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  1. ljdemon

    Scary but true.

    Marilyn Manson is the greatest music composer of our time and is blamed for every adolescent crime, Hitler was the greatest world leader(although psycotic), some video games have been banned for it's violence or religious connection yet murdering convicts live in prison with cable tv for free and Catholic preists are molesting kids(and video games are bad?), and Evian Water cost 12 times more per gallon than gasoline. How much more fucked up can we get? I'm sure it's endless.
  2. ljdemon

    Reggie White seems to be dead

    I'm not saying I wouldn't notice some one close- I'm talking about the media, chances of getting noticed by the media is slim unless a crime was committed or something out of the norm.
  3. ljdemon


    Now I am just about the worst fan of hockey, hate it with a passion, shouldn't be a sport- however, I play NHL HITZ and that minimally redeemed me and I enjoyed playing- the violence and fighting are great for a sports game and the graphics are rather good(hitz pro). Anyone else have this same perdicament?
  4. ljdemon

    Reggie White seems to be dead

    Reggie's dead, huh? So what? People die, it happens. When ever a celebrity dies it's news- if me, you, or anyone in this forum dies no one notices but family(maybe). Some one has to do something above the normal to be noticed and recorded when they die. America is great.
  5. ljdemon

    Post yer booty

    Actually I have had this game once before, however, it had been destroyed. I know how bad Battlenet can get which is why I rarely go online, I hate fuckin hackers- shows weakness. I'm 100% legit in online games. But thanks for the reminder.
  6. ljdemon


    Don't fuckin say retard again you fucking prick. You obviously have no respect.
  7. ljdemon

    Post yer booty

    Postal 2 Share the Pain Gothic 2 Diablo 2 + LOD Starwars Bounty Hunter(meh) Corvette(mistake) Hunter The Reckoning Wayward Gloves Wallscoll Jacket Original Garfeild Holiday movie(as a joke) C Note Super Troopers Razor Gas Cards Wallet and Socks
  8. ljdemon


    First, football players don't have to make a 98 mph shot into anything so as I was noticed for bad comparison between the sports yours is worse yet. I know enough about the sport to know I don't like it, my opinion. And I know plenty about other sports, fucker. As for wandering I stick with football and know everything about it, I've been following this sport since I could walk- besides this fucking post was focused on the hockey video games compared to the actual thing. Try to keep things on track.
  9. ljdemon


    Hockey fan, eh? Well it's like bascket ball- it should only be one quarter(period). No a whole lot of strategy really not allot of required skills either- balance, accuracy, missing teeth. Football IS a sport- very strategic and sort of war like, also a real contact sport. Yes hockey has contact but it's not the same and it's always ice and cold, there's no advantages over another team and advanteges create competion(warm, cool, wind, dome, turf, grass, ect)
  10. ljdemon

    Scary but true.

    Not musician- composer- and yes it is an opinion, but there are stats out there saying he is, I don't like him personally but his MUSIC in itself appeals to me.
  11. ljdemon

    The Unofficial Merry Christmas Thread

    To quote an idol, inititials P.G."Merry Christmas to all and to all shut the hell up".
  12. I live in Wisconsin, a proud state, a fucking cold state. We the proudest state of alcoholic beverages, very proud of our Badger(and Packer- I dispise the Packers though) team and proud of our farms. But on the back of our new quater coins piss me off, makes us look... it pisses me off too much to think of the word. A cow, a stalk of corn, and a block of cheese- FUCKING DISGUSTING! Put a fucking can of beer on there or a badger head- but hey at least they didn't put a G on the back, or Brett Favre for that fact. It's about 1 outside and it's fucking snowing- the worst precipitation ever. Anyone else care to chastize their state please feel free to do so here, if you'd like to defend your state- good for you.

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    2. Captain Red
    3. Sharessa


      zarkyb said:

      Not everyone lives in a state.

      State can also mean a nation, you know.

      Anyway. my state is the best in America. Washington has all kind of cool shit like the Space Needle and Jimi Hendrix andferries and Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens and sasquatch and underground busses and an underground city and tons of trees and water and wilderness. Plus, it's one of the blue states. :D

      Anyway, I just came back from pimping out my state to a couple of fellow doomers. ;D

    4. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      I had just posted somewhere else how it feels as if I'm vacationing in the US and should be going back home to Japan... All day I've felt like this.

      Though I've got to say...I do enjoy living in Colorado.

  13. ljdemon

    Bring back the Originals

    Does anyone else think the should remake some originals? To name a few of my favorites: Twisted Metal(the first) keep the exact story line but add in movies instead of captions- the sequals all sucked although Black wasn't bad, Rampage, Blood(had good potential). Just a few of them, mostly 90's games. Give me info and/or more orginals.
  14. ljdemon

    Don't like the monster

    I agree, though I still love killing Nazi's.
  15. ljdemon

    [Model] FireCat MK2

    I like your work.
  16. ljdemon

    Peterson Gets Death

    I'm for this idea.
  17. ljdemon

    3drealms breaks the silence

    It sucked.
  18. ljdemon


    The Game of the Year awards should be carefully chosen- infact, there should be a goty award for each genre. Right now I beleive it's a bit inaccurate. Biggest debates were GTA SA and Halo 2, seperate genres of the gaming world. Halo is SHOOTER, GTA SA is actually a couple different one rolled up, but it remains mostly ACTION/RACING(yes racing, look it up). Fable would have won RPG GOTY if they were all seperated. But hey who knows, maybe I'm just rambling about nothing instead of getting somewhere.
  19. I am mostly a shooter but I do like RPG'S just as much.
  20. ljdemon

    Green Day's new album sucks

    Clutch is THE punk band.
  21. ljdemon


    Goddamn right.
  22. ljdemon

    Apparently EA sucks

    Will this topic never end? considering how off base it's getting.
  23. ljdemon

    Favorite game of 2004:

    Top 5(all very close) GTA: SA- A huge variety of shit to do! MGS 3- Bea it quick but I'm doing it again, and again! Doom 3- Nough said. Halo 2- Sequal that has only been tweaked however better than the 1st Killzone- PS2's best shooter ever, so far.
  24. ljdemon

    Ugh...Spike TV Video Game Awards show

    Don't rent Chronicles, buy it! Beat it in 8 hours and I still go back for more. Spiderman 2 was really good but it did get boring kinda fast, it's cloese to a GTA Family edition or something.
  25. ljdemon

    Peterson Gets Death

    HA! I never said there wouldn't be a FAIR trial. Besides, he wasn't in for life or death. There has to be a fair conviction, not one man's word of a shadaow.