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  1. Not Jabba

    Heretic: The Way Raven Did?

    Heretic is a neat game from a mapping perspective, but "the Way Raven Did" is probably the last thing I'd want to do with it. "How id Would Have Done" might be more interesting, as Romero, Petersen, and McGee probably would have done much more interesting things with the game's features. But to somewhat expand on what magicsofa said, Doom has been a much-loved game with a huge volume of mapping, which has evolved down many different paths. It's a game whose modding community has explored seemingly infinite possibilities, yet keeps finding new ways to make the game awesome. This also means that returning to classic ideas can be a useful way of re-grounding from time to time for many mappers. With Heretic, there have been few releases, and there's been relatively little exploration of what the game can do. I don't think that treading the same ground as the IWAD is going to offer much or be the best use of the community's time, particularly since most of the original level design isn't that good. Hell, even now, decades later, you can release a Heretic map and still have people tell you you're doing it wrong because you didn't put the keys in the "right" order or follow every other rule in that one very specific ideology of what the game originally looked like. Like, come on. You've got to live a little.
  2. Not Jabba

    More Memorable Maps

    I've often thought about how much harder it would be to declare the "most memorable maps" going forward from the 25th anniversary, especially if you tried to sum up the next 25 years in just a hundred maps again. A lot more stuff is getting released now than in the early days, and more people have the skills to make a large number of memorable maps in any given project or year or mapping career. There are very few "obvious" picks anymore, because it's hard to stand head and shoulders above your competitors when they're all eight feet tall. But it's still fun to think about. For my own opinions, I've already done most of the leg work for this, made the tough cuts and kept track of which maps were my favorite each year. "Most memorable" is a bit different from "personal favorite" (and that was the case when creating the Top 100 Memorable Maps as well), but has some overlap, and generally I'd expect the picks to be drawn evenly from my top 10 for each year, with 6-7 maps per year. If memory serves, most award winners from 2018 were considered for the Top 100 (and five maps from that year were selected: two from Adventures of Square, one from GS2, one from Struggle, and one from Maskim Xul), but a few were too late to give fair consideration, and I specifically remember disregarding a Rekkr map that I felt was a strong contender because of the release date. So, I think my twenty would be: One from 2018: Mistory (Rekkr E2M7) Six from 2019: Mechanical Embrace by Ribbiks (FCFF map 07) Remnant by Aurelius Transcendence by Xaser (Eviternity map 26) Verdant Citadel by exl Cryonology by AtroNx (Eviternity map 15) Ending by Jaska (Lost Civilization map 20) Seven from 2020: Mutabor by tourniquet Ar Luminae by Aurelius and Kaito Sheer Poison by Scypek2 (Three Is a Crowd map 29) Acheron's Needle by Xaser and Marcaek (Syringe map 06) Bastion of Chaos by Bridgeburner Felstoy Abbey by Razumen (Realms of Cronos) Gehenna by bemused (Abandon map 13) Seven from 2021: A Kiss from Gaia (to Gently Cradle) by Emma Essex (Time Tripper map 07) Infraworld: Coma Moonlight by Stormcatcher Lullaby by danlex Subway Sandwich by skillsaw (Heartland map 01) Unhallowed by CyanoBlugron Ventose by Roofi Voile, the Magic Library by Tarnsman (TPH E1M9) Don't count that too carefully. There are favorites of mine that are definitely missing from there, especially Anagnorisis. Regardless of how much I love it, there are a lot of competitors for huge epic sandbox maps, and the two shorter Eviternity maps stand out as more distinctive. In terms of sheer memorability, I would say (without much hesitation) that Ar Luminae is the #1 map released since the 25th anniversary, with Lullaby, Ending, Subway Sandwich, and Cryonology making up the rest of the top five.
  3. Not Jabba

    Saltwater: A single-map Boom WAD

    I removed the links from the OP because my antivirus was telling me it was attempting to infect me every time I even opened the thread. If the OP comes back, they're welcome to re-add non-infected links to the map. In the meantime, just use EffinghamHuffnagel's upload.
  4. Hey all, here's a quick update to beta 7a. This update just has one change, which is to sort out some issues with the Wand Start options. It fixes the Bag of Holding bug, which I was finally able to replicate (sorry @Zaratul, you were right), and properly ensures that you can't carry over any inventory items when using Wand Start or Crossbow Start.
  5. In the vanilla/Boom-compatible version, the flats should be separate from the textures, so you can simply open the file in Slade and go through the list. If they're all mixed together in the PK3 version, it's because they can all be used as either flats or textures, in which case all bets are off anyway.
  6. Not Jabba

    AI Generated Title Screens

    Lol, I love it A linguica is a portuguese sausage, so it managed to take that one pretty literally. No idea what it thought it was doing with Xaser though.
  7. Awesome! Just bought D64 and excited to finally play this.
  8. Take it from an editor of the English language -- nobody knows English, lol. It's not so much a language one can know as a strange dream one can try to make the most of.
  9. This is minor and probably not worth bothering with unless there are also real bugs, but while I'm using my experience as a copyeditor on your story texts, the last one should use the word "populace" (noun, a population of people) rather than "populous" (adjective, having many people).
  10. Not Jabba

    Doom Maps That Take the Form of an Epic Journey

    007: License to Spell Doom
  11. So max of 30 points total for 3-5 wads? Faithless Trilogy: 9 Sold Soul: 9 Curse of D'Sparil: 4 Icebound: 4 Shadows of Cronos: 4
  12. In that same image, note also: "his his old life"
  13. Happy Halloween! The Wayfarer's Tome is now updated to beta 7! (aka the "why do DECALDEF and GLDEFS exist solely to make my life miserable?" edition :P) I had intended to release a patch for Faithless Trilogy with this beta, but unfortunately I've hit some snags with ZScripts in E3. Jimmy and I think the problem will most likely be resolved when the Decorate in Wayfarer's Tome is converted to ZScript, which will be...er, Soon (TM). Yeah, that's it. Soon! Sorry about the delay -- I was really hoping to get it done, because E1 and E2 played great. In the meantime, beta 7 fixes a few bugs and completes all planned balance tweaks for the mod. Changes in this beta: -Fixed GLDEFs for the renamed Lightbringer projectiles. -Fixed GLDEFs and DECALDEF as needed for all included patches. The patches for UnBeliever, Quest for the Crystal Skulls, and Sold Soul have been updated. -The Undead Warrior's attack has been de-hardcoded. The purpose of this is to add a custom damage type to the melee attack, which means that players with the Shadowsphere are now immune to it. -The Torch lasts for 45 seconds instead of 120 seconds. The patch for UnBeliever reverts this change, because it has a map where the full 120 seconds is necessary. -All the random red and orange pixels in the Ophidian's tail have been cleaned up across all frames of animation that had them (replaced with appropriate shades of brown). Where relevant, Minor Spritefix Project sprites were used. -Player sprites changed to Doom graphics format instead of .png for compatibility with custom palettes.
  14. Looks/sounds awesome, can't wait to play!
  15. Not Jabba

    Oday's Sprites

    Merged the two threads. If you want to release multiple individual resources like this, it's a lot more convenient for other forum members if you keep it all consolidated in one thread.