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  1. gamerking104040

    Alice in chains

    Don`t give a #@*$ anymore. GAMERKING OUT;)
  2. gamerking104040

    Doom Movie Info

    Its starting to sound like resident evil the movie but different in some places. Also is the rock still playing the doom guy.
  3. gamerking104040

    Favorite Ultimate Doom song?

    I like e1m1, e1m5, e1m8. e3m8 ROCKS when you have loud bass
  4. gamerking104040

    Alice in chains

    I did type in "alice in chains" but it just came up with. sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms. Yes i did spell it right and i did leave spaces. WHY IS IT ME WHY WHY. Looks like this is going to hell:)
  5. gamerking104040

    Alice in chains

    I did search. I didn`t find. Anyway why didn`t id software just make up there own songs for some of the levels instead of copying other bands.
  6. gamerking104040

    Alice in chains

    Has anyone herd the song "Them Bones" by alice in chains because the music sounds just like map 23 in doom 2. Is it just coincidence or did id software want it to sound like the song "Them bones". PLUS if anyone has a link to get the song could you place it in your post please:)
  7. gamerking104040

    Don't like the monster

    Your right, all the monsters do have a right to hate us and there all cool but still there must be one deep down inside you that you think should not be in doom.
  8. gamerking104040


    Linkin park Limp Bizkit Newgrounds Remixes Ones i make
  9. gamerking104040

    Don't like the monster

    If theres a monster you don`t like in doom what will it be. I would pick the pain elemental because killing him is just as bad as letting him live.