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  1. Try making a looking for group post on the one to set up a game
  2. Microtransaction disorded could be a disorder then. Like for example EA has microtransaction disorder.
  3. EA says you needz moar loot boxes
  4. julz_d

    Doomslayer gets whipped!

    Maybe he stared at her knockers too long and then she knocked him
  5. I have my Xbox set to download updates on its own. Sometimes one will mess up though and I'll have to pause it then restart or even sometimes hard restart the console. Also I'm keeping DOOM an external 2 TB hard drive because the Xbox one hard drive is a joke. Anyway this updates that there is 0% with no connectivity so yeah I did have to restart it.
  6. So if that's the case, how would I go about preventing that from happening in the future?
  7. julz_d

    NEW main menu

    I just got the new patch and it has a new main menu. In the middle under campaign it says "stay tuned for updates". Take that for what you will
  8. julz_d

    The very beginning of the game

    What Are they doing to doom guy at the very beginning of the game? They trying to probe him or something? There's all this equipment with needles and stuff waving around. And he is unclothed. If that's the case no wonder he's so angry.
  9. julz_d

    Some footage of the scrapped version

    Doom 2 to be fair did not look like a city. Technology has come far enough since then to make games in pretty much whatever kind of environment you want to.
  10. julz_d

    "Find open match"

    I don't know about PlayStation but on Xbox one instead of a server browser, we have this option. I'm not sure what the key differences are between this and "join match"
  11. julz_d

    "Find open match"

    I'm pretty sure it was dead however I don't know about now
  12. julz_d

    NEW main menu

    Arrachtrons would be cool. Edit i think taptalk likes me to say mew instead of new lol
  13. julz_d

    "Find open match"

    So it took me to some games briefly. Unfortunately I missed "Gary Busey's cocaine adventure" due to getting kicked out
  14. julz_d

    NEW main menu

    Pain elementals? I surely hope not Quick edit I don't know anything about cats especially secret ones sorry
  15. How about almost every escort mission in the original dead rising. AI was not too good ..... Somehow still thought it was a good game though
  16. That boss makes Icon of sin look simple. Good thing for custom saves. Some check point system would really screw that up. Edited for tap talk
  17. julz_d

    Full list of things added in Update 2?

    Nice job on PC there. Now let me going to Xbox and see if they did a good job on the server browser there too.....
  18. julz_d

    Doom - Big Updates, New Content and PartyPlay

    Downloading on Xbox one right now. Says size of DL is about 13 gigs.
  19. Did you guys see those people burning the American flag and then one of them caught on fire? It's about 30 seconds end of this video


    In disclaimer this thread has nothing to do with the rest of the video unless you really really want it to.

    "You're on fire stupid!"

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    2. Tracer


      ^As long as it is done in a non destructive manner, I completely agree with you. Let the bigoted bastard's business go belly up. That'll hurt him more than anything.

    3. Doomkid


      TraceOfSpades said:

      I agree with that, but we have different opinions on other things related to that.

      Like, you'd get upset if somebody refused service to a straight white christian male in their privately owned business because they were a straight white christian male. I respect the shopkeepers right to do so, but also thinks that said shopkeeper is a retarded asshole. But I only respect his or her right to do that because it is a private business.

      While they may technically have the right to do so, I have to agree that anyone who denies service based on skin color or gender or whatever is a freedom-hating, capitalism-hating dipshit. You should be willing to accept payment for your goods from any party and refusal of service should be based on conduct rather than factors which the individual has no control over/factors that have no bearing on the transaction. Just my opinion of course, but anyone who opens a business but doesn't want to serve a huge chunk of the population based on petty crap is not only a shitty person but a shitty businessman.

    4. Tracer


      And I agree with you.

  20. julz_d

    3D printed big fucking gun

    That's one big fucking gun
  21. You know PC, Xbox one, PS3, etc. I bought doom on Xbox one as it was the only thing I had that can run it. Average people I see playing snapmap online is 0 to 1 rarely 2 and sometimes that number includes me. I was though curious about the other systems and how they were doing. Personally since they added the time out it has gotten quite a bit worse on the Xbox.
  22. I agree with you on that one I would likely want to do the same type of the thread for Xbox one. The thing is that usually times me out now after about 2 1/2 minutes. Pretty fucking counterproductive I'd say
  23. Maybe one day I can get a good PC so I can be a real doom player too