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  1. DoOmEr4LiFe

    Best video game chaingun?

    Came here to post this. I really liked the Turok minigun and the high-pitched whirring of the spinning barrels is forever etched into my memory. Turok 2 followed that up with an energy-projection minigun that was also very cool.
  2. DoOmEr4LiFe

    Post Your Opinions About Doom (Whether Controversial or Not)

    Which really should not be all that controversial of an opinion.
  3. DoOmEr4LiFe

    Worst movies you've ever seen

    I don't usually go out of my way to watch bad movies but one way I have routinely been suckered is adaptations of things I'm already a fan of. Therefore, the worst movies I have ever seen, in the theater or otherwise are: Doom Mortal Kombat: Annihilation Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
  4. DoOmEr4LiFe

    Is TNT Evilution good, bad OR okay

    All three at different times. Sometimes within the same level.
  5. DoOmEr4LiFe

    Does anyone else hate hot-starts?

    It really depends on the level and the monsters used for the hot start. Start out with a Revenant in my grill and the SSG is on the other side of the room? Stupid. Start out with a chaingun and two boxes of bullets mere feet away with a dozen imps and some zombies on the other side of the room? Awesome.
  6. DoOmEr4LiFe

    Doom Movies

    I liked Event Horizon. Oh, those Doom movies. No thanks.
  7. DoOmEr4LiFe

    Crash As Doom 6's Protagonist

    This. Maybe have a couple other marines and give them each different abilities. When playing co-op you and your teammates could select which marine you play as. Bonus points if one of the characters is colorblind and thinks his armor is Indigo but is actually a dull gray. Just as long as they add co-op. Preferably splitscreen.
  8. I agree with this 100% but on the whole Evilution is better than Doom 2. Evilution's second half is weaker than the first half but contains my personal favorite IWAD levels: Mill (map 18) and Administration Center (map 21). It disheartens me to see others in the thread run these levels down but what can I say? I like big levels and I can not lie.
  9. DoOmEr4LiFe

    What's 1 quirky thing about the place you live?

    There's at least one day of the winter every year where Grand Forks is the coldest inhabited town in North America. Like seriously, only Siberia and Antarctica consistently get colder than us. Parts of Alaska, I suppose, but I have to stress the word parts.
  10. DoOmEr4LiFe

    Lookin' for some Metal/Rock music

    Unfortunate. There's always some dillhole that ruins stuff for others. Sorry that you do not get the same enjoyment out of Fates that I do. They are grossly underrated and it's a miracle that they get as much attention as they do in the shadows of their larger prog metal brethren Dream Theater and Queensryche, whom I believe both to be inferior to Fates in every conceivable metric. Royal Hunt is awesome, though.
  11. DoOmEr4LiFe

    Lookin' for some Metal/Rock music

    I am somewhat disappointed by the lack of mention of Fates Warning in this thread. I have never heard a more consistent band in terms of quality of music even following a (sub)genre shift. Some fans will say they like their earlier, Power Metal stuff and others argue their later Progressive Metal stuff is better. For me, I say, "why not both?". Earlier Fates Warning: Later Fates Warning:
  12. DoOmEr4LiFe

    What movie do you dislike but every else loves?

    @hybridial I completely agree with you regarding The Rock and his acting. Unlike you I was a huge fan of his when he wrestled but I have not seen him in a movie where I thought he was any good at acting. Dave Bautista is considerably more talented as an actor, in my opinion.
  13. DoOmEr4LiFe

    What movie do you dislike but every else loves?

    Donnie Darko and Fight Club. I was in high school when these movies came out and holy shit, it's like these were the only two films that existed. Go to a party and guaranteed one of them is on in the background. Boring films that tried way too hard to be cool with their twists. No thank you.
  14. DoOmEr4LiFe

    Why The Thing is the best Horror Movie

    Not to derail the topic but those reasons you list could also apply to Alien, which is another great movie in the same vein. Also, I think Kurt Russell is a supremely underrated actor, and even this relatively early entry in his career showcases his abilities.