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  1. amazing mapset! I 'm up to map7, and the atmosphere and pacing are just wonderful. regarding the map 6 softlock below, i also found it; i did the jump with sr40 the first time, then failed to repeat it and got it the first sr50 i tried, so i think it's pretty reliable.
  2. I propose a technological solution: - The creation of a new options LMP, similar to flags in MBF21, which codifies as many of these "gray area" demo-recording options as possible, thus leaving the choice to the map creator. - The creation of a new standard, e.g., a follow-up to MBF21, which includes some sane defaults for these. - dsdarchive can selectively provide and use custom standalone LMPs to validate certain runs. I'm not trying to add new opinions to the mix; i'm trying to suggest a technological solution which allows feelings on this topic to be finer-grained and doesn't step on anyone's toes. I feel really bad for the new generation of sensational players who love the 180 key and may feel disenfranchised.
  3. siege cunt

    DIY demos [-complevel 21]

    Map 30 UV-Max in 12:58 zip: diy30m1258.zip youtube (with first attempt at commentary): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqaEUxUsMl4 Fun map by nefelibeta =)
  4. I did a quick max attempt (dying just after the 3 keys door like an idiot) where you can see the major cheese i do in the basement. basically i completely de-fang the fight. you can also see the slow cleanup of the hk/revs, but it's fine as you say. this demo is against rc0, recorded with the current dsda 0.25 beta, shouldn't desync i hope. diy30m-cheese.zip this really should have been a max, oh well.
  5. Indeed I'm sorry I did not give proper credit, thanks for correcting me. Still, I'm always grateful for all the great stuff ViolentBeetle does. Speaking of great stuff, I played and loved your map 30, but was not sure about one thing:
  6. Wonderful; thanks for resurrecting this! I'm always so happy when I see another Violentbeetle community project; I still get warm fuzzes just thinking about Hellevator. Map 2 (RC0): One of the two secrets has a very strange hall-of-mirrors (visible from inside and outside). Tested with software rendering, recent-ish dsda-doom (0.24.2 I think).
  7. siege cunt

    Newt [Version 0.0b]

    Wonderful set of maps! Beautiful design, and many interesting fights. Maybe it's the selection of tracks, but you've managed to not just recover some ribbiks visual and combat design, but also that comfy feel of some ribbiks maps. I have might a tiny bug report for the first map. In the penultimate fight, when the lift lowers and the stack of viles and cybers teleport in, I found the clump of viles and the lone cyber with them to be a bit flaky: a few times I've gotten just the viles to appear, and once even just the cyber. edit: that was the first way i got out of there, the main intended way took me much longer!
  8. siege cunt

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    dang, sorry, i was really hoping this helped with the jump.wad crashes. sorry i didn't debug it further. thanks for the great source port!
  9. siege cunt

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    I've known about another bug for a while with save states that seems easily repeatable and may give some hints as to what's going on here? I avoided saying anything here before, hoping someone else had better info, but since there's silence, I'll say what I know, though meager. The bug is specific to 20x7 map 9 and I triggered it first long ago and mentioned it in rayzik's jump.wad stream. It can result in a situation like this, which I think is normally impossible: to repeat this very easily now, here's what i did: - used cheats to quickly get to these three switches in 20x7 map 9 (i mention it in case it seems to matter, but i triggered it without cheats in the past). - i hit the three switched and then stood underneath the gates. - i let one close and let the other two bounce on my head. i mention this because the bug seems to be that some detailed states can persist across rewinds. - if i then rewind to before any switch presses, i get to this situation, where the skull eyes glow but the gates are closed. afaik this scenario is impossible without save states. when i originally triggered this (casually playing through 20x7 not long after dsda got rewind), i did it in another way (i think i rewinded some pathetic failure to press all three switches), but still got this effect. the bottom line is that there are some types of complex linedef/tag/? behavior that are not properly reverted with dsda rewind. i guess jump.wad just makes this a lot more pronounced. sorry in advance if this does not help at all, and for spamming the thread.
  10. siege cunt

    Wormwood Series demos [-complevel 9]

    Wormwood map 2 UVMax in 32:43 Another fun, nonlinear wormwood map by ribbiks. demo zip: wormwood2uvmax3243.zip youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grwDkZwfLGk
  11. siege cunt

    Wormwood Series demos [-complevel 9]

    @Maribo posted UVMax demos for wormwood EU maps 1-3. Here are my demos for the remaining maps, meaning 4,31,32,33: map 4: wormwood_EU4uvmax2950.zip [ beautiful exploration map, see video below ] map 31: wormwood_EU31uvmax316.zip [ great platforming/puzzle map, demo mediocre ] map 32: wormwood_EU32uvmax547.zip [ great mini-slaughter map ] map 33: wormwood_EU33uvmax444.zip [ fun chaotic tyson map, demo mediocre ] I think map 4 is beautiful, mysterious, and fun; it reminds me of sd20x7 map 2, and I'd like to popularize it with a video. I hope it's fun to watch; I get all but one of the unmarked secrets (feels bad) and promote lots of infighting. The strategy I use at the end is extremely satisfying, I haven't seen anyone else use it. My demo is very slow, but if you watch it on youtube, I give timestamps in the description to skip around. This is my first youtube doom video so please tell me if something is weird. youtube video of map 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXJkoGiC-jM [ post edited to replace inline video with video link ]
  12. Thanks, for the response. This is certainly a great wad with lots of nice original content, including the assets you mentioned. Still, I was curious about this situation, so I dissected it further. Map 8 uses the music from E1M3 (i.e., original wads as you mentioned, thanks!), which I'd somehow forgotten, even though it's also used in plutonia (without the midi pack). It is by Bobby Prince. Here's one version of it: The music has a simple chord progression which plays four separate poly-notes for each chord, plus backing percussion. The most similar music from the game Dark Sun can be found here: It has a similar structure though it permutes the order of the poly-notes. Earlier I was mentioning the track "Sewers" from dark sun (also on youtube), which is thematically similar but actually this track has more overlap. Both games came out in 1993. It's really hard for me to discern what happened. It's known that Bobby Prince took material from many sources, and this game Dark Sun also used midi for its music. But they are close enough in time that it could have gone the other way, too, or been even more unclear.
  13. Out of curiosity, are the full midi credits available anywhere? For instance, the music from map 8 is taken from the classic dos rpg "dark sun: shattered lands" (you can find the track on youtube under the name "sewers"), but I don't see this credited anywhere? I realize it's hard to track credits since this was combined from many sources. Thanks either way!
  14. siege cunt

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    I'm on linux, just did a git pull and compile; it build successfully, and I can confirm that the resulting build links to portmidi. Last time someone had this problem, it seemed they were missing portmidi.h, which comes with the portmidi development files. Maybe check for those?
  15. What a beautiful and inventive wad! Amongst all the other praise everyone is giving here, I must say you have an incredible talent for color combinations. I noticed a sliver-thin slime trail in software-rendering mode near the switch where you use the white key in map 6. Specifically, if you stand at the opening of the alcove and face the switch, then turn 90 degrees left, it should be visible. I tried to see a hint in UDB, but don't know anything about mapping; in UDB I saw a spot around where there was the slime trail which had three vertices close to each other, not sure if that was it. I was using v1.8.1 and just compiled dsda-doom from github source, I guess I'm using v0.22.1 with no additional patches, on linux.