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  1. Did you guys see those people burning the American flag and then one of them caught on fire? It's about 30 seconds end of this video


    In disclaimer this thread has nothing to do with the rest of the video unless you really really want it to.

    "You're on fire stupid!"

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    2. Tracer


      ^As long as it is done in a non destructive manner, I completely agree with you. Let the bigoted bastard's business go belly up. That'll hurt him more than anything.

    3. Doomkid


      TraceOfSpades said:

      I agree with that, but we have different opinions on other things related to that.

      Like, you'd get upset if somebody refused service to a straight white christian male in their privately owned business because they were a straight white christian male. I respect the shopkeepers right to do so, but also thinks that said shopkeeper is a retarded asshole. But I only respect his or her right to do that because it is a private business.

      While they may technically have the right to do so, I have to agree that anyone who denies service based on skin color or gender or whatever is a freedom-hating, capitalism-hating dipshit. You should be willing to accept payment for your goods from any party and refusal of service should be based on conduct rather than factors which the individual has no control over/factors that have no bearing on the transaction. Just my opinion of course, but anyone who opens a business but doesn't want to serve a huge chunk of the population based on petty crap is not only a shitty person but a shitty businessman.

    4. Tracer


      And I agree with you.