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  1. DoOmEr4LiFe

    The greatest video game of this decade so far

    Obligatory Breath of the Wild response. It's hard to argue with Minecraft, though.
  2. DoOmEr4LiFe


  3. Big Boy, and dipped in gravy!
  4. This will be even funnier when Matthews' and Marner's ELC contracts are up at end of next season.
  5. DoOmEr4LiFe

    What mobile games are you playing?

    Final Fantasy Brave Exvius I think it's pathetic that the best game Square-Enix has put out in the last 15 years is a mobile game and they didn't even technically make it. It has kept my attention far longer than any previous mobile game I've played by a hundred fold.
  6. DoOmEr4LiFe

    Rio 2016, anyone excited?

    Whatever you say man. All I know is handball is fun as hell to watch.
  7. DoOmEr4LiFe

    Rio 2016, anyone excited?

    I love the Olympics and watch them with fanatical zeal. I know Rio and Brazil greater have been going through massive political, social and economic upheaval before the games and will continue to do so after they are done. I can only hope that they bring the people of Rio a much welcomed respite from all that even if it's only temporary. It's just kind of sad that it has become so expensive to host them. I'm not usually an optimist, but I do buy into the whole "Olympics bring people together through the spirit of competition" mantra.
  8. DoOmEr4LiFe

    American Ninja Warrior

    I liked watching Sasuke back in the day, but 'obstacle course' shows are a dime a dozen nowadays.
  9. DoOmEr4LiFe

    When did the forums open up?

    Likewise. Although, for me it actually has gone past half.
  10. DoOmEr4LiFe

    Doom 64's uneven level design

    Yes. I'm willing to bet that cartridge limitation has a lot to do with how Doom 64 turned out, and not just from a level design standpoint.
  11. DoOmEr4LiFe

    Doom 64's uneven level design

    I don't know what the fuss is. Unholy Temple, Spawned Fear, Altar of Pain, the Void, Watch Your Step and No Escape are among my favorite commercial levels. I will say Doom 64's Hell levels are kind of hit or miss. The ones that hit are the above but others like Pitfalls and Even Simpler are too derivative for their own good. Others like Dark Entries and The Spiral just didn't have enough substance in them to stand out, and they were a bit on the small side.
  12. DoOmEr4LiFe

    Laughter Is The Best Medicine

    Nothing makes me lose my shit more than these two movies.
  13. DoOmEr4LiFe

    In which state do you reside? (U.S. Residents)

    North Dakota. Yes, there are people here.
  14. DoOmEr4LiFe

    Why does everyone hate DOOM?

    At this point, I honestly believe that whenever something good/cool/popular comes out, the people that go out of their way to hate on it are doing it just to be contrarians and are just trying to get attention because they don't get any from another source. I have elected to ignore these people. I didn't take the full day off, so I envy you. But you better believe I am blowing some of my vacation time to get off work early. I really like your idea and will probably do something similar.