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Status Updates posted by ljdemon

  1. I live in Wisconsin, a proud state, a fucking cold state. We the proudest state of alcoholic beverages, very proud of our Badger(and Packer- I dispise the Packers though) team and proud of our farms. But on the back of our new quater coins piss me off, makes us look... it pisses me off too much to think of the word. A cow, a stalk of corn, and a block of cheese- FUCKING DISGUSTING! Put a fucking can of beer on there or a badger head- but hey at least they didn't put a G on the back, or Brett Favre for that fact. It's about 1 outside and it's fucking snowing- the worst precipitation ever. Anyone else care to chastize their state please feel free to do so here, if you'd like to defend your state- good for you.

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    2. Captain Red
    3. Sharessa


      zarkyb said:

      Not everyone lives in a state.

      State can also mean a nation, you know.

      Anyway. my state is the best in America. Washington has all kind of cool shit like the Space Needle and Jimi Hendrix andferries and Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens and sasquatch and underground busses and an underground city and tons of trees and water and wilderness. Plus, it's one of the blue states. :D

      Anyway, I just came back from pimping out my state to a couple of fellow doomers. ;D

    4. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      I had just posted somewhere else how it feels as if I'm vacationing in the US and should be going back home to Japan... All day I've felt like this.

      Though I've got to say...I do enjoy living in Colorado.

  2. There are allot of people out there who are hating or ruining Doom for one reason or another. All those mother against violence are pissing me off, as a member once replied to a certain forum- video games are great for venting out anger. As I see it and many others see it, better on the screen than in the home. You get to do anything with out worry of consequences. For those who blame video games for your actions(or any other entertainment) you need help, seriously. If you try things on video games in real life than you're too fucked up to be playing them, you need to use reasoning power or common sense. For all the parents, if your kid is acting in that manner get them help- don't blame or point the finger at video games, it's not the games fault. If you(your kid) can't distinguish fantasy from reality you(they) need to seek professional help. Everyone pointed the finger at Marilyn Manson, Video Games, and Rock N Roll for the school shootings. It's all horse shit, none of them told anybody to shoot people in real life. And for anyone who says video games rot the mind, look into it. Sure sitting close or looking at a screen MAY damage the eye but your brain won't suffer. Drinking, smoking, drugs- all damage(rot) the brain, not video games. Video games do improve the mind- strategy, quick thinking, patience, hand-eye coordination, reasoning. You don't have to look that deep to see how video games don't ruin anything. Oh yeah, get your schooling done before you play, seriously.

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    2. DoomDan


      Nmn said:

      You better think twice before You reply something like that to a regular, newb.

      Just because he is new doesnt mean that he should get insulted and not do anything about it.

      Anyway,I picked "Not at all".If a kid trys to do something because of a video game then chances are they are already screwed up in the head.

    3. Nmn


      Ok ok, must've been prejudiced against new comers.
      was I flaming? I didn't call the guy a shithead, motherfucker or nothing like that. Sheesh.

      Linguica said:

      Fuck You

      I prefer blondies with boobs. kthx :/

    4. Fletcher`


      Nmn said:

      I prefer blondies with boobs. kthx :/

      hair dye and implants