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  1. I think I asked this question a long time back, but didn't manage to get any answers, or if I did, I just happen to not remember...Oh well, either way, just wondering what's stated in the topic. I dunno why, but I loved the sound effects in Doom64 (and I know the PSX Doom also uses them) and was wondering if there's any kind of semi-high to high quality .wad files that let you use these sounds. I remember finding one a long time ago, but the quality was rather poor. Oh, and did that Doom64 conversion for the PC Doom engine ever go anywhere?
  2. ForteMP3

    DooM's birthday?

    Just when did DooM officially "go gold?" anyway? I know the year is 1993, but I was looking for a more exact date...A friend and I are planning a "birthday celebration" for DooM's 10th birthday, we figured we'd do a local lanparty with our buddies, and just do a bunch of DooM stuff, but for the sake of it, we'd like to know DooM's actual "Gone Gold" date. Thanks in advance.
  3. Here I am, browsing forums and using IRC...I've yet to see one crowded, and active DooM dedicated channel...Is it just me, or is the social portion of the DooM community coming to a standstill...? I mean, forums are good and all, but there's just something about realtime chat...
  4. While I have a DooM64 wad made by the Immoral Conduct crew, it has a problem...It was made for EDGE/ZDooM, and all I really want are the DooM64 sounds...The wad crashes JDooM, which is one of my preffered sourceports...Has anyone created/released a standalone wad that has the PSX/DooM64 set of sounds, nothing else? I've tried modifying the one I have to work with JDooM, no go.
  5. ForteMP3

    Is it just me...Or is DooM chat dead?

    Now if only I could find wad that contained the DooM PSX/64 sounds and nothing else so easily..Stupid EDGE wad that crashes other source ports with its custom scripts and weapons... *mutters incoherently*
  6. ForteMP3

    Doom64 Sprites

    Well, mainly the sound portion anyway...Does anyone have a WAD that just contains the DooM 64/PSX DooM sounds? While a hosted site on doomworld has a nice DooM64 wad, it seems to have some kind of .deh built into it, which makes JDooM crash upon loading it.
  7. ForteMP3

    ZDooMGL files down?

    I recently got enough room to put doom back on my computer, and decided I'd see how ZDooM and ZDooMGL have progressed. Unfortunately, I've discovered that the files for ZDooMGL are no longer availble on the temp site. Will there be any mirrors for these files in the future?
  8. Well, I just got the WolfenDooM Original, Nocturnal, and Spear of Destiny missions downloaded onto my new computer, there's just one problem:The custom Boom engines written for them crash when I try to run them! (Illegal operation error.) I'm just wondering, has anyone tried to convert these mission packs over to something like ZDoom? The levels are playable in ZDoom, but there's too many bugs, I mean, for one, it seems like bosses are invincible! That, and there's no episode selection of course.