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  1. Not Jabba

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Totally unkillable? I liked the way you handled it in Copper Exuviae, where you eventually could hunt down enough ammo to kill it if you tried really hard.
  2. Not Jabba

    Totally underrated (Claustrophobia 1024)

    They are both good megawads, and I agree that both of them are even better than the original Congestion 1024 and they're well worth recommending to people. I couldn't tell you why they missed Cacowards when they were first made, as that was a long time ago (probably the same reason anything else is snubbed -- they were good but other stuff was better). They did come up in brainstorming for the Top 25 Missed Cacowards, but were a relatively low priority. There's a ton of fun stuff that hasn't made the awards over the years, but you can't always cover everything, and Claustrophobia wasn't as much of a landmark release as Congestion, since it was copying something that had already been done. I'm always happy to see stuff like this getting a signal boost, though.
  3. Not Jabba

    It's in C Minor Too?

    A more general answer to the question (if you want to extract any midis that aren't by Ribbiks) is to open the wad using Slade 3, and then find the music files and export them.
  4. Not Jabba

    Post your Heretic/Hexen textures and decorations!

    More recolors of some useful stock/Baker's Legacy textures:
  5. Not Jabba

    How would you rework partial invisibility?

    Being able to treat it as a "budget invulnerability" is super useful from a mapper's perspective too, as the arti makes players immune to the most basic horde enemy plus a miniboss that affects the player's behavior in complex ways. This creates interesting strategic possibilities when you're setting up or responding to fights throughout a map that has a Shadowsphere placed on it, and it is great to have as an option because Heretic's actual invuln, as an inventoried item, is so incredibly powerful that it's difficult to accommodate it. It's just a shame that most players won't know what the strategic possibilities of the Shadowsphere actually are.
  6. Not Jabba

    How would you rework partial invisibility?

    The Shadowsphere is definitely a more interesting version of the powerup; the stealth ability opens up interesting possibilities, and the fact that it keeps the Iron Lich tornado from tracking you is the most useful thing about it, so having it stop Revenant tracking would be a good add-on to the Doom item. It's a shame that the Shadowsphere is so random/unintuitive in terms of what it defends the player from, and I've never found any sensible way to resolve that problem. The thing I really wanted to change about it is to make the ghosted player immune to melee attacks, but this doesn't seem to be possible (unless it can be done in ZScript).
  7. Not Jabba

    Serpent Riders - How many Chaos Spheres were there?

    Logic aside, I think "you beat the second game in the series and won the only Chaos Sphere and did nothing with it and then Eidolon is implied to kill you offscreen and take it but there's no indication of how this happens" is simply an unsatisfying take on the series lore. It's a lot less interesting, and requires a lot more mental gymnastics, than having there be three Chaos Spheres. If there is only one, I also find it odd that the second most powerful Serpent Rider is initially given possession of the artifact instead of Eidolon, or that Eidolon would not have been able to overtake the player and guard the sphere in the event that it was in some kind of "shared" pocket plane. Additionally, if the player had the only Chaos Sphere, and the Serpent Riders derive the largest portion of there power from possession of the sphere, then it doesn't seem like Eidolon should be considered to still be more powerful than the player, as the ending of Hexen indicates. Nothing about the single-sphere interpretation makes much sense to me.
  8. Not Jabba

    Serpent Riders - How many Chaos Spheres were there?

    Three makes the most sense to me. There's no particularly compelling explanation for why the Hexen hero would get the (lone) sphere and then Eidolon has it later, and there's certainly nothing definitive about it in the canon -- the Hexen 2 wiki claims there are three separate ones, iirc, but this is probably an assumption, because it's not in the Hexen 2 manual. Corvus gets kind of tossed around between dimensions in Heretic and particularly in the expansion episodes, and it's reasonable to conclude that he simply missed it (with the real-world explanation being that the devs just hadn't thought of that part of the lore yet).
  9. Not Jabba

    any new megawad in the vein of alien vendetta?

    You're in luck -- I think you'd have a much harder time finding a modern megawad that isn't inspired by AV. One that hasn't been mentioned yet is Hellbound, though I would echo that Speed of Doom and Resurgence are probably the closest to AV of everything that's been mentioned. Perhaps Scythe 2 as well.
  10. Not Jabba

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    In addition to The Alfonzone, you could try Fall of Society, a shorter set that has some cool ZDoomy city maps in a similar vein as Alfonzone. The shot skillsaw posted reminds me a lot of a construction zone in the last map, in fact.
  11. Absolutely. I think we all get a little tired of people coming in here and demonstrating that they're way more interested in complaining and slinging shit at people than engaging in a discussion or learning more about the game, especially when the same person maintains that same negative attitude consistently. I've seen a lot of good discussion happen on this board over the years, but it only takes one person to screw it up, and when that person is the OP, there is little room for a real discussion to even begin. (ETA: But insofar as you're referring to skill-shaming "git gud" posts specifically, then I agree with you. They are very much the counterpart to "I can't beat it so it must be unfair," and I get tired of them pretty fast.)
  12. Some thoughts on the topic: Speeding up projectiles is definitely not the *most* interesting way of making monsters challenging to fight. More complex attack patterns, unusual behaviors, homing and weaving abilities on the projectile itself, increased aggression -- these are all generally more dynamic, imo. However, I doubt skillsaw or anyone else in question considered the increased projectile speed to be the most interesting thing they were doing. The mapsets relevant to this discussion all have completely new monsters in addition to the tweaks to the existing ones, and the projectile speed increase on a couple of monsters is just one small piece of a much larger reimagining or shifting of the game's balance. I also think that slow monsters can often be more interesting than fast ones (or maybe it's more accurate to say that varied speeds are more interesting), which is lesson that surprised me from my own experiences with trying to set up combat. Monsters that move slowly are difficult to herd, and projectiles that move slowly aren't simply sidestepped and forgotten, as they remain on the field longer. At the same time, this doesn't negate the usefulness of fast projectiles, and it certainly doesn't mean that adding speed to an existing monster's projectiles is a failure to see the bigger picture. In Struggle, the entire game is amped up across player weapons and monsters alike, and the proj speeds are a useful piece of that. Valiant is somewhat similar, but I think it's mostly about having each individual piece of the monster roster be threatening so that the player is never able to be complacent -- and of course it does encourage aggressive play, particularly when it goes hand in hand with generous resources for the player. In Exomoon (the Arachnorb essentially being a modified Cacodemon), it contributes to the brawliness of the gameplay, as the Arachnorb hits harder and faster but also goes down more quickly compared to the relatively slow, spongy, and non-threatening Cacodemon. In Avactor, it differentiates the Cacodemon from the Imp more, and also works well as a response to the generally larger spaces in the mapset. In Umbra of Fate, it helps to differentiate the threat levels of the Hell Knight and Baron. It seems to me that all of these mappers knew what they were doing.
  13. Not Jabba

    Chainworm Kommando 2 [Demo released / canceled]

    I played Chainworm Kommando recently and had a lot of fun with it (and I loved the over-the-top Doomcute sector objects all over the place), so I just wanted to throw in some more support and appreciation here. Looking forward to whatever you're working on next!
  14. I've been trying to come up with a response to the OP that isn't snarky. So I'm just going to level with you. I think you mostly have no idea what you're talking about, and the community's best mappers know more about Doom and its gameplay than you do. You're just some rando who makes a lot of negative forum posts.
  15. Hey everyone! The Iron Forge is now on /idgames! This is the same as RC2, except apparently there were some duplicated iwad textures in the resources that we were using and we deleted them.