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  1. Nanite10

    Java DOOM!

    Here is what I believe should be the next step in DOOM. I believe someone should make a Java version of DOOM. Just think of it, you'd be able to play DOOM on any device or operating system without having to modify it! Now that would be amazing! Any comments?
  2. Nanite10

    Small DOS Games

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for small DOS compatible games? I am making a DOS-C boot floppy and am including some games with it for my 486 computer. These games have to be less than 100KB. Thank you for your replies.
  3. Nanite10

    I got an awesome new computer!

    I've yet to get a nice desktop 486 computer, but I do have a 486 DX4 laptop. Here is my other Pentium rig!: Pentium 75 MHz CPU (About to be upgraded to a 90 MHz CPU.) Intel PCI II Motherboard 24 MB SIMM RAM S3 Trio 64 10 MBPS IDA NIC
  4. Nanite10

    I got an awesome new computer!

    Just to spite the other post, I'll show you all MY *NEW* computer! Pentium 200 MHz MMX ECS 5-TXA (4 PCI, 4 ISA, 3 DIMM Banks) 32 MB EDO DIMM RAM Voodoo 3 2000 PCI Sound Blaster 16 ISA 3COM EtherLink III 10 MBPS ISA NIC 3 GB Hard Disk 20x CD-ROM Drive 200 Watt AT Power Supply
  5. Nanite10

    Couple of Questions . . .

    Hello everyone! It's been a while since I have been back to the forums lately, but I have a couple of questions for you all. I recently bought the Doom Collector's Edition. (I didn't have the original DOOM.) My question is am I able to run it/install it to DOS? Thank you for any replies. My New Rig: Pentium 200 MHz MMX CPU ECS Motherboard 32 MB EDO DIMM RAM Voodoo 3 2000 PCI Sound Blaster 16 ISA 10 MBPS ISA Network Card
  6. Nanite10

    Music to doom to

    I thought that Doom cannot run on a 286!? I tried it myself. After I installed & tried to run it, it said my processor(286) was not 16 bits, thus doom being unable to run.
  7. Nanite10

    Music to doom to

    How could you guys forget Red Hot Chili Peppers: Blood Sugar Sex Magik? I listened to that album ALL THE TIME while I was playing Half-Life: Counter Strike! It must be great for Doom! BTW - Isn't it true that the original Doom can run in 640 KB memory?
  8. Nanite10


    Are there any quality newsgroups for doom that are similar to the quality of this forum? *snicker* Thank you for any replies. If you need me I'll be jamming with my 486 using Lynx on FreeBSD!
  9. Nanite10

    I am back!

    Thanks for the reply . . . I WAS an avid reader of these forums but not so much as to being a poster. I posted some hot articles about games for 486 and lesser machines. You all seemed to love that post! :-) See you all later!
  10. Nanite10

    I am back!

    Hello everyone! I am back after such a long time, and in style with my 486 DX4 75 MHz laptop using FreeBSD with Lynx! What's new? I am thinking of getting a GBA along with Doom and a variety of other games. I also had a question. I recieved Collector's Doom for christmas and was wondering if you could play the games in DOS instead of Windows 95? The basic reason why I got Collector's Doom was to get the full version of the original and the extra Collectors Doom stuff. Thank you for any replies!
  11. Nanite10

    98lite & IEradicator 2001

    I have a good old Pentium 166 mghz computer that was given to me the other day. I am going to put FreeBSD and a distro of Linux on it but I will need to put Windows 98 on the computer becauce it is native to me and I know how to do everything within the OS. I was thinking about using 98lite and maybe IEradicator on the machine and then putting something like Netscape or another web browser. Here are a few of my questions: 1. How well does 98lite exactly do in performance in business applications/games? 2. Has anyone used IEradicator on their system? How well does the system run afterward? 3. Both, in combination, how well would 98 run reletively to a standard installation with business applications/games? 4. How good is the compatibility with apps using these two programs? Thank you for replies.
  12. Nanite10

    Old Computer Games!

    What are your favorite old computer games that could be played on a 486 or less? Please give me a variety. I am pretty much looking for other games then first person shooters because I know almost all of them.
  13. Nanite10

    OT: Quake Editing

    I used qoole a lot years ago, but it is not DOS based is it? Anyway there is no Qoole web site any more!? Try it for yourself. http://www.qoole.com/
  14. Nanite10

    OT: Quake Editing

    Does anyone have some good web sites that have tutorials on how to make Quake maps. The map maker that I will use must be an MS-DOS one. Thank you for any replies!
  15. Nanite10

    OT: DOS Utility