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  1. Mago

    Final Attempt to Get Heretic/Hexen GPL'd

    Please sign me up, the Hexen community isn't that big and it's great something like this is going on. Magno Scavone 2D "Artist", Korax' Heritage Team ( http://www.korax-heritage.com/ ) magno.scavoni@sapo.pt
  2. Did some searching around and couldn't find anything on this subject... The Vavoom's config file for using the engine's features in Doom Builder is available for quite a while, in the port's download page here http://www.vavoom-engine.com/download.php . If I rememebr correctly they were done by Janis himself (the port's creator), probably after constant bitching by me :D. Just kidding. Anyway, it adds things like the Slope things (Vertex' height, Sector inclination and Zdoom's slope special), 3D floors special, Light source (colored) things, etcetera, etcetera... (I'm just too dumb to point every feature available, probably someone a bit more knowledgeable can list them all). Just that I was browsing the DB page and it didn't list this one, only for other ports out there. It's used constantly for Korax Arena map making so be sure it works like a charm, the only sad thing is that you can't see the special features working on 3D preview... :) But that would be to ask too much. Anyway, hope this is useful to someone.
  3. Thanks for the answer. Guess Ill just have to wait untill I have money to fix my other PC. ;) Best of luck for future releases!
  4. Hello there, first of all, thanks for this wonderfull mapping tool, light years ahead of the other ones I've tried, in my humble opinion. This is a fantastic work and I cant really express how pleased I am with this editor!!! Still, I fell limited because I depend a LOT on the 3D mode to easily view the map and edit the textures - but my 3d video card got damaged and I'm currently out of 3d aceleration. My question is: Is there ANY way to use 3D mode without having a 3d card?
  5. Mago

    RPG TCs?

    Well, after KMOD, every other project will be based on Vavoom engine, because it has the most features we'll need, and we have Janis ocasional support, which is a great plus (he has actually introduced features to Vavoom just because we asked, which shows his interest). Like I said before Korax Arena (MP mod) is very close to be released, and it'll be based on Vavoom also. There's a trailer in the project's forum, if anyone want to check. By the way, don't know how could I overlook it, but there's obviously a GREAT new wad made by one of our team members (4th Class), that although not actually a full RPG, because there isn't any source code change, it's probably the closest plain Hexen will feel like a true fantasy adventure in a fantastic and sometimes unreal world. Let me warn some of the experienced players here that it's based on Hexen alone, no fancy ports - the idea was to base the effort on ambience and feel, not on flawless visuals or map skill exuberance. If you are interested in peculiar visions based on ordinary games, head here: http://www.freewebs.com/dark-realms/images.htm
  6. Mago

    RPG TCs?

    Janis (Vavoom author) coded a very good talking system for Korax Heritage (yes, my project again, it just seems NOBODY knows it! :( ). I'm aware it isn't a Doom mod, but it's the same engine... Here's a preview pic from 2002 (lot of time ago!): If you are interested in editting, you could also check for a document called RPGSpecs for Hexen, that tries to modify the original engine in order to give it classical RPG elements. In case anyone want to check the original news, here's the link: http://www.korax-heritage.com/scatteredevil/index.php (Scroll way down until 2002 news)
  7. Mago

    Levels of Architecture

    Don't know if Hexen is your deal, but you might want to keep an eye on our team's next project - while most work on the Arena mod, work on the maps has begun, and the aim is at "realistic" medieval set. Check more pics here http://www.korax-heritage.com/ - On the main page, scroll down and there's a news article with more pics. Maybe I should move my lazy corpse and add much more pics from several other maps in construction...
  8. Mago

    sprite artist for hire

    Well, pleaase do, anything Hexen related is interesting for me, since I'm a fan!
  9. Mago

    sprite artist for hire

    Well, although in slow motion, the team never really stopped work on the two main projects. I can't really be proud because I haven't done anything art wise for quite a few months (I blame college and lazyness), but coding and gameplay wise it's coming along quite well. Expect great things soon for the current project, the multi-play moddification (which, for those who don't know, includes the Doom marine, Hexen characters, Heretic elf and Witchaven warrior-mage character pitted against each other for netplay or bot action). Check the newest trailer here: http://www.korax-heritage.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1552 By the way, if you are interested, we do accept any kind of help and multiplay maps (specially if you are into Vavoom, the port we use) are very welcome.
  10. You probably just overlooked it, here's the actual link: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=6408 As you can see, the tutorial is the most successful ACS beginners tutorial available anywhere (from what I could find), it has extensive explanations on every detail of the scripting language, its the greatest, but there's one problem that I'm sutck into: The TUTORIAL.doc text, which is the actual detailed information, stops abruptly at page 7 on the Fancy Earthquake section. It's obviously not the intended ending, it just seems the tutorial was released incomplete. I've tried looking for info on the author (Chris White) as his e-mail adress is dead, because I just NEED to ask him if he ever get to finish the tutorial and the version available online is just outdated, but no luck so far. I'm getting really desperated, so if ANYONE knows something about this particular tutotial's history, or knows the author, please help me ontacting him or direct us to the finished version, if it exists at all.
  11. Mago

    sprite artist for hire

    Ermm... I don't know if you care about Hexen, but if you do, there's a project in which I'm part of called Korax' Heritage that's interested in any kind of help, specially mapping. If you are interested in having a look, check the site or post in the forums. korax-heritage.com
  12. Mago

    New Weapons Tutorial!

    Hi there, new to the forum, but I thought I NEEDED to register so I could post a reply to this thread: It's very nice to see someone taking the time and effort to writte a very useful and extensive step by step guide through concept art (desing and making). Believe me, it is hard as hell to find such generous effort around, most guys are too busy with their own stuff to even care if someone out there needs desperatly assistance just to be able to learn their way into something. You guys should be thankful there are still people like this in the Doom community - I know there aren't any in Hexen's (which is Doom's brother, but didn't get quite the same attention ;) ). Anyway, great work Nmn - it will be hard to implement any linear weapon on my project, but it's the intention that matters! ;) "Korax' Heritage - cross-breeding a 3D shooter with a fantasy RPG in the world of Hexen."