I'm sure we can all nitpick the selections, and if I'd written the awards I'd probably have chosen different WADs. Every year, there's a WAD or two that had a profound impact on me that doesn't make the cut -- and you know what? That's okay. If a WAD wins a Cacoward, it means it affected someone in a profound way, and that's really all that matters. It's the same if your WAD didn't win, or someone else's didn't when you thought it should. Did you make a WAD this year? Then you already won! You did it! You dreamed something up and made it a reality! That's incredible. And I guarantee if you've shared it, then someone enjoyed it, was impacted by it, or was even inspired to make something of their own because of your WAD. If you're that player who really loved a WAD but was sad to see it didn't win -- tell the creator how much you loved it. Hearing stuff like that can be just as rewarding as winning a Cacoward. I mean, I opened up this thread and saw this: And it legit almost made me cry... because who needs a Cacoward when you hear from the creator of one of the coolest projects in years that something you made helped to inspire that cool project? Point is, you're all winners. Don't let anybody tell you your WAD isn't worthy, and don't ever think you're not doing good work. We have one of the most creative and awesome communities I've ever seen, and I love y'all.
  13. Thanks to both of you for such a quick answer! Can I play idiot for a second and ask how I'd go about inserting tics into a demo? And doing so wouldn't cause problems in ports that have corrected the desyncing issue? Okay! I can put off release for a bit if it means getting some more feedback from you folks.
  14. There was one secret in Beta 1 and now two after Beta 2. And yeah, it involves revenants... I don't really understand why the demo would work just fine when played outside the WAD though. Weird. Hey Albertoni! Real life takes precedence over my dumb maps. I totally understand if you don't have the time. Don't worry!