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  1. What keeps you from making Boom maps? People will make the kind of maps that they want to make. Nothing is really "keeping them" from making other kinds of maps except that it's not what they're interested in. There has been a strong recent resurgence in good G/ZDoom mapsets -- for instance, four Cacoward winners, at least two runner-ups, a bunch of great gameplay mods, and several other solid projects just in 2017. It's great to see this happening! A lot of us still really like Boom maps though.
  2. The Doom engine has its limits, and you'll never get a super complex RPG out of it, but there have been a couple of decent action RPGs. Try Serpent: Resurrection and Inquisitor 3 if you haven't already.
  3. It's for the whole TNT2 saga because it's really one single narrative, and it wouldn't make sense to write about the exact same thing again when Devilution is released -- just think of it as Devilution getting its half of the award in advance. If it had just been for Revilution, then Revilution could still have remained as a runner-up; many past Mordeth winners have been either runner-ups or in the top 10. Our understanding is that Mayhem 17 hasn't had any kind of conclusive release yet, even a public beta. I for one am looking forward to playing it when it's done.
  4. Based on the number of individual map threads you had going for awhile, you've probably already made a mapset. Just release the dang thing already! (and then make another one!)
  5. Yeah, more complete speedrunning coverage would be awesome, but it would be better off in its own venue than in the Cacowards -- it's too different from everything else that gets awarded, and none of us but dew have the expertise to say anything about it.
  6. The biggest issue with E2 specifically is that whereas E1 is based more on simple, fun gunplay, E2 tends to get bogged down in special mission tropes, all of which are more roughly implemented in the GZDoom engine than they would be in a modern game that's designed to accommodate them. One of the earliest and most frustrating examples was the escort mission where your ally is constantly riding right up behind you and getting in the way, making it very difficult to maneuver and take cover from enemy fire. We also encountered a fair number of odd issues that seemed like glaring oversights, such as swimming shark enemies that could leap onto land and chase you around, or the battle between Nazis and cultists in which neither side can take damage on UV, which iirc is due to some technicality of the way the difficulty settings are implemented. This is just feedback, of course. If you are making the game that you love and that you want to play, then you should do so whether it gets you one award or multiple awards or none at all. I know you're someone who's passionate about what you create, and I respect and admire that even when I'm not a huge fan of the creations themselves -- though for the record, I did completely agree with E1 getting a Cacoward. Also -- not that I would accuse you or anyone else of gaming the system, but just to clear the air a bit and get it on record -- I doubt that splitting a project into multiple releases is likely to have any significant effect on award outcomes. BTSX was a pretty straightforward case, because the two halves of it released so far were not only both full megawads, but were also quite distinct from each other -- not much different from how the last three Community Chests have all gotten awards by virtue of being completely different projects. Something like Return to Hadron E2 necessarily has a higher bar to clear because it's a continuation of a project that's already been awarded for being great in exactly the same way, and we can't help but look at the bigger picture when competition is so fierce that far more than 10 wads "deserve" to be in the top 10. The issue of whether BoA is eligible for more Cacowards or has already received its full due is still kind of nebulous, as I believe this is the first time that this exact issue has come up, but rest assured (as Terminus already pointed out) that E3 will be considered in whatever year it is released, and we'll simply have to re-tackle the issue when it comes up.
  7. I love Rise of the Wool-Ball to death, and the fact that it wasn't top 10 was my biggest personal sadness as a Caco writer, though I stand by all the selections. For what it's worth, we considered it to be top 10 for a long time and it came pretty close to nosing out Stardate, of all things, which should tell you everything you need to know about what a tough year this was. I don't think getting runner-up is really a loss this year (if it ever was). There was tons of absolutely stellar stuff.
  8. Thank you all for understanding, at least on some level, that all tastes are subjective and there's always going to be some slight variance in how an awards ceremony turns out. We are as sad as the rest of you about Moonblood, Simon's Destiny, Altitude, Templum Dormiens Dei, Oscillation, and the various other great wads that didn't quite make it. Cutting several dozen fun wads down to a reasonable number is hard, tragic work, but we hope you appreciate that the "reasonable number" was larger this year than it has ever been before. I don't want to harp on it too much, but I would like to take a moment to congratulate all the Cacoward winners who successfully anticipated two completely new judges and catered to our known tastes.
  9. Out of curiosity, how wide would speedrunners prefer for switches to be? Aren't most switch textures 32-wide?
  10. Not to mention that with the highest mentionation count being 14, the overall tally is hardly representative of the hundreds or thousands of people who have an opinion about Doom wads.
  11. Looks good, nice textures!
  12. Hey, I played M4. I killed everything, but there doesn't seem to be any way to exit the map? The final fight was very easy. A single Heresiarch is kind of a pushover, even more so with Heretic weaponry than it is in Hexen. You've got the right idea backing it up with other monsters, but I think the fight still feels a bit undercooked. Combined with the fact that there's way more than enough space to move around, the Heresiarch is down in that pit area and it can't get onto the high ground but the player can, and the fact that you get loaded up fully on all ammo, weapons, armor, and health before even entering the arena, all makes it very simple. I didn't use a single artifact and only lost about one flask's worth of health.
  13. I would agree that this map is very much in how you play it -- there is no need whatsoever to sit in the courtyard and try to snipe everything, and the multiple placements of every weapon really fit with the nonlinearity and complexity of the layout, making the gameplay more emergent rather than clinical. I think the layout is the best thing about the map. I have the same issues with some of the gameplay (the turreted hitscanners that are often difficult to see) as a lot of other people, but I'd back Lutz up on this being a "different strokes" kind of thing. I'm not sure you could remove the frustrations without sterilizing the map to some extent.
  14. I'm glad you're still working on it! It looks really cool.
  15. You can't really tell in this screenshot, but I'm going for a mix of water and ice throughout. The level is partially frozen but not entirely.