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  1. Thanks for letting me (and other readers) know. I think I'm going to edit the list and sync up with you all on that point, because otherwise it would create a discrepancy in a future year as well. I had really wanted my top Silver pick to get Gold anyway -- it only lost the spot at the last minute when KDiKDiZD was released.
  2. 2022 Post-Mortem and Cacoward Picks 2022 gave us a wealth of awesome Doom releases, just like every other year, though thankfully it was a lot less intense and stressful for those of us trying to keep up with new releases than 2021 was. I was away from the game for most of the first half of this Cacoward year due to health problems and surgery to fix them, but I've gradually gotten back to more-or-less normal, and it's been good to catch up on this year's releases along with a few things from last year's Cacowards that I missed. I promised myself to take it easy and only play the things I really wanted to play this year, rather than be sucked down a rabbit-hole of playing everything I come across, and I've...er, somewhat mostly succeeded at that. Even so, it looks like I played 63 Doom wads this year, which hopefully is nothing to sniff at. I'm also sorry that I've written virtually nothing this year, but there was a lot of life to catch up on. Because we're the most active fan level design community in existence and we're engaging in constant discourse about what we're doing right and wrong and what we have a lot of and what we're missing, every year ends up with its own unique areas of high representation. In other words, for the past couple of years people kept saying they want more of X, so this year we get more of X. This year, I've noticed three strong trends that are all exciting to me. First, there's been a ton of more laid-back releases among my top 24, ranging from genuinely casual to moderately tough but with calmer pacing in between combat peaks. The average difficulty of high-quality wads is lower, or the average quality of easy wads is higher, than in other recent years—however you want to look at it. Second, there's been a huge number of projects focusing entirely on short to medium-length maps, which has been a long time coming. Finally, for whatever reason, there's been a proliferation of great city maps this year, in everything from DTYBotC and Relyctum and Anomaly Report to more fanciful, fantastic versions in Endquest and Ozonia, and even in more surprising places like Jumpwad and Irkalla's remake of "Unholy Cathedral." If I were to make a list of my favorite maps from this year, I think the majority would be city maps. I mean, seriously, look at all this: (Pictured: Don't Turn Your Back on the City, Jumpwad, Relyctum, Irkalla; Endquest, Ozonia, Hydrosphere, Anomaly Report; PRCP2, Nostalgia, Oripathy, Devilution) The trends of chiller and shorter maps feel like a breath of fresh air coming after 2019-2021, which, although diverse, tended toward big projects that require a lot of energy to play. I like to think that in the coming years, the pendulum will even out slightly and we'll hit more of an optimal equilibrium of chill vs. challenging and short vs. long than we've had in a while. But even so, it's pretty clear that 2022 Doomers haven't forgotten that hard maps or huge adventure odysseys are still a lot of fun. That's one of the great things about this modding community: the temporary mapping trends tend to bring something to the table that we all knew we needed, but we never really lose out on diversity. There's always plenty of stuff to play. And if you still don't have enough of something, go make it, so I can talk about how your project is another breath of fresh air in a few years! So, award picks. Just to be clear, the following are personal picks and not affiliated with the Cacowards or based on insider information. Between team turnover and my personal biases, I have roughly zero confidence that my list will line up with the official awards—but here's hoping. I definitely can't say with any certainty that the award team and I will align on what is eligible. These are my picks as of November 15, the most common cutoff date, but they may have gone later or even earlier. More to the point, there's a growing trend among Doom mappers to do partial releases of projects and keep adding pieces on until the project is done (or "maybe done but maybe not," in some cases), which blurs the lines quite a bit on what is to be considered award-eligible and how many times it is up for awards. It's a huge pain in the ass from an award judging perspective, but it's useful for mappers and players for a variety of reasons, so I imagine it will continue to be very common. I also don't know whether the award team has gone back to the 10/10 award format or stuck with 12/12. Since I don't know what is getting official awards, I'm just going to @ all of you. Hope that's ok! Gold: (Top three are favorites, otherwise unranked) 1. Don't Turn Your Back on the City by @Trashbang 2. Jumpwad by @Ribbiks and @Grain of Salt 3. Knee-Deep in KDIZD by @esselfortium et al. 4. Infested E2 by @ginc 5. Caffeine Injection by @Misty 6. Anomaly Report by @valkiriforce 7. Overboard by @mouldy 8. Elementalism Phase 1 by @Bauul et al. 9. Ozonia by @Deadwing 10. Intergalactic Xenology Trilogy by @Dreadopp and @Lord_Z 11. Infection by @exl 12. 2022: A Doom Odyssey by @pcorf, @Kristian Nebula, @Chris Hansen, and Richie Skarj Gay Silver: (Unranked) 1. Sally by @baja blast rd. 2. Hydrosphere by @Bri 3. Pagodia[1] by @Egg Boy et al./Team Squonker 4. Occula by @bemused and @tourniquet 5. Atolladero by @Soulless 6. Relyctum by @BeeWen 7. Endquest by @Egregor, @DeathevokatioN, and Vordakk 8. Corrupted Cistern by @Lutz 9. Nensha by @RonnieJamesDiner 10. Irkalla by @Phobus, Vordakk, @SuperCupcakeTactics, and @Peerdolius 11. Oripathy by @Origamyde 12. Heaven Stroll by @Roofi Dootaward: Elementalism and Knee-Deep in KDiZD Creator of the Year: Amuscaria or Deadwing Honor Roll: (Top two are favorites, otherwise unranked) Deep Space Thruster What Remains[1] CountryCide DBK Holiday Special Divergence Emerald City Gloombase One Rabbit Open Slay Nostalgia Plutonia Revisited Community Project 2 Tomb of the Old Lords Wormwood IV Some stuff that looks good but I haven’t played it: Squenched Avocausage (seems to still be WIP, but no clear target for completion), Malignant (seems to be a partial release), Not Even Remotely Fair (partial release of a larger project), Bellatrix (partial release of a larger project), Malevolence (partial release of a larger project), Midnight Isle (definitely WIP), Reelism 2, Solar Struggle, Disorder, 10x10 Project Other stuff I played (These are generally also good): [1] Pagodia and What Remains are pretty much interchangeable.
  3. Ok, well, let it not be said that I didn't try. :waves fingers magically in the air: You are feeling a strong urge to give Knee-Deep in KDiZD a Cacoward...You are feeling a veeerrry strong urge to give Knee-Deep in KDiZD a Cacowaaardddd...
  4. Not Jabba

    Getting rid of A_QueueCorpse in hexen monsters

    Try this: ACTOR FireDemonSplotch1B : FireDemonSplotch1 replaces FireDemonSplotch1 { { Spawn: FDMN P 3 FDMN P 6 FDMN Y -1 Stop } } You don't need any of the rest of the code from the original actor, because you're inheriting. In that first line of code (the one that starts with ACTOR), it has three parts. The first part is just "here is a new actor with the name FireDemonSplotch1B." The second part is "this actor inherits from FireDemonSplotch1, which means it is exactly the same except for whatever I specify below." The third part is "this actor replaces FireDemonSplotch1 in the game any time it appears." It looks like that was your main problem -- you created the new actor, but you hadn't given it a way to appear in the game. (P.S. What you're doing right now is very simple, but if you plan to continue coding Doom actors and develop a full-scale mod, you'll probably want to learn ZScript rather than Decorate as soon as possible; it's a lot more flexible and better supported, though unfortunately not as accessibly documented.)
  5. Yeah, using the zip seems to work. Sorry about that.
  6. Huh. I'm in EE, but I guess I'm loading multiple wads wrong? When I load stuff in GZDoom, I can just line them up on my desktop in the order I want them to load and drag them over the source port .exe and it works; in this case, my intended order was A, then B, then the deh file.
  7. Your gift would be cherished, but please keep in mind that I have no control over what gets awards currently.
  8. Looks like something's still going on. I got the version after the fix (and then dled it a second time just to confirm), and it looks like there is a red key in Z1M1 where the yellow key is supposed to be. It looks like it's a dehacked error, not thing placement, since there's a yellow key there in UDB.
  9. It's true that a handful of wads have exponentially more staying power -- it's remarkable that KDiKDiZD has been on the front page for days, and that 2022ADO has been on and off the front page for a couple months -- but the mappers who created those wads have been active since 2007 and 1998, respectively. So maybe it isn't that remarkable? Looking at Wads & Mods right now, there are three mega-popular releases on the front page, one of which has existed since 2009 and was last screenshot-updated two weeks ago, but is currently active due to a tangential conversation. I'm not sure if everyone's doing the math here. Your wads aren't being bumped 30+ slots in a day because of those top few wads. They're being bumped 30+ slots in a day because there are 30+ other mappers and modders posting their work at around the same time, all of whom would like to be noticed, just like you. Of course they do! That's totally fair. And next week there will be 30+ more. It's tough, but it helps to look at it realistically. Maybe one of the best things you can do is take a look for other people who are struggling to be noticed, give a bunch of them helpful feedback or props for their work, and see if they return the favor to you when they see that you've posted something (often, they will). Here's a question I have: If you're here posting one of your first maps, do you think you should be as well-known, popular, or highly regarded as someone who's been mapping since 2007 or 1998? Do you think you are as good at this as they are? Honest questions. But sometimes it's just tough. Immorpher's advice above is excellent, but for the cases where something does slip through the cracks for no reason (e.g., Reelism 2, which has a 3-post thread on Doomworld), it's possible that it will thrive better somewhere else (e.g., Reelism 2, which has a 32-page thread on ZDoom Forums). There are lots of ways to be noticed. There are lots of Doom-related Discord servers that accept screenshot hype. Or you could get completely ignored on release and then get an award and be enshrined forever (e.g., Old Still Life last year, or Gods & Guardians the year before that). If none of the above works, it's actually legitimately possible that you are relatively new to mapping and need more experience, or aren't making something that many people are necessarily interested in and may want to improve how you're presenting it, or are making a style of map that 300 other people are also making per year and can't compete with those who are established because you're not doing it as well as they are. As someone who plays a ton of Doom wads every year, both popular and unpopular, I can tell you that in a large majority of cases, the popular stuff is more popular for good reasons. It's not just about being known already; it's about being known already because you already made stuff that people really liked. Most people who are new-ish still need more time to flourish.
  10. Not Jabba

    Jumpwad (7 platforming maps by Ribbiks and me! :D)

    Wow, that one's really neat. I figured out so many cool complex things in this mapset but ended up still missing a few, unsurprisingly--including that one. It feels like there's always more to discover. I think my favorite thing in Jumpwad was managing to collect nearly everything in map 02 the hard way, and then realizing that I could jump to literally anywhere in the whole city from the exit tower.
  11. Not Jabba

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    I don't know what's more intriguing, the fact that you've returned with a mysterious new project or the fact that you're working on it as part of a mysterious team.
  12. Not Jabba

    Post your Heretic/Hexen textures and decorations!

    Ha, that's a neat idea! I'm planning to just use them the same way as the classic wave mosaic -- as decorative wall textures -- but with more types of mosaics, it gives a lot of opportunities for different themes or mixing. A wizard's observatory could have different starry mosaics, a garden could use the hill and forest mosaics, a fire temple can use the volcano plus Cage's flame mosaics, etc.
  13. That's an interesting thought, but I don't know anything about MBF21 or DeHacked myself. It's probably not something I will worry about, since all my maps are GZ-based, but anyone has my blessing to do an MBF spinoff/conversion if they want.
  14. Not Jabba

    Post your Heretic/Hexen textures and decorations!

    It'll be a shame to see less output from you, but I wanted to just take a moment to applaud you for all of this. Good on you for having healthy priorities! Creating Heretic mosaics is awesome -- basically, each "tile" is made of sixteen pixels with five shades of the same color and is always constructed pretty much the same way. So it's like making an image out of individual pixels, except your pixel "block" is 4x bigger on both dimensions, which makes it really easy to visualize the image as a simple set of building blocks. You can make just about anything without much stress, except that it becomes impossible to do really fine details unless the mosaic is very large. Working with larger, more discrete units to create an abstract/artistic image gave me a better appreciation of the Heretic palette as well, since it gave me the freedom to use all of the colors and figure out how to blend the different ramps more believably. Below are shots with most of the mosaics I've made. I want to keep the actual textures under wraps until I release the project they're made for, but this should give you an idea of how versatile it is to work with them.
  15. I would second Unloved, as well as Maskim Xul.