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  1. scar3crow

    Heartland - final version available on idgames

    Couldn't find this in the topic, in map02 the elevator to the two Arch Viles has a normal door on the inside, but blue key locked on the outside. I can't tell if I'm incidentally sequence breaking here, or if the blue lock being one-sided is to ensure I finish the upcoming fight, since the blue lights are on both sides of the door. This has been great thus far though, thank you for making it :)
  2. scar3crow

    Official DOOM Playstation Soundtrack Release

    Ragnor: DarkPlaces (and possibly others) support using ogg for the cd tracks so you don't need the disc in, just the files in the right place. I typically lurk, but I've been refreshing this thread and his bandcamp page to see when the Quake tracks go up, the Doom PSX score will definitely be part of my Christmas requests.
  3. Didn't see this posted elsewhere in a lazy quick search, http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn18082-dreams-of-doom-help-gamers-learn.html Interesting short read, the difference between portions of the brain activated during sleep and play between new kids and experienced Doomers was neat.
  4. scar3crow

    Rage in Edge Magazine

    Exactly, but Infinity Ward has made a business cycle out of developing a new "feature" to band aid an existing poor design decision. The DarkPlaces mod for Quake does a similar thing with ammo, in terms of leaving the unused. Regenerating health was born, for them, out of simultaneous mild mistakes on health pickups, save behavior, and level design. They replaced one of these, which has had compounding results in the other systems, and the game series as a whole. The presence of regenerating health in a game does worry me, just because to me, it is not only a bad mechanic, but an omen of its rippling throughout the other systems.
  5. scar3crow

    Rage in Edge Magazine

    I'm rather disinterested in Rage as I am not a fan of racing, or desert wasteland environments. The addition of regenerating health does not bode well, as in my personal playing experience, regenerating health rarely aids the gameplay as a whole - it provides assistance to starting players when they are damaged, but it also makes situations far more binary ("Is this situation lethal in a shorter timespan than it would take me to traverse? If it isn't, then I don't need to play it safe, as I can recover without a loss of resources.") Having a gameplay experience where each decision is ultimately binary (and the second option is generally a reload of a save game) does make the entire experience as a whole fairly linear. In Doom, or Quake, or Blood, or any older fps, you evaluate battles based upon a gradient of potential damage, and how it will impact your inventory (ammo, health throughout the level), and thus there is a risk taking via the investment of that inventory. You can make a gutsy move, and hope things play out in your favor (in the elements you cannot impact directly, a battle can go very differently if a chaingunner gets nicked by an Imp fireball) and if they do, splendid - if they don't, you have to reasses your inventory, and thus your investment prospects for future maneuvers. Regenerating health removes the investment and dividends prospect. It is noteworthy that the original Call of Duty does not have regenerating health, but it was added in response to play tests. What did the playtests show? People using up healthpacks when they weren't fully benefitting from them (95% health, grabbing a healthpack), thus reducing their inventory, and combined with overwriting their own saves, they often painted themselves into a corner - a save game with 10% health, and having to brave a clearing with 2 mounted machineguns and a bunch of rifle wielding soldiers. The problem here was a combination of messaging to the player the significance of rationing resources, the potential automation of rationing them (make most health rely on medic NPCs who will only dispense if you can make use of at least 75% of the item), the mappers pacing, and the save system itself. Instead of rectifying those issues, the developers chose to replace the health system entirely with regenerating health, which did resolve a player being at 10% health in this situation, now they could be at 100%, but you also saw an escalation in sheer numbers on the part of the level designer, as they had to do something to make the player feel more threatened, which resulted in those binary situations. Thats what I am not looking forward to in Rage: those binary situations. For the record I've not played Q4, it hasn't interested me, I heard enough non-positive things from individuals whos taste I generally regard well, and that was enough to keep me from investing my time and money into it.
  6. scar3crow

    Doom++ in iPhone's future?

    id is no longer such a small company in terms of employees, and they have been expanding. They've already been doing projects like this without cutting into the Rage and Doom4 teams' time, and knowing Carmack, idtech5 is already well established and solid in their pipeline, and thus he is free to take a few hours a week to guide these projects, which are being handled by Mustaine and co.
  7. scar3crow

    The Harries Flashlight Technique

    You know, I never was caught with my flashlight out... Because it was rarely dark enough that I couldn't locate an enemy without it... Powerful enemies always exit the shadows, zombies, well, illuminate with flashlight, put reticle on their very slowly moving head, switch to pistol, fire twice. I rarely felt like I NEEDED the flashlight, but yeah... some form of adhesive... and some guns have clips for lights...
  8. scar3crow

    Resurrection of Evil

    RoE was enjoyable, but far too easy in my opinion. I did not regret my purchase, but it could have been more. I did enjoy the Gravity Gun in it, unlike with HL2, they attempted some semblance of game design by having it become unstable, unable to hold a charge for a period of time so you couldn't just hold onto the heaviest object for a long while. Well chosen in that regard, and hey, id actually coded their physics engine so it didn't feel like a middleware gimmick. The double barreled shotgun is very fun, though it does shorten those close range brawls with hell knights quite significantly... Vulgars were a lot less than I anticipated as monsters... No real complaints, but nothing exceptional. The big badasses, Bruisers I think? They never posed a threat due to their size... Tend to get trapped in areas, at which point I would run past, or make use of my hand grenades which bounce ridiculously... Artifact is fun to play with, and overpowered simply because of the huge quantity of corpses to be found... I never had a reason to not use it, as I knew I would be replenished after the next encounter. Bosses had a very MegaMan feel, which I don't know if I liked or disliked... Final boss was a bit better than Doom3s. I liked it, decent enough as an expansion pack, but like Doom3 it could use some better level design at many points and could stand to be a bit tougher at moments.
  9. scar3crow

    Doom Still Earning Accolades from the Industry

    Diablo came out in 1998? Maybe that was the German release? Tetris is the ultimate cell phone game, for waiting in line and such.
  10. scar3crow

    Imagine Doom 3 looked like this

    Fun fact, "that person" was a level designer for QuakeIV, so he does have a pretty good grasp of the Doom3 engine to say the least. However, I'm glad Doom3 didn't look like that, since that is the wrong setting for a mars base. It looks cool, but... no. Iirc he did that level as a portfolio piece, and for that it is good. But I'm glad Doom3 didn't look like that.
  11. scar3crow

    doom monster hand to hand

    baron of hell if youre gonna go toe to toe with something, make it brutal. without the plasm on their hands those creatures could still catch both of your fists and break your hands backwards, pushing up until the point where it breaks your elbow and cracks the bones in your forearm, splintering the muscle fibers in your biceps and triceps, causing the collar bone to snap as the angle adjusts which stab into your neck... you know what, nevermind, i think ill just punch commander keen.
  12. scar3crow

    Doom featured in Family Guy

    its the one where Peter starts his own tv station and the FCC censors the whole town dunno the number offhand however
  13. scar3crow

    Doom featured in Family Guy

    well that was a pretty damn quick merger nonetheless, cool to see it there, and a fun montage.
  14. scar3crow

    Doom featured in Family Guy

    anyone else catch the Stewie Griffin Naked Gun siren montage at the beginning in which one of the "roads" is e1m5 behind the yellow door ? completely bs post, but nonetheless i enjoyed seeing it in there when it wasnt a person "playing it" but stewies head shooting imps
  15. scar3crow

    Team Future Says

    ive heard nothing but bad regarding the q4 ai thus far. and there is one inherent problem to switching engines for a larger audience, not finishing it once again in time, and the fickle audience you were playing to moving onto another game. the hitbox thing sounds like the best reason to me, simply for the speed allowing you to do mods that arent as oriented around slower gameplay.
  16. scar3crow

    Team Future Says

    i dont see why anyone doing Doom3 mods would switch to Quake4... im not too familiar with the Quake4 tech, but it looks mainly like an elaborate Doom3 mod in the first place. on a seperate note, the shots look great. really good... as in i looked at them and though of Doom/2, not Doom3. i mean im fine with doom3, but the originals are just better and those shots have that element in them that Doom3 lacked.
  17. scar3crow

    This Just In, Doom Movie Is Terrible

    Event Horizon is pretty good i like the explanation of how they folded space to cross great distances, but they made the point that when you make point A and point B the same point, and yet for the blink of an eye one is still travelling, where are they during that time? the answer in that film is where they draw the horror from.
  18. scar3crow

    This Just In, Doom Movie Is Terrible

    sir not only do i approve of your analysis but i would fancy a subscription to your news letter! no seriously, i agree testicles first with dsm there, and ive myself had thoughts of doing a Doom machinima in Doom3... just... telling it more cinematically. it already has so many of the supplies needed... the games got a good camera system and whatnot. itd just look like an old cg film in the games normal quality.
  19. scar3crow

    This Just In, Doom Movie Is Terrible

    a movie of the game of the novel of this forum about the movie of a storyline interpretation of a 13 year old game regardless, theres a scene where an imp pulls a guy through a grating. he doesnt break the grating pulling the guy through, he just shreds him like cheese in a grater. so it should be good for simple horror violence levels like that. and iirc, which i may not, wasnt doom originally loosely a game recreation of Aliens, but things got iffy so they just made it demons instead ? if not, then it does feel that way at times anyways.
  20. scar3crow

    Doom 3 Mission Pack Previews

    heh, Ive had scar3crow for 9 years now (it was going to be scarecrow, but on DALnet at the time someone had scarecrow, so I temporarily substituted the 3, and it stuck) As far as tech goes... well, visually, youre missing out. Gameplay wise, youre not missing much at all.
  21. scar3crow

    Doom 3 Mission Pack Previews

    I havent had the opportunity to do so, but regardless, a headcrab cant weigh much and I dont see why I cant throw them at any point in the game, at least as long as theyre dead.
  22. scar3crow

    Doom 3 Mission Pack Previews

    It doesnt matter to me whether or not HL2 stole the gravity gun. What is significant is that a gravity gun is being included in a Doom3 addon pack, so soon after HL2 was released. It isnt that theyre big uncreative, or if HL2 had ripped off older games with it, but that it comes off as more of a bandwagon thing. However what is nifty is that they at least apparently allow you to grab projectiles with their gravity gun, which makes it more functional for gameplay. I mean sure, in HL2 you could throw grenades back at the Combine, but they rarely chucked them at me, so it was an unlikely opportunity. Imps however, are known for their fire laden mucus projectiles. As far as games with half decent physics... well you can have a good physics system, but you may not use it much. In fact, Painkiller, uses the exact same physics engine as HL2 (the one so many people incorrectly credit Valve with, Havok), however I think People Can Fly acquired it simply for the sake of pinning people to walls, and letting bodies pile up, not for me mastering the art of crate balancing. However, Valve loses massive points for not giving corpses a "grabbable mass". If I can pick up a bucket, a gun I have full ammo on, a chunk of a crate... then why I cant I pickup a dead headcrab or a Combine soldier ? I want to beat a squad to death with its spent ammunition, or its own teammate. All I know is... I'll give the addon a look for the simple addition of the double barreled shotgun. I just hope something more can come of Doom3 from the user community, cause it doesnt look like were going to see much ingenuity from the incorporated teams.