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  1. Thac

    Quake Vore

    Pretty cool MmM; a bit skinny, sure, but great work on the overall structure, skin tone & blood spatter.
  2. Thac

    Doom script (updated w/2 sequels)

    Just wanted to mention that I've written a Quake script treatment (actually based on Quake 2). I'm posting it here because the script was intended as a quasi-sequel to the DOOM trilogy, what with Bitterman's cameo in DOOM SUPREMACY.
  3. Thac

    Doom script (updated w/2 sequels)

    Yeah, I considered padding the 72 pages out with character development but I figured what the hey, it's a fanfic, let's get to the fraggin'. ;) That being said, if in some alternate universe I had a shot at pitching this script, I'd definitely give Taggart more depth & try to balance out the action with some suspense. Jacknife, I haven't really read any other DOOM fics but I understand what you're saying. I stuck with the guns in this one (and the 2nd one in fact); the last one I'm working on right now deviates a lot from that.
  4. Thac

    2 Doom sketches

    Sort of a cool reverse POV...maybe the last thing all the badguys see ;) Good job.
  5. Thac

    Mancubus Encounter

    Wow. Well done. Chaingun rape was never so poetic. Really great, visceral description.
  6. Thac

    Mother Demon

    The faces are a really great touch, cool sketch.
  7. Thac

    Doom script (updated w/2 sequels)

    17x12 miles certainly doesn't offer a lot of leg room but you could plop a decent mini-base up there, I think. Although I agree Mars has the cooler atmosphere and helluva lot more space, it would dampen the contrast between our dimension and Hell's, IMO. And I just dig the whole Phobos/Deimos setup. Thanks for reading all, it's cool to get a variety of feedback from fans.
  8. Thac

    Some more drawings

    All cool sketches, kickass Arch-Vile.
  9. Thac

    Doom script (updated w/2 sequels)

    I probably should mention that this isn't intended to be 100% dead-on with the game(s) storyline, although it's closer to the original DOOM than anything else. But I did want to put a bit of a spin on it. Aside from Taggart & Keen I got the names from the Bible. Thanks Grimm, I wanted Taggart's one-liners to be pretty bad but I tried to stop short of the DOOM comic's cheesiness. :D I'm planning a sequel that follows the EVILUTION storyline but it'll also have its own spin since it continues this fanfic.
  10. Thac

    Crappy Imp and Mutant Sketches

    The Imp pose is kind of feral which IMO is pretty interesting. I love the face on the gore-mutant (even though it does look a bit like he's pinching one off ;))
  11. Thac

    Cube Zero

    I passed on Hypercube but this one does indeed look like an improvement and the feedback has been solid. And being titled Cube: Zero means it won't leave a hole in my movie collection where Hypercube won't be ;)
  12. [DOOM] [Updated: The sequel, DOOM: Evilution] [Updated: The final chapter, The DOOM Supremacy] I wrote this after following (with disappointment) the development news on the DOOM movie. It's about 72 pages, if you take the time to check it out, thanks :)