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  1. Two new maps today! Both of them are pretty dumb and short, but we're makin' progress! I jumped forward again and finished 15, Rocket Defense Grid, which includes a secret exit to 31, Space Race. Keep in mind that 13 and 14 are still unfinished, so don't go warpin' carelessly.
  2. Thank you both for the feedback. It's very helpful in polishing things up. It's not, actually! Sorry if I made it sound that way. All these maps are intended to be played from a pistol start, it's just much more important on certain ones, so in those cases I threw in a death exit to clean the slate. I see where you're coming from. If I move the map, though, I'd have to change the name and that makes me sad. I figured it was so short that it wouldn't matter too much how flat it was. I'll think on this one. Hahahaha, whoops. Yeah, that's one of the things that's really easy to miss when you're trying to pump one of these out a day, you're super tired from work, and you're stressing out because your girlfriend is complaining that you aren't spending enough time with her. You have a talent for breaking my maps, Noisy. I liked your shortcut in 03, but I didn't realize you could press the exit switch through the walls in 04. I'll work on that one. There's also a door that's not opening in 05 which I didn't realize until I watched these. So if anyone thought 05 seemed broken... well, it was! 10 is kind of a mess, yeah. I've fixed that broken switch, though I'm not sure what to do to make the shootable switch more obvious. And was that a visplane overflow that ended the demo? I thought I got rid of all of those :[
  3. Heyo! Map11 is complete, and the techbase section of the WAD along with it! Sadly, this map sucks pretty hard. BUT -- think of all the exciting city maps coming up! (PS: Somebody else post in here before I get banned for multiposting.)
  4. Map10 is a go! I had a lot of trouble with visplanes on this one, so I may have spent more time tweaking the geometry than actually making a good map...
  5. Okay -- not dead. Just terrible at keeping to a schedule, which... if you've followed any of my previous projects you should probably expect by now. We're up to 9 maps with the new additions: 07, Choice and Consequence and 08, Thread the Needle. Other updates include a new death exit in 06, since 07 requires a pistol start.
  6. Hey hey hey! Another shitty map for y'all today! Skipped to slot 09 -- The Crushlosseum. Right now 07 and 08 are placeholder garbage; so warp to those maps at your own risk. It was intended to be a monsterless map, but I think that's a fair criticism. I experimented with putting a few monsters in, so give it another try when you have a chance!
  7. Thanks, anotak! The bad news is that this didn't work. The good news is that it hadn't been as long since my last save as I thought, and now with just a little delay, Map06 is ready! Fixed that lift issue in 03 -- thanks! The thing in 04 I've already seen in action and chose not to care about because I am bad and lazy.
  8. Welp, here's a frustrating disaster going on as we speak... This has never happened to me before. Anyone know if there's a way to not lose everything since the last save? If not, I think the majority of today's map is in the garbage.
  9. Thanks for the videos, mArt... mArt1An... uh, Martie. Always helpful to see how players react to the maps in real time. Keep them coming! I feel like a lot of these maps vaguely resemble TNT stuff, but it's probably just the textures. I've been doing UDoom maps so long, I'm having a lot of fun messing around with what Doom 2 has to offer. Loving these dark metal and green tech textures especially.
  10. Alright, kiddos! We're back on track, with two maps for ya today! The new ones are in slots 03 and 04, since I felt like Electric Boxaloo worked better as Map05 than it did as 03. Here's a look of Map03, The Silver Bullet, which may go down as one of my more annoying maps. But would this be a Ryath WAD without at least one map that made players curse my name? And here's Map04, Chromedome. I went full 1995 and made an entire map out of the delightfully terrible SILVER textures. Come to think of it, maybe both of these maps will have you cursing at me...
  11. I approve of this method. These maps are pretty short and might feel a little lonely on their own, but why wait until the very end to play them when you can play them in chunks? Anyhow, Map03 is ready! It's called Electric Boxaloo, since it began as a spiritual sequel to the Absolutely Killed map Boxed In (even if it kind of turned into something else).
  12. This is a very important and valid question that I do not know the answer to.
  13. Day 3 and we're a map behind already. Knockin' it out of the park there, Ryath. The weekend should hopefully give me a chance to catch up, though. In the meantime, here's Map02: Futurebase 5000, featuring the patented Key Detectotron. This link also includes a few changes to Map01; I moved the second sector to the secret area, since people were missing it. So now the map is a single sector... and a secret sector. Didn't realize I could do that. Thanks for the tip!
  14. Wow, what a nice response right from the start, though I've always heard you're not supposed to encourage bad behavior... Anyhow, first map is ready: "A Journey of 32 Maps... (Begins With a Single Sector)" There is technically a second sector in this map, but the only purpose it serves is to make the engine stop screaming in confusion. EDIT: Oh, I should also mention that yes the plan is still zero texture alignment in this WAD -- with the one exception being this first map, in order to get some of the "ceilings" to work.