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  1. Welcome back. Your technicolor nightmare awaits. The world's first and only 40-map megawad for Doom 64 is now available for the official PC release of the classic N64 shooter! The UnMaking marks the end of a 5-year mapping project, and contains some some of the strangest and most sadistic scenarios I've dreamed up yet. The mod is in part a tribute to Doom 64, and at the same time an experiment to see what kind of shapes I can twist the engine into -- some of which I think might even surprise its creators. DOWNLOAD RELEASE CANDIDATE 4 (Includes the WAD file as well as an optional patcher to modify Doom 64's logo and menus) The UnMaking is also available for Doom 64 CE. Click here for more details. Or if your preferred way to play is in Doom 64 EX, check out the original 33-map version of The UnMaking. Screenshots: Map List: Track List: Known Issues: Changelog:
  2. I wouldn't mind working on this. Won't all get done at once but I can chip away at it in my downtime.
  3. Long delayed, but not quite forgotten: RC4 is available for download in the OP. I'll likely do a couple more playthroughs and then send this thing off to /idgames. Assuming no issues crop up.
  4. Sorry to see this port discontinued. I was quite excited to use it, and was just checking up to see if anyone had mentioned support for lilith.pk3. I could of course stick with ZDoom 2.8.1 but was wondering if lilith plays okay in RZDoom?
  5. I'm ashamed to say I've never played this episode and had next to zero experience with Heretic wads prior to UnBeliever. Even the fact that Heretic doesn't have infinitely tall Things was a surprise to me when I started mapping for it, so there isn't too much Thing platforming to speak of I'm afraid.
  6. Some tragedy has been going on in my real life, but I didn't want to leave you hanging on those secret exits if you're still looking. Spoiler-tagged below is a guide for all the exits. Please let me know if you can't get them to work... map12 is especially hard to explain.
  7. Thanks for the feedback! The secret switch you mention is shootable, it's just a matter of finding the right spot to shoot from. This secret seems to be pretty tricky for a lot of players. A secret guide was never planned but might be fun to make. This immediately made me think of @DavidN's strategy guide for Ascent of Titan, but I don't have those kind of pdf skills. I could also just add them to the doomwiki. Is it frowned upon to edit articles about your own maps?
  8. I'm trying to do this but not getting the correct results. I copied the patched kpf and renamed it unmaking_rc3.kpf, then unpatched doom64.kpf and left both in the folder. Tried running the game with -file and it only applies the pwad.
  9. Well, I guess I've got some more testing to do.
  10. scwiba

    Puzzle wads?

    Yeah, I can't help putting puzzles into everything I make. But the highest concentration is in UnBeliever Episode 3 for sure.
  11. Okay, here we go! The UnMaking is now fully compatible with the updated Doom 64! RC3 is also packaged as a PWAD (since that's a thing we can do now), which means a much smaller download. You'll still have to apply the KPF patch the old way but you can load up the mapset most of the ways you would normally load a wad for Doom and Doom 2.
  12. Just to clear up any confusion for those wondering, despite the update to Doom 64, you can still play The UnMaking with the RC2 patch. The patch will correctly be applied to the WAD file (which includes the maps, graphics, and music), while it will fail on the KPF file (which includes only minor menu changes). We're working on an RC3 package that addresses this issue but you can keep playing the mapset just fine with the current download in the OP. For the time being patching the KPF file will still use the same process, yes.
  13. Just saw that! There are a couple fixes I wanted to make anyway so I'll test out a PWAD version and get it updated as soon as possible.
  14. In that case you should be totally fine if you just leave the KPF as it is. As @Immorpher said it only affects a few things in the menus and the mapset is perfectly playable without it. You likely won't even notice the difference once you've started a new game.
  15. With the hoops you have to jump through to get wads working in the remaster, I'm not sure how to make the mapset compatible with other mods at the moment. I could create a specific patch based on your setup but that would only work for people with the exact same mods. And if your game is already modded, I wouldn't be sure the main wad is patching correctly even if it's not kicking back an error. There's a video on YouTube right now of something trying to play The UnMaking with other mods already installed and it looks like none of the mapinfo lump was patched correctly.
  16. Big news! After a much needed break from the project, I've come back with a bit of extra clarity (and feedback from quite a few more players). The result is Release Candidate 2, which includes more changes than at any other point since The UnMaking made the leap from EX to the official remaster. I've cleaned up the visuals in a lot of places, added some subtle hints to a few of the more confusing maps, and worked out a number of issues that I previously thought I just had to live with. I'm really proud of this version of the mapset, and it's about as perfect as it's gonna get. But that's not all! As of today, all 40 maps of The UnMaking are also available to play in @molecicco's Doom 64 CE mod for GZDoom, which adds tons of fancy effects, upscaled graphics, and is a vastly more customizable experience than either Doom 64 EX or the remaster. As far as the maps themselves, this version is a mix The UnMaking's two major releases, combining elements of both the EX and remaster builds. Massive thanks to @molecicco for shouldering all of the work of porting the wad over. I did nothing but playtest and make suggestions, but rest assured it's 100% scwiba approved. Head over to the Doom CE thread for more info.
  17. Good question! I'll add a full track list to the OP but the simple answer is that the majority of the maps use the Doom 64 default midi for that mapslot. The only places where it was changed were map25, 28, and 34-40. In the next version map20, 24, and 27 will also be swapped around. EDIT: OP updated
  18. The demon key does take a pretty difficult jump to grab, but you shouldn't be doing any major jumping for the blue keycard. Also keep in mind that not all the keys are required to finish the level. You can access the final climb by collecting either all the keycards or all the skull keys. I imagine you'll find the series provides serious diminishing returns if you play it backwards. I'm still proud of The UnMaking and UnBeliever but the earlier stuff is very rough.
  19. Ah, this is probably one of the hardest secrets to get.
  20. All secrets in map29 are opened via shootable switches, and each one leads to the next. If you've found the first one, look very carefully inside the hallway that opened up. Still don't see it?
  21. scwiba

    Cyberpunx: episode for doom2 finished and on idgames!

    Figured I'd post this here since it includes a short review of Cyberpunx: I wrote a bit about five of your shorter wads from the last few years.
  22. Hard to believe it's been a year already, but here we are. How's everyone been? Ready for another NaNoWADMo? It's the NaNoWriMo of Doom mapping. For one month, dozens of mappers come together to do that thing we do: make maps. Maybe you've been itching to get your first finished map under your belt? Want to break through a creative block that's held you back for months? Thinking about laying the groundwork for that megaWAD you always wanted to make? Give NaNoWADMo a shot and see where it takes you! The premise is simple: you start mapping on October 1st and challenge yourself to complete a project by the last day of the month. "Completed" doesn't mean released, polished, or even playtested necessarily. Nobody expects a masterpiece; the point of NaNoWADMo is to buckle down and make maps without overthinking them or second-guessing yourself. At the end of NaNoWADMo, if all you've got are some unfinished concepts to build off of later, consider that a victory! You're also encouraged to share your work as you go! NaNoWADMo-ers and spectators will be giving feedback and cheering you on both in this thread and on the Discord. We're in this together! The challenge runs from October 1 to 31, and at the end I hope everyone who participated will share what they made. That's it! Any additional rules are ones you set yourself. You could make it a goal to create a certain number of maps, or set a specific length those maps need to be. You could say you've got to have a playable map at the end of every week, or make it a rule that you'll set aside 30 minutes each day for mapping. But if rules don't work well for you, don't use them! It's all up to you. For me it helps a lot to have concrete goals and deadlines, so I've included a spoiler below with the rules I used in previous years. Keep in mind that this is just one example of a goalset, and a pretty extreme one. NaNoWADMo is about what you want to get out of the challenge. Okay, so you set out to make a 32-map epic and you didn't quite make it. You've only got 25 maps, or 10, or 3. Did you "fail?" Heck no! You've got 25 or 10 or 3 maps you didn't have a month ago! You've got something to build off of at your leisure, or some cool concepts you can turn into even cooler concepts later. The idea of the challenge is to get your mapping juices flowing, so if you get anything done, pat yourself on the back! You did it! Remember: this is a challenge, not a contest. Above all, it should be fun. Happy NaNoWADMo! Here are all the awesome projects that came from previous years' NaNos (note that some of these are still works-in-progress: NaNoWADMo 2020 NaNoWADMo 2019 NaNoWADMo 2018
  23. Surprise! It's another map! Every Part of the Buffalo is a sizeable E4-themed map made from 25-30 scrapped speedmaps I designed between 2007 and 2009. It's vanilla-compatible with the exception of the savegame buffer, with appropriately challenging combat for a Thy Flesh map, and a monstrous 666 enemies on Ultra-Violence. Probably about 1-1.5 hours of gameplay on a first run. The WAD file also contains a sort of update patch to my original UnAligned mapset. These are fixes for more modern ports as well as a difficulty adjustment to the much-maligned E1M8. You can load this file up along with unalign.wad for "The Ultimate UnAligned" experience -- but load unalign.wad first or E4 will be invisible on the episode select menu. Five years ago today I started the little UnAligned project and now with the release of Every Part of the Buffalo and the 40-level edition of The UnMaking, the project has produced a grand total of 128 maps. This is my way of putting it to bed, once and for all. DOWNLOAD HERE Tested with Chocolate Doom, Eternity, ZDoom, and GZDoom NOTE: An area late in the map uses intentional HOM effects. These will not display correctly in hardware rendering. However, if you are sensitive to these visuals or flashing in general you may WANT to play with hardware rendering so they do NOT display as intended. Saving in vanilla or Chocolate Doom will result in a crash. Screenshots:
  24. Thank you for giving it a shot! Missing textures toward the end are intended, but they only work correctly with software rendering. If you could see directly through them, you were in hardware rendering. The other bug is a good catch. It'll depend on what position the crushers were in when they turn off, but if they're both too low it can definitely cause a softlock.
  25. scwiba

    Cyberpunx: episode for doom2 finished and on idgames!

    Oh, I'm definitely aware of the lowering pillar. I attempted a few times to ride it up while the cyberdemon was still alive because I couldn't come anywhere near killing it. I did try again just now with god mode on and barely managed to kill it, but that's without firing a single BFG shot at any other enemy -- saving every single cell for the cyber. That's just not a viable option during normal play, at least for a player of my skill. I was only able to complete the map on ITYTD because of the extra ammo.