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  1. siege cunt

    Fractured Worlds [Final Release/Idgames]

    What a beautiful and inventive wad! Amongst all the other praise everyone is giving here, I must say you have an incredible talent for color combinations. I noticed a sliver-thin slime trail in software-rendering mode near the switch where you use the white key in map 6. Specifically, if you stand at the opening of the alcove and face the switch, then turn 90 degrees left, it should be visible. I tried to see a hint in UDB, but don't know anything about mapping; in UDB I saw a spot around where there was the slime trail which had three vertices close to each other, not sure if that was it. I was using v1.8.1 and just compiled dsda-doom from github source, I guess I'm using v0.22.1 with no additional patches, on linux.
  2. siege cunt

    NoSp3 (MBF21, 32 maps) IDGAMES

    Great release =) Looking forward to playing through all maps properly
  3. siege cunt

    dsda-doom source port [v0.22.0]

    I'm on debian and it compiles fine. I didn't try compiling on arch, but have an arch machine and am familiar with how things work there; the portmidi package should provide that header https://archlinux.org/packages/extra/x86_64/portmidi/ dsda-doom is in the AUR and the AUR lists portmidi as an explicit dependency, so I'm not sure why it failed on your setup, but seems you should reach out to the AUR maintainer or the arch forums..
  4. siege cunt

    Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

    stuff2.wad D2ALL UV-MAX in 27:57 This is my first time recording any demo, let alone posting one here, so please tell me if I did something wrong. I haven't seen this wad discussed on doomworld, so I decided to d2all it to showcase it. The quality of my own play in this demo however is disastrously bad; I had a few very fun and aggressive runs end in map 3, and then did this one when tired, a bit scared, and definitely frustrated. I would suspect this run can be done in 10-12 minutes. I think this is an amazing and fun wad, especially if you want a quick little combat wad with no fuss. Since it hasn't been discussed on doomworld, here's a mini review/description. ribbiks labeled this "morkian mishap", and that's a perfect name: they are maps in the gggmork style. There is non-stop combat with nowhere to hide, and some amount of randomized teleport destinations to force you to adapt your strategies and not stick to any specific route. The maps are tiny and relatively easily by ribbiks' standards, and lack his usual visual detail, and also his usual complicated progressions, but I think it all fits with the style: short gggmork maps focused on dynamic gameplay. Some highlights/notes: Map 2. Two of the cybers have randomized teleport destinations, and I found that where they end up completely changes the map dynamics. Map 2. The pile of archviles can be rushed with a stack of bfg balls, it's very fun. Hilariously, I started to do that, and hadn't noticed I had almost no cells. Oops! Map 3. One really doesn't need to play this safe, it might be the easiest map of the set, I just wanted to get the demo recorded. Overall map 2 is my favorite and the most morkian. Maybe I'll do a proper d2all (less fear and mistakes) since this one is embarrassing. Thanks to @David Asaad @Daerik @KineticBeverage for inspiring me to do this d2all with their amazing twitch channels and d2alls. (I am "lnf7r87x" on twitch.) Thanks to @bemused for pinging me about gggmork and letting me know about this mapset. stuff2allm2757.zip
  5. siege cunt

    dsda-doom source port [v0.22.0]

    an anecdote similar to Xaser's, hopefully can help someone: I couldn't start up 0.20.0, and fixed the issue by updating dsda-doom.wad which I didn't even know existed, but I had apparently hidden in some system folder.
  6. I've played through maps 1-7 so far, really enjoyed them. Some comments: - Map 7 is amazing, a really nice twist on the similar idea in Valiant, though much more challenging! There is a slight potential cheese in the last fight, where you can run over the corner of the central pit and the mancubus platforms drop, though the time i did it, they killed the arachnotron... Also I was thinking it might be nice to require the keycards to hit the switches in each of the keycard rooms? Anyway, everything about this map is wonderful, all the fights are interesting, and I had to be really careful to keep the arachnotron alive. Very memorable map. I like the ammo distribution a lot, I ended up "spending" rockets and saving shells, which was unusual. Violentbeetle I also really enjoyed your hellevator maps (and I think you had some in 2048 units of /vr/ as well, and I enjoyed them immensely? iirc...) - Map 1 was a little weird with ammo, I ran out near the beginning, then had too much later? Maybe I followed a weird progression? Also, I only found 2 secrets (though I got 100% kills). - I saw that skulltiverse has a more strict progression than hellevator. One downside is that hellevator really grabbed my attention with a very intense opening, whereas skulltiverse is a bit slower to start. I think it'd be okay to increase the difficulty of the first maps a little? Map 7 was way more difficult than 1-6, and to be honest I liked its difficulty much more.. Anyway, a great wad so far, I look forward to going through the rest of it.
  7. In map 3, in the yellow key area, the first arch vile is released on the first step, with the nearby imps being released a little higher; thus it's possible to only release the vile and fight it alone, rendering the fight much easier. Was this intentional?
  8. I just played this wonderful wad. It feels very fun and fresh, and I especially like the "circular" style of many fights, where doing well relies upon weaving through many doorways and hallways (as opposed to doing such motions in open areas, which is more common). Some comments: - I echo Arby's comment that the difficulty is a bit confusing. For me, map 3 is 10x harder than any other map. maps 6 and 7 were the easiest. - to be clear, i am not complaining about map 3. it was very exciting and dynamic, for me. the first fight with the vile, for instance, i had to adapt to the situation and could not follow any set path; e.g., sometimes the vile would take up spots so that i could just hide in a hallway, sometimes instead i had to run down and out of them, sometimes i would circle to the other, etc. it was incredible how much variety i could just from that one vile. - map 3 bug: in the last room, near the top of the stairs, there are missing textures next to the light in the stairs on one side. - map 6 issue: the cyber can get stuck on the stairs, and in fact once he was stuck i pushed him a little higher with rockets and he was completely pinned and couldn't even fire back. Thanks for posting this wonderful wad. Like all the other posters, i'm excited for your future wads =)
  9. siege cunt

    dsda-doom source port [v0.22.0]

    I have a very minor bug report. I was trying out your very nice "have dsda doom organize saves for you" feature (not yet in a release), and I believe you meant to use an octal constant 0733 rather than a hexadecimal constant 0x733 in the call to mkdir on this line: https://github.com/kraflab/dsda-doom/blob/37788ae3afb6b39582cc02e823a2c7e1215d63ad/prboom2/src/dsda/save.c#L105 I am using Linux, and this affected both the creation of the .dsda-doom/save_files path (which it then couldn't write to and led to a crash of dsda-doom) and the doom2 subdirectory. I deleted these subdirectories, changed the constant to 0733 in the code, recompiled, and the feature works nicely now. (Note that without this fix, a crash occurs, since the save_files subdirectory is created without error, but then trying to create the doom2 subdirectory fails. Perhaps a check would be good there too.) Looking forward to the next release! Also perhaps you should add a document for where to report bugs? I debated sending a private message, but maybe it's nice to bump the thread and get people interested in this new feature =)
  10. siege cunt

    Abandon - Beta is here!

    Wonderful wad =) map5 is my favorite so far, the atmosphere is wonderful; but i've enjoyed all the maps i played so far (most of the wad). In map 15 I also found an odd linedef? After you enter the blue key area and pass an interesting platforming fight, you take a lift down to a room with cacos and revs; if you stay on the platform and fire at them, they don't wake up (except those you damage). In the end of map 10, well, the infinite height of lost souls takes on a whole new meaning.
  11. siege cunt

    Let's talk about mbf+ / a new complevel

    yeah indeed. kraflab's original thread-starting suggestion would be quite simple to implement by any engine authors (activative/deactivate some flags they already have) and would be a big win for map creators and also people just playing and enjoying. the rest of the thread details many additional features which of course would be more work for any engine authors to implement, but I think the whole purpose of kraflab's post was to get input not just from map creators but also engine devs to _avoid_ fragmentation.
  12. gggmork wrote back to me and gives explicit permission: "They can put it on idgames or whatever if they want." He didn't say much else about this specific topic but I'm sure it made him happy that everyone has put this together and supported him. Thank you @catpho for this glorious effort and topic.
  13. Hi @Touchdown, I really enjoy your stardate videos (both series) and really appreciated your honesty discussing your difficulties; I was then shocked to see @Killer5's comment, i was just expecting some sort of "i beat it first try on nightmare, too much ammo", so I became intrigued and played the map many times. It helps that I really enjoy the map and its music, and disagree with you about the vault: the way I play the vault is that if I'm feeling comfortable and want some fun, I actually join the fray, at least for some portion of time; it's easy to run away again. There's certainly enough ammo and health for that. (Then again, maybe I'm just much worse at doom than you, and enjoy something easier more than you.) Now, I do not have the demo you seek. I am not a skilled doom player and additionally I did not grind this map heavily. But what I do have is a simple strategy with which I was able to beat the map a few times, starting from a resource-depleted save right after the arch vile rush. Again, this is a far cry from a successful run of the last segment following all the fatigue and stress of beating the rest of the map, I definitely do not downplay that aspect; however, it seems my strategy was not listed by you and also not tried in any other demos I watched, so it might be worth considering? The strategy has two phases. In phase 1, as revenants, imps, and viles spawn in, I alternate between following a complete circumnavigation of the square, and also a nearly closed C-shape, using wallrun as much as possible. My goal is survival and resource preservation: I use BFG for a combination of getting out of sticky situations and light crowd control mainly in the area closest to the cyberdemons (a safe space of sorts), tryin to keeps tough enemies focused near the spawn point as much as possible. It actually works, they kindof get stuck there. Because they are crowding their and pissed off, the viles definitely get hit a lot, and between that and the columns, one can avoid the vile attacks pretty well. In terms of when to retreat and follow the C and when to complete a ring, I use gut feel but am very conservative, again trying to convserve ammo and health and trying to never get stuck. This overall suggestion is in big contrast to demos I've seen, where people go completely wild trying to kill things as fast as possible before the cyberdemons come in. Honestly this just didn't seem right to me due to the major resource depletion I had when doing this; when I did manage to beat it this way myself (from that save), I had very bad resource depletion and had to kill the final cyber with the shotgun. Anyway, this phase is actually pretty reliable. In phase 2, I run past the cyberdemons as soon as they appear and tuck myself into that same nook you used, which is only visible to one of them. This procedure is of course where most of my deaths occured. A few times I was able to get a fancy version to succeed where I accumulate a wad of revenant missiles and have it smack the only cyberdemon who can see me on my way to the nook. Through some miracle, I managed this the first time I thought of it, but was not able to repeat it for a while, it was actually more reliable to just run up there, dodge a little, and pick a nook. The reason this kindof works is basically it's never 3 cyberdemons targetting me: the nature of this approach always has at least one of them getting hit when I run up, it's just hard to understand quite which one it is amidst the initial chaos. Of course, this second phase ends up being a bit of a cheese, but it doesn't rely on a vile jump or your slow switch trick, and thus makes me think it's a bit more of an "intended method. I'm not promising this could lead you to the consistency you suggested, but anyway I thought it was worth mentioning; perhaps this strategy can be refined into a reliable one?
  14. Sorry for my delay, I have attached two screenshots. Thanks for the great map. At first I thought "no way" and was shocked to eventually find reliable strategies (the first time I got to the spider infighting part, I put the map away and beat a few others lol). Also I like the style very much, it reminded me of some things I've seen in jpcp and not really anywhere else. As I said, this is software renderer in prboom. I'm using the DSDA v0.10 update, which afaik hasn't adjusted anything here. (EDIT: I just checked regular prboom+, outcome is the same.)
  15. I was using the software renderer in prboom; I switched to it due to some of the lighting tricks @Ribbiks uses in "wormwoood eu", and sort of never returned to glboom+. I mean the thicker silver columns at the boundaries of the wooden barriers, particularly the two main endpoints. I stopped using the wooden barriers because they made it too complicated to guarantee infighting happens quickly. Basically my "reliable strategy" for that part is to always have the spider mastermind firing and to always have many demons along the line of fire. I do not kill any revenants or barons myself until the stairs have raised. Anyway maybe I made it up, but it seemed there was a precise place i could camp at the corner (somewhat in front of the secret) and the spider does not shoot me.
  16. Okay I've done all maps from pistol start, single segment, either UV Max or missing some secrets as long as I get 100% kills. I think this is a wonderful, high-quality wad with many interesting fights and other nice touches. Anyone wanting a nice challenge to test the wad quickly can skip to maps 14, 24, and especially 28. Here are some detailed comments: 9. 3 arachnotrons don't spawn in. also, barrels don't fully kill the archviles. 10. a few monsters (revenants?) didn't spawn in, but i wasn't able to get the radsuit secret which may be the cause... 11. great map but ammo a tiny bit scarce at the start. 14. absolutely amazing map; third most difficult map for me. no bugs/suggestions to report. 15. the secret exit solution isn't clear and is frustrating for people who play completely saveless, but unfortunately i can't think of a low-effort fix. maybe the correct order could appear in one of the other secrets? 31. the mechanism to activate secret exit here, by contrast, very clear. and didn't take me long to figure out where to shoot twice to make it happen =) 32. one of three spectres in a cluster did not teleport in. had to clip up to him to jostle him to get him to teleport =( it was my only remaining kill and i had all secrets. prboom-dsda with no -complevel, just default. 18. Basically easiest map; wanna throw in some arch viles lol? 20. devious, fun map. didn't find the secret which is a platform in the middle of conveyors with rockets and other goodies. 22. pretty easy if a good sequence is chosen (e.g. arch-viles first), which is cool. a little buggy; in the last pairing, some of the first spawns before the other? 23. can hit central tower button with 3-chaingunner trap from below it, not intended? also didn't figure out last secret (in the last/first room) but maybe is easy, didn't try super hard. 24. wow this one was tough, second hardest map for me. I eventually developed pretty reliable strategy and it didn't feel too RNG, which was surprising to me; e.g., the spider mastermind "trap" in the middle can be somewhat reliable, to my surprise, due to the megasphere, and also surprisingly those thicker columns can actually guard from the spider demon. some bugs: missing texture next to yellow door (really weird, fixes after opening); missing texture on the stairs near the plasma gun on a pillar near the entrance. 25. nice map, the sludge was a surprise! 27. brilliant map, i really had to make a strategy, and find "tricks", which I think were intended, like getting the spider mastermind to kill most of the revenants, and then running awand hiding up those stairs rather than facing everyone in the big arena (there was a monster-blocking linedef after all). I've written about this map already. 28. incredible but over my skill level. I'm a little worried this one is RNG-heavy even for people of much higher skill than me? Most of my deaths came from the opening area. Due to the small chance of passing the opening, I picked boring/conservative strategies for the rest of the map. E.g., for rocketing the imps, I actually kill some and then hide within the secret! This part is surprisingly nasty due to the teleporting revenants, whose appearance has some RNG effects. The invulnerability not long after that is also a bit RNG for me; sometimes I just don't make it to it, and I'm curious if high skill players have a 100% success rate going from bars lowering to the invulnerability, or if it really is an RNG thing. The final segement seems it should be easy but sometimes the level stresses me out and I die there; also one suggestion would be to be a little more forgiving with soul sphere placement; I tend to not pick the one provided there earlier until the end, and it's unpleasant having it in the middle. @ViolentBeetle , going back to your comment, indeed the baron part is maybe the easiest; by focusing on the barons and just dodging the revenants, i can basically prevent all teleports behind me and reliably beat it and occasionally without a single BFG. The Arch Vile crushing area is also reliable for me, I just burn two BFG shots on the first monster closet and am fine after that, those lion faces on the columns help me center myself to not get zapped (nice touch!). Overall I think this is a brilliant map but would be curious if a very high skill player can check and make sure that indeed there are consistent strategies for all parts. 29. Tough but brilliant map. 30. Fun Icon =)
  17. okay well i am shamed, i will make sure to make a good run of this map now =) indeed what happened is i still don't have a good strategy for the starting area, and sort of ran out of steam on the later parts. but i haven't finished up prior maps yet; i'm skipping around, and 27 was a standout for me, I just adored it =) Beautiful work on this wad, I'm having tremendous fun. Other highlights have included maps 14 and 29.
  18. I'm playing through this (absolutely glorious) megawad right now, and will update once I've made a complete run of all maps, but just want to chime in about map27. This was one of my favorites from the entire wad so far, maybe top 3. I found it really clever and it forced me to come up with a good strategy; I can run it pretty reliably now that I have one. E.g., I can reliably get the spider mastermind fighting pretty much all the revenants by sprinting straight to the bfg and then dodging/weaving after that; after that, i do a careful dodge-weave and hit the "throne" button first and accumulate the monsters sort of to one side and then make a dash for the bfg ammo and for the other switch, bfg the two viles and rush up the stairs, where a monster-blocking linedef keeps me safe. this doesn't feel like a slaughter map to me to be honest, since after all this strategy I was only ever fighting a few enemies at once, and used a lot of infighting. Anyway, cheers to the map creator, this was a wonderful map. (It may take me a while to post comments about the full set; I am worried it will take me a long time to get a full run of map 28; I haven't found a good strategy for that cramped barron fight yet.)
  19. Since you seemed a bit concerned about this, I'll make a detailed follow-up, now that I have played through all maps (I did only 1-16,31,32 or so when I commented before). I played all maps pistol start + saveless, UV Max on nearly all but 100% on a few if I got to the exit with 100% kills and had only 2/8 secrets or something. - Even though I saw your comment here about matching face buttons to doors when only halfway through the megawad, STILL I did not make use of it, namely I never memorized which doors had which faces. The maps are small and I have to do monster cleanup and get ammo/health anyway, so I'd just sort of run around after pressing buttons. Interestingly I do sort of automatically memorize key doors and colors. The one time I did memorize something was in a late level where the BFG was on a pedestal with a glyph, I figured I'd want to go there; but in the end the glyph was on a teleporter, and I was going to check that teleporter anyway. - The maps and secrets actually managed to get easier as I went on, as I sort of got a feel of your secret placement. The later maps have tons of secret health, and personally I feel those invulnerabilities shouldn't be there on UV, just my taste. - I UV-Maxed most of the last levels, and can recall one secret that was a real pain for me: there's an area with pieces of red damaging floor, where you need to touch one brown piece to open a door. That one was pretty obscure. Also I felt walk-through wells appeared a fair bit, though I got used to your placement of it? Anyway I'm just commenting due to your concern about people making it through, not to complain, I think it's good as is especially since I'm not a good secret hunter. - If I think through what may have been a stumbling block for people that play less doom (e.g., the bethesda port), maybe the main thing is that one shootable demon face you use throughout? and maybe some of the platforming. Overall I found it a very unique and incredibly enjoyable wad; wonderfully done, doing so much with a relative scarcity of monsters, being more about little puzzles. The boss was a nice surprise, especially since I really didn't expect her on map 29 (despite the foreshadowing on map 28), it was a shock when I teleported to that room and I died in a panic. (On my second run, I was telefragged, which I thought impossible on a map 29? Is this a dehacked thing, or do I just not know boom properly?) Anyway, wonderful work; only given detailed comments due to your earlier concerns.
  20. another option is glyphs that are simple to differentiate: triangle, circle, cross, etc. moreover these can be done in many styles, can still be consistent with the rest of the texture set. colors otoh can be a bit ostentatious and will stand out from the current color schemes, imo.
  21. I guess you are getting some pushback due to the wider release? personally, my experience is like ReaperAA's and DSC's: I did not have problems here. I think many of us simply do not differentiate these faces, but still find your mechanisms clear and "discoverable". E.g., I remember one map where i walk over two light squares to raise/lower some non-damaging sludge, and it was natural to study them due to the pattern you put around them. Personally I think you don't need to make a change. If you are actually getting complaints due to the wider release: - You can try to add some initial "tutorial room" type area to map 1. - Alternatively, if you replace the face textures with more explicitly color-coded switches, I think it would make a big difference. Somehow, colors really pop to people; think about the colored keys, but also the big colored switches in the OTEX texture set, which are extensively used with some attention to their color-coding in eviternity.
  22. the pentagrams i remember as teleporters. based on your pictures, the faces on switches match with floors which will be raised/opened/etc, but i didn't realize this! I just short of mashed buttons and usually it felt logical where to go next without checking these labels. that said, having not posted in this thread: i found doom zero to be an absolute dream. i am so impressed by this wad: - you make very economical use of items, objects, and other map elements, but still it is constantly challenging, fun, and surprising. e.g., i remember one map where i used a well-placed lamp to avoid a bunch of lost souls that could be surprisingly deadly. - things always feel logical, even the copious secrets. - i find the maps extremely fresh and fun. i usually like slaughter-y maps, but find yours to be basically as orthogonal to slaughter as doom could possibly be, and i enjoy it in ways i didn't think possible! wonderful work <3
  23. I chat with gggmork now and then (not on doomworld) and have pinged him, but sometimes he takes months to respond. Thank you for putting together this archive. I really like the random enemy placement map he did (map 32 or 33 for one of the slaughterfests).
  24. Brilliant maps, thanks for posting. the bouncy walls in map 3 are really cool. in map 4, i tried to figure out how to use the bouncy walls in the middle advantageously, but could not. at the end too, they just same to make your life hard; i wish there was a trick to get infighting, but it is just so dangerous there. oh well. map31 is a lot of fun. 32 and 33 quite tricky. also: apparently i created this account in 2004 and posted no messages. i guess there was a db wipe at some point? surely i posted something ... map 4 has similarities to magnolia but is different in various ways. while it is not as hand-crafted and ornate as parts of magnolia, i feel that ribbiks has further refined his lua or whatever magic he does to get all these characteristic details. e.g., the floor pattern in the final cyb fight of map 4 is really beautiful. also it is like 100x easier than magnolia map 3. still a very challenging map, but magnolia map 3 is totally bonkers. also, glorious "minor" cyberdemons. what a great enemy.