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  1. Ah, this is probably one of the hardest secrets to get.
  2. All secrets in map29 are opened via shootable switches, and each one leads to the next. If you've found the first one, look very carefully inside the hallway that opened up. Still don't see it?
  3. scwiba

    Cyberpunx: episode for doom2 finished and on idgames!

    Figured I'd post this here since it includes a short review of Cyberpunx: I wrote a bit about five of your shorter wads from the last few years.
  4. Thank you for giving it a shot! Missing textures toward the end are intended, but they only work correctly with software rendering. If you could see directly through them, you were in hardware rendering. The other bug is a good catch. It'll depend on what position the crushers were in when they turn off, but if they're both too low it can definitely cause a softlock.
  5. scwiba

    Cyberpunx: episode for doom2 finished and on idgames!

    Oh, I'm definitely aware of the lowering pillar. I attempted a few times to ride it up while the cyberdemon was still alive because I couldn't come anywhere near killing it. I did try again just now with god mode on and barely managed to kill it, but that's without firing a single BFG shot at any other enemy -- saving every single cell for the cyber. That's just not a viable option during normal play, at least for a player of my skill. I was only able to complete the map on ITYTD because of the extra ammo.
  6. Very glad you enjoyed it! This is the first time I've heard anyone name Good Night as one of their favorites (I like it a lot but often that's not a good indicator of whether other people will.) I knew Huge Guts would be divisive, but it's buried so deep in the wad that I hoped at that point players would be willing to suffer a little to get to the end.
  7. The shotgun secret is really mean, I admit. Thankfully you don't need to get it to find the secret exit.
  8. Hello to the five people who played this! The Ultimate UnAligned has made its way to its forever home on /idgames! The only change in this final version is the addition of multiplayer starts in case you want to give it a try in coop or deathmatch (DM not recommended).
  9. Welp, to celebrate winning the Machaward at this year's Cacowards, it's probably time I got the release candidate out there! I'm super humbled to be recognized for this project, at the very end of a 5-year mapping experiment. The UnMaking had by far the most stressful and exhausting development process of any wad I've done, to the point that I nearly threw it all in the garbage more than once, but the response to it has made it all worthwhile. Regarding RC1 -- there's only one small change to map20 in this one. The main feature is an awesome new logo from PocketNinja85. I've also migrated the download link over to Dropbox because the new logo makes it too big to host on Doomworld.
  10. scwiba

    The 2021 Cacowards

    Holy shit this is an honor beyond my wildest dreams
  11. Love this idea, as well as @Xaser's suggestions. It would be wonderful to have an actively-updated ZDoom-based port that doesn't change the look of Doom to such an extent as GZDoom does out of the box.
  12. scwiba

    Heretic: The Way Raven Did?

    A "Heretic the Way Raven Did" definitely doesn't exist, but if I may shamelessly self-promote for a moment, I did make a 28-map megawad for Heretic a couple years ago.
  13. scwiba

    Cyberpunx: episode for doom2 finished and on idgames!

    Wow, the difficulty on this one is nuts. The first fight is the hardest encounter in the entire mapset up to that point. The combination of damaging sectors, super fast demons, and homing fireballs... what a nightmare. I'd suggest getting rid of the spectres at least on difficulty settings under UV -- most of my deaths were from getting blocked by them and then dying to one of the other threats. That cyberdemon fight though... hoo boy. I really have no idea how to survive this one. Demons/mancs/archviles is hard enough, and it took me at least a dozen attempts to kill all of them. But after that it became clear there's nowhere near enough ammo to kill the beefed up cyberdemon. Gave myself full ammo just to see how much more it would take, and it required 1200 more cells to finish him off. Hard to believe he's possible to kill even with damage from infighting. So then I thought maybe I needed to distract him long enough to get to the exit, similar to the spider masterminds earlier. But there's no way infighting will distract the cyber long enough to ride the platform all the way to that switch. I'm at a loss on this one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. scwiba

    Doom64 25th Anniversary COMMUNITY Map Jam

    I've said this kind of unofficially, but I'll put it here to make it official: I'm down for at least one map. I can also assist with Remaster compatibility issues since I have some experience in that area. Kinda feel like the title is a little wordy though.
  15. A little earlier than expected, here's Beta 3! This one is cool because it also patches text strings in the KPF file to replace "Doom 64" and "The Lost Levels" when you start a new game with "The UnMaking" and "Bonus Maps" so you have a better idea of what you're selecting. But there's also some bugfixes and visual updates. Very happy with this version, so I expect the next one will be a release candidate.