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  1. Crack in the Box

    The Unofficial Merry Christmas Thread

    Oh no! It's the attack of the killer potshot commercialism getting in the way of the meaning of holiday spirit, showing yet another international icon sent as a lie to motivate proper ethical activity amongst kids, which is by the way only putting off their shitty spoiled, dastardly spirit's rage, and under which circumstances of lies does this tell us the irony that parents always punish their kids for lying! Next thing I'll bet the easter bunny'll sneak illegal drugs into my favorite creme eggs. Eesh.
  2. Crack in the Box

    Green Day's new album sucks

    There's a song out there that I'm sure is by Green Day that I don't know the title of. It went a little something like this: When I was young, It's not my problem... It's not my.... PROBLEEEEEEEEEEMMMMMM Woo-hoo! I know, it sounds ambiguously pathetic when I say it, but if that part of a lyric rings any bells, then what is it's name? And is it by Green Day?
  3. Crack in the Box


    I'm planning to take some hockey lessons this summer, along with bowling classes. I personally think that if there's any sport out there that's overrated, it's soccer. Damn, the majority of the other punks in my class play nothing but soccer during recess, and when we try to say "hey, how about *sport*?" and they whine and moan and groan, doing what they can to get off of the different sport and back to soccer. I think it's just plain stupid that everybody's making this big argument about whether or not something is a sport. Sort of reminds me of a kid I knew in school named Jackson who debated with other people over some of the smallest and stupidest things. Like the matter of whether or not gum is candy. It's almost as if people are running out of reasons to do things and running out of adequate arguments. We used to fight for freedom, now we're fighting for oil and so the rich can stuff their pockets fatter. And for who? For what? And how is it that so many sports freaks can be the biggest bullies and psychos in the world and yet people blame video games for inspiring violence? I guess people wouldn't bother to study such things because it would quickly be booed down by a majority of drooling masses. Like look what happened when they tried to ban body-checking from kids' fucking pee-wee hockey. There was a HUGE stink about bringing it back even though there was a PROVEN risk that those kids would be seriously injured. How much more screwed up is the world gonna get? Eesh. :p
  4. Crack in the Box

    Green Day's new album sucks

    No, no... Fuck Linkin Park!
  5. Crack in the Box

    Green Day's new album sucks

    Just being a jackass. Nothing personal. :D
  6. Crack in the Box

    Green Day's new album sucks

  7. Crack in the Box

    Don't like the monster

    Complete wastes of time. Just stand back and riddle them full of chaingun ammo.
  8. Crack in the Box

    There such thing as SOCOM for Mac?

    Just curious to know. Or any other 3rd person military ops game.
  9. Crack in the Box

    What gaming genre do you prefer?

    I've always wondered why people always say that puzzle games and strategy games are the only games that require you to use your brain. This isn't true. Games like Doom and NBA require quick thinking and lore whereas games like AOE and Alchemy, though not requiring as quick of thinking require thinking ahead.
  10. Crack in the Box

    Ugh...Spike TV Video Game Awards show

    Oh, that's a fair fight. Just let the concencus opinion control how we all live. What is this, high school?
  11. Crack in the Box

    What gaming genre do you prefer?

    Each and every one of them. All are equally fun. All are equally challenging. All are equally good for you. All have their attributes, and they are damn good (well, some anyway).
  12. Crack in the Box

    Green Day's new album sucks

    That is a point. Just wished they hadn't changed to become so much like the rest. Green Day today seems far too much like listening to Incubus, Trapt, etc. just sort of adopts the repetivity and predictability of the other bands. Of course, I think I might have still thought that it sucked if it changed at all. Not to say I'm inflexible, but... Can't deny how right you are, but I just can't deny this either: Once Green Day starts as Green Day, changing means never being Green Day again.
  13. Crack in the Box

    See? Video games are good

    I've already sent a request to the administration here to change my name. So don't worry.
  14. Crack in the Box

    Green Day's new album sucks

    I guess I wasted my time here. Maybe I should post this in the ign.com music section.
  15. Crack in the Box

    Green Day's new album sucks

    Does anyone have anything to say that's related to this thread? I don't want this to get off topic.