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  1. Wallace

    Anyone planning to get Resident Evil 4??

    I don't know what your guys' problems are with the controls. I like them. and my Brother's after RE4, so I probably won't need to get it. I switches RE and MGS to the GCN when my PS2 broke. I was fine. and I acctually find the GCN layout simpler the the X-Box. (I own all three)
  2. Wallace

    Collectors Ed. question

    No problem. 14,478
  3. Wallace

    Collectors Ed. question

    deleted/reinstalled ZDaemon and Collectors, popped Plutonia, TNT, Doom, and Doom2 into the WADS folder. still broke. any other ideas? I don't want to have to pay another $20
  4. Wallace

    How to get 100% secret at Icon of Sin

    uh... I was keeping up ok untill that code. could you explain it, please?
  5. Wallace

    Doom script (updated w/2 sequels)

    I enjoyed that. that should be the movie instead of the crap hollywood's feeding us. I liked the gatekeeper's line tho.
  6. Wallace

    Collectors Ed. question

    this could be true, but the problem is, each time I tried to run a Server with the Doom2 IWAD, it just, broke and gave me the baddoom2 error. it might be because I used a backup copy I got my friend to make/crack incase I lost the original and a harddisk wipe happened. but I doubt it. oh, another piece of information, I had to move my DOOM2.WAD file to the wads folder that came with ZDaemon. could that be the problem? I had also renamed it doom2.WAD before, and switched it back.
  7. Wallace

    Collectors Ed. question

    I was trying to play a game of Doom2 over ZDaemon, and I got the "Baddoom2" error, so I'm just wondering what version of Doom2 Collectors comes with. oh, it says I have 1.06, but I'm pretty sure that Collectors comes with 1.9 versions of them all. I just need confirmation.
  8. Wallace

    Favorite Ultimate Doom song?

    At Hells Gate (E1M1) Hiding the Secrets (E1M9/E2M9) DooM Intermission (Intermission/E2M3)
  9. Wallace

    Don't like the monster

    I've come to dispise the Spider Mastermind after poking around Plutonia on UV. "Here's a pistol, go kill that giant thing in the courtyard that has the Chaingun." I just don't like it anymore.
  10. Wallace

    Doom Weapons Guide

    The trick to using the chainsaw, is that when you start using it, when it would normally pull you in and let the monster attack you, take a tiny step away and you'll be out of range from thier melee attacks, but the chainsaw will still hold him/her/it there.
  11. Wallace

    Ugh...Spike TV Video Game Awards show

    I just had one thing to ask:Did Activision spearhead Doom 3?
  12. Wallace

    Doom Weapons Guide

    The pistol is acctually better for sniping than the Chaingun. and since many consider the Chaingun the "Sniper Rifle" of doom, that makes the pistol the Sniper Rifle. I downed the spider demon from accross the arena in Inferno by Pistol Sniping.