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  1. Not Jabba

    Post your Heretic/Hexen textures and decorations!

    I did an edit of this Blasphemer texture because the original is 100 pixels high, which makes it a bit awkward to use when mapping. The new version is 96 high. Before and after: A set of textures from Blasphemer, in the Heretic palette and with the edit described above: And here's my full set in the spoiler (very large dump):
  2. Hey, excited to check this out! Not sure when I'll be able to get to a full playthrough, but I poked around a bit and came away with a couple quick suggestions/bug reports. You all have probably noticed the funny colormapping on some of the textures with gold metal materials. Lemme pull up the Heretic palette real quick and show you why that happens. You can see there are three ramps on that palette where yellow appears. There's the yellows that fade down into dark bronze (111-136), the pure yellows (137-144) that eventually fade into the bronzes as well, and then the few down at the bottom that will fade into orange and then red. When those fiery yellows get mixed in with other types (which most likely happens if a truecolor image gets converted to Heretic palette), you get the weird effects in dim light. This is pretty easily fixable, and I'm going to toss you some already-fixed versions of some textures from my own resources. It's possible there are other textures in your pack that have the issue, these are just the ones I already know about. It probably isn't going to happen with the newer textures from folks like Hambourgeois, but it was present in older textures from BakLeg and MedTex. I also happened to notice that a bunch of the leafy midtextures around the outer edges of E3M8 are floating -- they either need to be upper unpegged or they got offset somehow.
  3. Not Jabba

    Creating an infighting exception (like the Arch-Vile)

    Just to explicitly sum up what other people have touched on, you can independently toggle whether a monster will attack other monsters as part of infighting (+NOTARGET) and whether other monsters will attack it as part of infighting (+NOINFIGHTING). So in other words, you can have a few different behaviors: A monster that has +NOTARGET but doesn't have +NOINFIGHTING will behave like the Arch-Vile or Maulotaur -- it will retaliate against any monster that hits it accidentally, but they won't fight back. A monster that has +NOINFIGHTING but doesn't have +NOTARGET will do the opposite (monsters will retaliate against it, but it won't fight back). I've never seen this done and don't think any stock monster behaves this way in any iwad, but you could use it to create a very lowly or timid minion monster, for instance. A monster with both flags will not participate in infighting at all. A monster with neither flag will behave like normal monsters. It's actually a pretty cool way to differentiate different monster "personalities" -- some are chaotic while others are relentless and focused, some are fearful of their overlords while others are feared by their minions.
  4. Not Jabba

    Looking for Halloween/Fall Themed Mods

    Pumpkin Hell by Jimmy
  5. Not Jabba

    Thinking Through Encounters

    This makes me wonder if there's a combat/gameplay style that could be based entirely on Doomguy's walking speed, with running disabled or disallowed -- or if you were working with GZDoom and you could alter the player's running speed to like 70% or 80% or whatever specific number and design a fluid, graceful combat style around that.
  6. Not Jabba

    Post your Heretic/Hexen textures and decorations!

    Here's another set. The first gray one is directly from Baker's Legacy, the rest are my recolors and rotations. I've posted a couple of these earlier in the thread, but whatever -- here's the whole set.
  7. Not Jabba

    Un Songe of a Midsommar Nacht

    The complete release of Oripathy 1 can be downloaded here. It's good fun!
  8. Not Jabba

    Best uses of difficulty selection?

    Serpent's Wake has completely separate monster/item placement for each of the three main difficulty settings, and sometimes layout changes as well. It's not really designed as easy/medium/hard, it's just three separate games set on the same set of maps.
  9. Not Jabba

    Insanity Edged - Released

    Finally made it to
  10. Not Jabba

    Post your Heretic/Hexen textures and decorations!

    BRICB* textures from Stalungcraeft (unmodified): My edits of the above. I did a fair amount of work to make these look cleaner. And additional variants/recolors:
  11. Not Jabba

    Post your Heretic/Hexen textures and decorations!

    I've compiled a lot of Heretic-compatible textures over the years, but it's only in the editor that you can really sort out which ones are the most useful for putting together architectural structures. I've found that I'm doing pretty well with wood, metal, and decorative textures, but when I work with stone (which is the most common material, at least for me), I struggle with the fact that the available resources seem to just be 80 million different brick walls that are all in gray, tan, and jade green. I've been working on sorting out the most useful stone textures (particularly the ones that work as vertical/horizontal strips) and doing color variants of them within the Heretic palette so I have a better general library. I'll share these as I edit and compile them. Ok, sure, maybe I'll put everything in a zip when I'm done. A set of textures from Avactor, in the Heretic palette: And my recolors: Color combinations (lots in spoiler).
  12. Not Jabba

    Insanity Edged - Released

    This isn't working for me.
  13. Not Jabba

    Best map pack(s) since Eviternity?

    And Hedon. Besides being a great game, that one was really important for the "boomer shooter" market (I think it actually coined the term) and for GZDoom as a game maker, even if it didn't make a lot of noise in the Doom community.
  14. Not Jabba

    Best map pack(s) since Eviternity?

    Agreed, and it's definitely a good thing. I'm more than happy to take dozens of extremely varied and high-quality releases like Jumpwad, Ashes, Magenta Spire, Coma Moonlight, Don't Turn Your Back on the City, Overboard, etc. over a couple of Eviternities per year. Despite it being a single map, I think whoever has mentioned MyHouse so far is right -- it's the most recent release to achieve the level of fame and recognition that Eviternity did. So maybe everyone's not just looking for megawads after all? For those who do miss the big megawad releases (and aren't as excited about TPH as I was), I think we only have to look forward to the future for the full releases of BTSX (next year?), Plutonia 3 (soon?), and Devilution (in 26 years), and to remember that a lot of the big ones are now going commercial or standalone -- I'm super excited about the likes of Supplice, Selaco, Qyaria, He Came From Beyond, Age of Hell, and two more upcoming Ashes games.
  15. Not Jabba

    Best map pack(s) since Eviternity?

    No, quite the opposite. There are so many things coming out that are as good as Eviternity that it would be incredibly hard for anything to stand out to that degree. And I think you're right that people tend to have a very specific definition of what they see as those ground-breaking releases, and it is generally a full megawad with some form of new asset base or artistic direction. Even that isn't a guarantee, though -- Tarnsman's Projectile Hell fits the mold almost perfectly, and I like it better than Eviternity, but its mannerisms and gameplay style are less immediately accessible (or less "charismatic," so to speak), and it'll have more of a cult following.