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  1. Did you guys see those people burning the American flag and then one of them caught on fire? It's about 30 seconds end of this video


    In disclaimer this thread has nothing to do with the rest of the video unless you really really want it to.

    "You're on fire stupid!"

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    2. PureSlime


      TraceOfSpades said:

      ^Last time I checked, it wasn't up to any one person to determine what was unacceptable or acceptable for everyone. For some, hats are acceptable inside. For others, hats are unacceptable inside. Don't like that policy? Then don't go inside. Simple as that.

      This has so little to do with anything.

      Wearing a hat is an active choice. Being LGBT is not.

    3. Tracer


      I agree with that, but we have different opinions on other things related to that.

      Like, you'd get upset if somebody refused service to a straight white christian male in their privately owned business because they were a straight white christian male. I respect the shopkeepers right to do so, but also thinks that said shopkeeper is a retarded asshole. But I only respect his or her right to do that because it is a private business.

    4. PureSlime


      I agree that's his private business, and should be able to do what he wants. Others should shame him for it, though. That should be culturally unacceptable.

      I don't really agree with any of those news stories that come out about forcing homophobic bakers and stuff to bake cakes for gay couples. I think that's kind of silly and misses the point. Forcing people to do things with their own private businesses that don't actually violate laws is a waste of time, when it's probably much more constructive to let the public backlash and boycott deal with it instead. That would send a much clearer message.

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