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  1. Murphy

    Installshield Error 1628

    I hope someone can help. I get this message when trying to install the ROE extension pack. I have visited the Installshield website and it suggested ending certain installing related tasks in the task manager etc - but my PC won't allow me to do this. It does seem to relate to previously running installation processes which conflict - but I have no idea about this stuff. Does anyone know how what I should do? Thanks
  2. Just how the hell do I kill this big Fella with the horns???? Nothing kills him. Nowhere to run!! HELP!
  3. Murphy

    How do I kill the big fellas???

    Cheers Doomdan, have tried about 50 times. Can't even take down one of them in the 1.4 seconds it takes before they blow me away. This looks like the end of the line. Sure there is no way to get of this room or bypass this?
  4. Murphy

    How do I kill the big fellas???

    I'm sure that this one has been raised. In Delta Labs Sector 4 when you walk into a room and the bad bald guy calls on 2 big monster types to pop out of a big light etc (after throwing some poor lab fella aside). Rockets won't do it. Nothing else works. Can't get past. help me kill!!