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  1. Any Heretic/Hexen fans here?

    Yeah, that's a good one. There's also Masters of Chaos. I keep forgetting it was a runner-up for a Cacoward.
  2. Help on detailing my geometry

    I think it's best to find a middle ground between all right angles and "random" angles (in particular, random angles will give you a real headache when you try to add detailing later). You can make just about anything you want with a combination of 90- and 135-degree angles, plus some smoothing-out when you want a circular structure, or more random angles for cave sections and other natural formations. Example:
  3. Any Heretic/Hexen fans here?

    If you're looking for the best fan-made stuff for both games: Heretic Elf Gets Pissed Icebound Curse of D'Sparil Realm of Parthoris Hymn Templum Dormiens Dei History of Fruit (also there's this (tooting my own horn, sorry), which came out just a couple of days ago) Hexen Shadows of Cronos Curse of the Lost Gods
  4. In The Wayfarer, the Disciples drop a new artifact called the Sigil of Power, which is like a weaker variant of the Tome that doesn't throw off the balance of the game as much. For Iron Forge I wanted to just use vanilla monsters, artis, and weapons, so I removed the Disciple's Tome drop altogether.
  5. Not stuck per se, because you can go back through the crusher room. I can change that to be repeatable if you'd like easier access, though. It's probably cleaner than the way things work currently. I also thought the Tome would be a more useful thing to have for the final battle than a second Ring, but maybe that depends on playstyle? Perhaps it could change places with the non-secret Ring that's currently available, though then any players who don't get the yellow key will be in a much worse position. Or they could both be Rings, but a Tome would certainly be nice to have somewhere. I'll look over the various artifacts and consider some juggling.
  6. No, I added a way back -- iirc, that portion of the stairway raises again later, and then you can lower it as a lift from the eastern side.
  7. The Iron Forge is a single map for Heretic, created by Xaser (architecture/layout) and me (thing placement). It plays in the E2M1 slot and requires ZDoom/GZDoom. Enjoy the public beta, and let us know what you think! This map includes a variety of tweaks to Heretic's monsters and weapons to improve the pacing and balance of the game (especially to address that feeling you get when all the monsters are super weak but take forever to kill). If you've played a beta of The Wayfarer, you'll recognize most of these changes. Download the wad here. xa-iforg-rc1.zip Screenshots:
  8. Basically, if you're going to rule out every possible method of making a map more difficult, then you're not going to be able to make it more difficult. Maybe what you actually want is a casual map?
  9. Abandoned Community Projects

    This is still happening, it's just not still a community project. Dobu and mouldy are completing it as a team megawad, using some but not all of the original CP maps iirc. Cadman (the CC1 leader) came back and proposed it, but TGH (who seems to currently own the rights the the CC series) deferred it until he could lead it himself. Which probably isn't as unfair as it may sound, given the quality of his leadership on CC4. No one really knows whether it's ever going to happen.
  10. This is the article gaspe mentioned above, which is also quite good. People love to hate on A.L.T., but it's my favorite wad, and it's nice to read reviews from someone else who appreciates it.
  11. B.P.R.D. has a Mapper of the Year title for 2004, so at least that makes one decision easier.
  12. Your "dream" project that you've abandoned

    Given the scale on which your individual maps tend to work, is there any reason you couldn't still do this as a much smaller project? For instance, seven large maps (Earth, Xibalba, Jahannam, Duat, Diyu, Niflheim, Tartarus)? Sorry, I love your work and I can't help but encourage you -- it sounds like a very cool idea.
  13. Why don't the majority of mappers plan out their creations?

    Drawing up map sketches before starting in the editor is pretty common, and I do find it very helpful. I doubt that creating a design document would help most mappers very much; you can't really tell how things are going to play out and whether your ideas are going to work until you've got the rooms in front of you.
  14. Looking for WADs with a visual style similar to Doom 64

    I haven't played Doom 64 myself, but based on your description of aesthetics, you may like Shadows of the Nightmare Realm.