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  1. My thoughts exactly. I'm not sure how this can exist in the same universe, at basically the same time, as Kirk's Enterprise. I may go in with a little less of an open mind and naive excitement, but I'll definitely still watch it. If I can find a way to watch it, that is...
  2. Ah, that's super helpful. Thanks, scifista.
  3. Yep -- 74kb. Is there any way to reduce the size of the BLOCKMAP other than simply making the map smaller?
  4. This might be a well-known limitation, but I couldn't find anything in my searches. I'm currently testing a vanilla map in Chocolate Doom and have run into a problem where it will sometimes crash when firing weapons. It seems linked to the size of the map -- whether it's physical size, number of monsters, or something else -- but the crashes started once the map reached a certain size, and it goes away again if I delete sections.
  5. A big vanilla E1 thing currently in the works...
  6. Shacknews just published this huge piece on Doom (the original, 2016, and everything in between) I thought y'all might enjoy reading. Viggles, Skillsaw, and I were interviewed for the section on modern WADs, which is pretty radical. It's a heck of a read, though. Doom: To Hell and Back
  7. Morning, chums! Little bit of a resurrection here to announce that version 1.1 of UnAligned has hit the archives! Not as exciting as it sounds -- I've just fixed the linedef numbers in E1M2, E2M3, and E3M2. I had completely forgot there's a Linedef 0, so each one of those maps was one linedef over the limit... :I (Thanks, bzzrak!)
  8. Oh man -- I had this exact same idea, but it looks like you beat me to it. Your version looks amazing!
  9. Look for a person you jive with right off the bat, often another person who started there recently. I find that at any job there's always that someone who's immediately friendly and open, and who I hit it off with immediately. That's the person who you can go to with your dumb questions and not be judged, or who'll be understanding when you're having a rough time.
  10. Jay, this is great! I meant to play it weeks ago but got distracted. So far I'm halfway through. M1: A solid start. The various open-air parts give it a very different feel from classic Doom, and I love little overdetailed nooks that don't contain anything but a couple items (see the shotgun and ammo up that little elevator). The demon behind the blue key platform comes across as misplaced, though. I think most people will kill it before releasing it, but even if you don't, it hardly poses any threat. Just seemed weird. M2: Water-themed -- awesome! Sunken boxes, rising water to reach the key, but the coolest detail is the moldy rain lines coming down from the sides of the windows. I appreciate the psych of how intimidating it is walking into that big circular room with the lifts, but then no big battle happens there (it's made up for in the perfect final trap). But on the way back through the dark maze, there should probably be something dangerous lurking in the shadows. Also, your computer console flats are backwards! M3: So good. I love maps that take it easy on enemies and build up the creepy atmosphere. The teleporter is a little too difficult to find, maybe. That shifting flesh wall is brilliant, but make sure linedefs 0, 10, 24, 30, etc have one of their vertices moved so they don't get that terrible brightness variation effect on them. M4: I was just thinking this map didn't have as strong an identity as the previous ones and then the twist happened! Not a completely original idea but you did it the best I've seen. Not sure the music fits this one that well, though, and boy is there a lot of "meat" in this level. It could do without a few cacos and lost souls in the hell part.
  11. I'd love to see someone play Absolutely Killed or UnAligned. Didn't go so well last time with Suitepee, if anyone recalls that stream...
  12. Props to bzzrak for the longest review I've ever seen on /newstuff Chronicles. Glad you enjoyed UnAligned! I'm curious what made you hate E1M8 so much. It makes me think I am very sad. :< Wait, WHAT? I'm going to have to check that when I'm on a computer with Doom Builder. Thank you! That's damn high praise from the gentleman whose WAD inspired a good chunk of UnAligned. Those three linedef limit maps certainly wouldn't exist if I hadn't played 900 Deep.
  13. I couldn't get a single FTP program to work on my computer, so I resorted to the Windows command prompt. It's super easy and there's instructions for it in the /idgames FAQ thread.
  14. I'd put money on REKKR winning a Cacoward when it comes out, but nominating WADs before you've even played them seems silly to me.
  15. Thanks, folks! Glad you're enjoying it. Looking forward to it. I really appreciated your detailed rundown of E1.