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  1. Lord Of Nothing


    "True, we should take a stand against the kingdom of darkness as children of light but the weapons we should use are not those of this world - where does using a shotgun to blast away demons figure in God's plan?" Because THE SHOTGUN WORKS! If you were in a monster infested base and the only way out was to go through it and all you had was a shotgun. You not gonna raise a silver cross at them are you!
  2. Lord Of Nothing

    Doom 3. scary?

    The only 2 things that I found scary was the mirrors and the stupid teleportation butt tunnel. That thing just wants me to stop playing the game. I mean whats the point of making a game that puts people off playing it by putting a butt tunnel in it!?! Then people won't buy your game. I know "you" don't get scared of it cause you reckon your all hardcore. (btw being hardcore doesnt get you a job or a home or money so meh meh meh!) But the point is that I can't sit down and enjoy the game, cause I know I gonna see something thats comepletly over the top that makes me just wanna bin the game. Sure have it creepy but dont put butt tunnels and evil mirrors init thats all I ask! Everything else in the Doom 3 is just SUPER! Sorry I ranted but thats how I feel and if I have annoyed you in anyway which is very easy since alot of Doomworld forum people are extremely tetchy then all I can say is.... TOUGH ITS A FOURM! (btw hell wasnt scary but it was bloody cool! Shame there wasn't enough of it but thats what ROE is for.)
  3. Lord Of Nothing

    Help on installing mods

    Well thanks anyway.
  4. There must be a way of disabling the "spawn isnt a valid command in multiplayer mode", isn't there? :p I always wanted to find out what happens if you spawn a fatty in the laser hole thing.
  5. I always felt Betruger was a total arsehole. So I decided to get my own back.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    Part 5

    Part 6

    Part 7

    Part 8

    Weather is quick and nasty or slow and brutal you can decide how I should deal out the pain.

    Now any requests?

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      What makes you want to do something like this?

    4. Infinite Ammunition

      Infinite Ammunition

      ffs how could you forget the penis jokes

  6. Lord Of Nothing

    DOOM - Knee deep in the dice

    You can always make up rules for them or search for mods theres quite a few on boardgamegeek.com
  7. Lord Of Nothing

    Some Hitchhiker's Guide production stills

    That looks unbeliveably good. I can't bleive it being made by disney and it doesn't look crap. I got to go see this.
  8. Lord Of Nothing

    DOOM - Knee deep in the dice

    Ha mines in the post! I hope I can get warhammer pro to paint mine for around a fiver. If you want one get it from Forbbidon Planet phone up there mail order list and it will get to you in 2 weeks or less. http://www.forbiddenplanet.com/index2.html The'll ship it to anywhere in the world (but the near you are to England the cheaper it is). It's just under £40.00 if your in the UK. edit: I'm only posting this for people who don't wanna buy it online.
  9. Lord Of Nothing

    DOOM - Knee deep in the dice

    I've been trying buy this I but I can't find it anywhere except the net. Is there a shop in the UK that sells it? I don't care where it is because if it's one of those massive stores I can proberly have one posted to me.
  10. Lord Of Nothing

    Help on installing mods

    You have 2 Options either you post detailed instructions on how to install a mod you have made OR you provide no instructions at all meaning I have to find out where you live and whack you over the head with a frying pan. Why is it that some modders (while clever enough to code a mod) YOUR TO DUMB TO NOT WRITE ANY INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO USE IT!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
  11. Lord Of Nothing

    .::[FRAG-TAG]::. Making old school deathmatching cool again.

    for what purpose?
  12. Lord Of Nothing

    I broke my CD1 disc :(

    We'll heres what happend: I went to the kitchen for some snackies and came back and sat down and CRACK! OH FATFLUMPINGBUTTOCKSOCKS!!! I sat on my CD1 and broke it. Ah but luckerly, I borrowed a back-up copy of CD1 from a mate. But I had to use a no cd crack to get it to work with my Doom 3. This has caused upsets with playing multiplayer because I type in MY CD key but it won't have it. Does anyone know of some way to get this back-up CD1 to work on multiplayer, I have baught my DooM 3 and I have my own key. Surly that's enough to let me play online, right?
  13. Lord Of Nothing

    .::[FRAG-TAG]::. Making old school deathmatching cool again.

    Well I wont bother making the mod then I'll wait till edge comes out then I'll mod EDGE :D
  14. I hope at some point through endless sequals and expansion packs after the orginal DooM 3, that eventualy the hell monsters get to earth and theres some sort of massive unessaceryily large gore fest/uber battle between millions of marines and millions of monsters. And you play the original DooM3 marine turned general or given some sort of fancy armour or just in his plain old armour. And it would be just like Halo 2 except the end wouldn't be crap but amazing and the entire game would be on earth except the worlds most amazing boss battle at the end of the game which would be in hell. TADA!
  15. Lord Of Nothing

    .::[FRAG-TAG]::. Making old school deathmatching cool again.

    Look, I'm sorry I just thought that although having Doom 2 deathmatch already being stupidly fun for its age I thought "Hmm it plays well but the sprites look a bit retro, how about I have a go at making it a bit more like a Game Boy Advance version of DOOM 3 or somthing like that." I would donate my work to this Doom 3 to Doom 2 project but it won't be the turn out I'm looking for. I don't think I gonna need many hand outs. I already got the majprity of textures and things I need. All I gotta do now is slap it all together, And the rips wont be bad I got a mammoth sprite editing package. Just gonna rip,steal,pinch,borrow,nick,chav anything I can find thats cool. It will still be the same game, just a little bit more "interesting".