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  1. Anything that blue is worth finishing, imo.
  2. Kind of amused by the contrast between this and Strafe. Purely from watching videos, it looks like Strafe has engaging combat but feels nothing like the '90s FPS it claims to be, whereas Dusk is everything like a '90s FPS but the combat looks terribly boring. I wish somebody would just get all of it right.
  3. I genuinely admire @bzzrak's ability to have fun with just about anything.
  4. This is a nice little map -- simple and not very dangerous, with all the attacks still largely coming from the front, but it's a good start, and I see you've incorporated stuff I suggested for the early beta to make some of the fights more interesting. I think those areas are really improved. The one place where I got damaged pretty bad was the second Iron Lich, because it stacked up like 3 tornadoes and I had basically nowhere to run from them, so got hit by all at once. Take that as you will, but I feel like all those crates and cramped pathways in that room make it very difficult to deal with an enemy like the Lich, and not necessarily in a fun way. One possible suggestion would be to give more space to fight the Lich, but also have some enemies that teleport in behind to block the way back through the crates and add more pressure. The room with the crates was a little weak overall, actually, because there were a lot of enemies but all in front, and they all got funneled down one path by the crates, so it was really easy to just hold my ground and take them all out as they tried to reach me. The room you teleport into before the yellow key is still the best battle, and the Maulotaur arena was a pretty good setup too. I noticed when you raise the stairs up to the blue key door, they rise veeery slowly. I would suggest making it faster and not making the player wait so long. Anyway, thanks for making it! Always nice to play new Heretic maps.
  5. Probably easier to time a crusher to kill the voodoo doll.
  6. A really powerful remix, yeah. I also love the looser remix of the same song (also by Eris) that's used as the intermission track in Revilution (too bad most people will only hear the first five seconds of it, because it's pretty phenomenal). Eris is probably the best midi remixer I've ever heard -- he manages to take the essential character of any given song and magnify it into something that hits way harder than the original but is still totally recognizable.
  7. My folder of "things to look at to learn how to make maps look good" folder contains the following: Ancient Aliens Brigandine Community Chest 4 Return to Hadron E2 Hellbound Hymn Icebound Jade Earth Japanese Community Project Counterattack Mutiny Nova 2 No Rest for the Living (more for layouts rather than detail) Resurgence Realm of Parthoris Stardate 20X7 Speed of Doom Sunder Swim With the Whales THT: Threnody Water Spirit Whispers of Satan Obviously there are plenty more, but that's a good start.
  8. You must mean Stardate 20X6 and/or its sequel, Stardate 20X7, though they're both more like 6-9 maps. If you haven't played both, they're highly recommended.
  9. True. Have you played Object 34 by Lainos?
  10. You can reclaim it as many times as you want, and usually if it expires, other reviewers will leave it alone for a bit so that the original person can reclaim it. Gaspe and I used to occasionally have larger wads claimed for weeks at a time -- you can't expect to have a 36-map megawad like NEIS finished and reviewed in three days, after all.
  11. It's tough to say, since my favorite maps are always my favorite because they're so unique (any Kassman map, Jenesis map 15, JPCP map 29, etc). So if there were lots more maps with any one of those themes, it might dilute part of what makes them so great. But I'd still love to see any of the original authors of those one-off maps take that same theme and run with it to make a small mapset that explores the theme in greater detail. Water Spirit is a nice example of how that could be done.
  12. Just realized I hadn't posted these here yet. Made them for The Wayfarer.
  13. New developments in the BTSX series are always exciting to see. I hope you don't think we've all lost interest -- most of us have just learned by now to stop pestering you constantly to find out what's going on.
  14. It took me a really long time to find any inspiration to make Doom-engine maps, and I was happy just being a player even though I modded for another game in the past. I felt like basically everything had already been done many times, and even though I still like playing the new Doom mapsets that come out, and many of them still offer interesting new ideas, I didn't feel like I had anything I wanted to add. But playing a couple of Heretic releases last year made me feel like there was potential there for something fresh. So then all the sudden I had goals: turn Heretic into a game that I really found engaging to play and make maps for, and give it a new identity that was separate from Doom's. I think Doom's core identity comes from the juxtaposition between Hell's surreal, mostly organic alternate reality and the concrete reality of the techbases (especially when they bleed together), and the constant display of horror and gore. For Heretic, I want to switch out the surrealism and try to find a sense of wonder that goes hand in hand with the realism of the architecture/landscapes, since it's a world where magic has always existed instead of suddenly being this crazy new thing that's splattered against the old reality, and I want to create a sense of a world where everything is desolate, melancholy, and long-dead rather than still covered in recent bodies and bleeding out the walls.
  15. Huge props to everyone who is doing reviews -- it looks like things are hopefully starting to pick up again. I'm spending a lot of time on mapping and some other stuff has come up, but I'm hoping to help with clearing away some of the My First Wad type stuff when I'm back from summer travel in a week or so.