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  1. The Shadowsphere makes the tornadoes unable to track you, which effectively makes you immune to them. That's the main purpose of the item, imo. I've brainstormed ghost mechanics a bit and haven't come up with any way to solidly improve the Shadowsphere, but it does give you near immunity to two monsters, one a common horde monster and the other a miniboss that can totally mess up your combat abilities. Not too bad, really.
  2. Right, but that's just attaching the door action to a remote linedef, which of course you can do in Heretic as well. I thought the OP probably meant using a locked switch to do other things.
  3. Vanilla Heretic doesn't have the fast door actions introduced in Doom 2 (because its code is derived from Doom 1), but I believe none of the vanilla Doom engine games (except maybe Strife?) have locked switches. I'm having a hard time finding more specific information, but I think locked switches were made possible in Boom through the use of voodoo dolls, and in ZDoom formats through the use of scripting. In vanilla Heretic format you can use the voodoo dolls, and in ZDoom's Heretic in Hexen format you can use the scripting. The latter should also allow you to use fast doors, or at least something functionally identical. On a related note, vanilla Heretic may have fewer linedef actions than Doom 2, but it also has more sector types, including the scrolling/pushing floors that allow for a huge amount of Boom-like pseudo-scripting. Heretic's relative lack of textures does suck, though it isn't a problem unless you really want to use vanilla Heretic, which I would agree is not very viable for modding. Gameplay-wise, I think the biggest problems with Heretic are the weakness of many of the weapons and the fact that most of the monsters are very similar to each other. I've been working on a content expansion for Heretic (monsters, artifacts, etc.), as well as a moderate rebalance of the gameplay. Most of what I currently have done can be found in the latest beta of The Wayfarer, so if you want to check it out and let me know what you think, the feedback would be appreciated. Also, if you want to see a more extensive list of all the little things I think are wrong with Heretic, you can check out the list of stuff I've fixed, which is in the OP of that thread. @Xaser has a partial sound mod for Heretic floating around somewhere, which I've played around with and borrowed many fixes from (more recently than the beta in the thread linked above, unfortunately). The big takeaway I got from it is that Heretic's sounds are mostly fine, but there's a weird issue with the sound rolloff where all sounds start to become quiet immediately after leaving their source, rather than a few hundred in-game feet away from the source like they do in Doom. You'd be amazed how much better the game sounds just with the rolloff fix.
  4. Ludicrium
  5. I've noticed a bunch of these, and I'm not sure what it means (for instance, "Ceiling Move (8px)" in Hexen format takes the argument "Movement Amount (8px)"). What is this for? How is it different from a regular movement amount?
  6. "Token Refinery." I love it!
  7. "Heretic is just about brightly colored castles and caves," they said. "Heretic can't do everything Doom can do," they said. (The Wayfarer E1M5, "The Serpent Pens")
  8. And while you're at it, you should get rid of all the Imps. And the guns. They're way overused.
  9. I'm gonna bet you mean NDCP 2 map 29.
  10. Looks great to me. It looks like the player doesn't have a huge amount of free movement space, so the above area isn't going to be good for a pitched battle; however, it looks like a nice setup for turret enemies and flyers, with the player having to watch their step and not fall into the liquid (which I assume is painful).
  11. Pretty sure it's the map he's been posting screenshots of, just check back through the last several pages of the Post Your Pics thread and search for his user name.
  12. That's the one I was thinking of, thanks!
  13. Nice. I've seen cattails like that in one other wad, but I can't remember which one.
  14. For Doom 2, I have three folders: Good Stuff, Really Good Stuff, and Great Stuff. For Doom 1, Heretic, and Hexen, I just have Good Stuff and Really Good Stuff (not that there isn't any great stuff, it's just that I don't need as much organization due to having much fewer wads). For Strife, I just have a folder with four zips in it called "Strife Mods."
  15. There's a million things I haven't done...but just you wait.