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  1. Skul

    The /newstuff Chronicles #258

    Maybe someone should make an episode out of crappy wow-type maps. Starting off (or maybe finishing) with wow.wad itself. Other maps would be called things like wtf.wad, omg.wad, rofl.wad and maybe even omgwtfbbq.wad. Who's up for the 'challenge'?
  2. Skul

    The /newstuff Chronicles #258

    Oh my God... I can't believe someone made 'WOW 2'... I have one question about that .wad, though - Where the heck is the illusio-pit!? It's not true to WOW.wad if there's no illusio-pit! Anyways, Congestion 1024 r teh win.
  3. Skul

    doom wad name generator

    What's with 'DOOM' being put in every so often? Whenever it shows up, it just throws the whole WAD name into confusion. DAWN OF THE MINES DOOM What?? Dawn of the Mines is weird enough, but Dawn of the Mines Doom? Ah, well. Adds comedy. :P
  4. Skul

    doom wad name generator

    Here's what I got from it: THE THE DEVIL'S TEMPLE OF PAIN - So painful, you'll stutter TOWER WAD - How original RETURN TO THE SECRET HANGAR - Because you only got 50% secrets THE FLESH - Ooh, saucy... LAIR - Sounds like a '94 wad CYBERDEMON SEWERS - Ugh... CHURCH CRYPT - I think this is just weird BELOW GATES - Microsoft employees? BIG GATES FROM BENEATH - O_O PAIN PIT - Probably a pit of pain EVIL IMP FLESH - No, I'm not going to make that goddamn impse joke! GATES CASTLE - Face Bill Gates and destroy him! BENEATH THE MINES BENEATH - Name courtesy of the Department of Redundancy Department Geez... how many times can 'Gates' possibly appear?
  5. Skul

    My First Wad!!!

    Not a bad WAD, in my opinion. Although the 'shooting through walls bug' was annoying, this map was pretty fun. I noticed that a couple of Spectres were stuck in walls. You should watch out for this when designing levels. Try moving them further away from walls, or make the room bigger. Make sure that the enemy's box isn't intersecting walls (the box is what you see when you hover your mouse pointer over them). Not bad and looking forward to the next map. :)
  6. Skul


    Great! Off to get it, now! :D
  7. Skul


    That's good. Now, hurry and release your WAD! :P
  8. Skul

    Let's Talk About Zombies

    Janderson, are you trying to make us believe that zombies are real? lol, the way you talk about them makes it seem like they actually exist! :D
  9. Skul

    Let's Talk About Zombies

    I don't see why a zombie has to be 'realistic'. Since they don't exist, then why should they conform to scientific fact? :D I also think that they crave living flesh more than dead flesh since it would take longer to rip off one of their buddy's hands and stick it in a microwave. Also, since they just have basic motor functions and instincts, then I doubt lumbering over to a microwave to get something to eat is the first thing that will pop into their heads.
  10. Skul

    oddest place you've played Doom?

    At college during 'study' periods (I put apostrophes around the word study because nobody ever studied during those periods). I managed to complete all of Evilution and was thinking of going through Plutonia, but there wasn't enough of the year left, so it wasn't done. Ah, well...
  11. Skul

    why doom?

    The part that used to scare me the most when I was younger was the strobe light room in E1M5. I always had to use the lite-amp goggles cheat! :D I hardly ever cheat in games, now. Kinda takes away the fun. The only time I'll cheat is if I just want to mess around or if I'm testing a certain part of a level I made.
  12. Skul

    why doom?

    The reason I love Doom is because it's the first game that got me hooked on First-Person Shooters. Also, it's the only game that I can build levels for easily. I've tried 3D mapping, but I can't get any good results. The 3D programs usually crash or can't find textures, anyway. Another reason is because it had the best demo I have ever owned! A full episode! Awesome! :D Doom is the grandaddy of all FPSs!
  13. Skul


    Ox, you got those switches working, yet?
  14. Skul

    Dehacked questions

    Craving for the old skool style of Wolf3D, where you appear to glide around the level? :D
  15. Skul

    Guess that map

    I guess it all comes down to who can open an editor and find the maps the fastest, eh? :P