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  1. I wonder if it would be possible to run DOOM64.wad with a different source port. I can't seem to run it with GZDoom, so I am wondering if there are any other source ports that might add in some creature comfort features (like automap having monsters and secrets found)
  2. Joe Capricorn

    Ancient Aliens RC1 Released

    Pretty awesome that 22 years on mods for Doom still get attention from major gaming publications like Kotaku (where I first heard of this WAD) and PC Gamer.
  3. Joe Capricorn

    Realm667 needs your help!

    By the time I heard about the news, the goal had already been reached. Good luck Tormentor667! Your site has been so invaluable for so many of us, especially the repository.
  4. Joe Capricorn

    Doom2 4-player built nomonster full run

    How do I watch this? I tried using prBoom+ but it would go out of sync during the first level. The player would hit a corner instead of going into the room with brown and not be able to get to the exit.
  5. Joe Capricorn

    Holy Hell

    Anyone remember HolyHell.wad? A map that basically is Deus Vult meeting Nuts headon. 20,000 monsters in 1 map. And now, I may just be able to finish this map without any cheats with help from 0verpw_x.wad It is hard, even with better weapons. Constant strategy and making use of what little space you have... if you are lucky to have any.
  6. Joe Capricorn

    Doom 4 interview

    How about a sex game on the DS? Sex on the go... or Impse DS....
  7. Joe Capricorn

    Imp Bust (drawing)

    And uh... That shaded in imp done by the OP is something I'd go gay for.
  8. Joe Capricorn

    Imp Bust (drawing)

    http://www.fybertech.com/4thread/v_20125123/1221632849181.jpg That one is hilarious. Especially with the doomguy with his tongue hanging out. And I found that site Creaphis was talking about...
  9. Joe Capricorn

    Imp Bust (drawing)

    I think I found my favorite anyway. I hate the spider demon, cacodemon, pain elemental, baron of hell and others that look fat. But I loooove that hell knight, she's my favorite. Forget impse, she is where the party is at! Knightse? lololol... This inspires me to draw something sexy and PG rated.
  10. Joe Capricorn

    Most monsters in a playable map?

    I tested a script that allowed me to "play" a map with 28,000 monsters. Most were variants on imps, many of them probably slowed my computer down even more - especially the Lesser Mutants that left behind body parts that weren't removed by the script, and the Catharsis that left behind an exploding bomb... Other than the last bit slowing my computer down to a crawl... it was playable. I doubt I'll use that many monsters. Maybe over 9000, but not 28,000 or 100,000...
  11. Joe Capricorn

    Most monsters in a playable map?

    I experimented with dormant monsters and was able to have a smoothly running map with 60,000 monsters in another room. Of course my rig can also run Crysis on Very High, so that doesn't speak about its performance on most computers. That's where my laptop and old PC comes in, they will be used to test.
  12. What is the most monsters in a playable map? As in, what is the highest number of monsters reached for a map that can play on a standard machine with capabilities to run Doom 3? I know of Holy Hell, which is at 20,000... and Nuts3, which is at 13,000 Holy Hell is probably playable depending on the machine. The reason why I'm posting this is I may have figured out a way using tricks of GZDoom and scripting to end up with a final monster count of over 100,000 in one level. I'll be testing something like this later on, and I might even release a level
  13. Joe Capricorn

    Imp Bust (drawing)

    Grey Ghost, you have provided me a wealth of fapspiration
  14. Joe Capricorn

    My project...

    Edit the GZDoom config as you would any txt file, with notepad. monsters { color = 12; // Light Red arrow = 1; title = "Monsters"; width = 20; sort = 1; height = 56; hangs = 0; blocking = 2; error = 2; 3004 { title = "Former Human"; sprite = "POSSA2A8"; } // ................................. 9061 { title = "Former Human (stealth)"; sprite = "POSSA2A8"; } // After this last guy here, who is no longer the last monster, simply add on the following: ID# of monster (usually in DECORATE in the definition object of a monster, such as ACTOR "Afrit" 3120 --- 3120 is the ID# { title = "Name your monster" sprite = "Filename of a frame of your monster" width = height = If you want the editor to display the approximate size of the monster, I think these are what you use. I think width is the radius of a square, while height is the radius of a vertical square. If you just need an entry in Doom Builder and don't care about the other dingdangs, then all you need is "Title"... name the monster whatever you want. Such as here: 29666 { title = "Azazel"; } If I wanted to add the option of having a sprite represent Azazel in the demo... I would have 29666 { title = "Azazel"; sprite= "A photo of a lovely Azazel posing cutely on a sunny day with a gentle fanged smile. :3"; width = 24; height = over 9000; } Test it, make sure you strictly follow the format and syntax of the language in GZDOOM.cfg, and test it until it works. Edit: Forgive my weirdness... this legally prescribed sleep-aid is making me hallucinate and giggle too much. hehehe.... ohohohoh.... hehehe
  15. Joe Capricorn

    My project...

    Basically, this screenshot is part of a future mapset that will basically be me toying with GZDoom and ACS. It is mainly inspired by Alien Vendetta, and when released it will most likely be my first public release ever. I considered keeping this completely under wraps, release the two Megawads consisting of older, really crappy maps (and one that I just made so I could blast 4000 monsters at once), and then surprise you guys with a masterpiece. But then I realized... what if the masterpiece also sucked? It won't. I doubt it'll be Cacoaward material, because I'm basically snatching bits and pieces from other wads and putting them in mine - it uses lots of Alien Vendetta textures, some Deus Vult ones (not the big banners or facades, or that freaky cat...), and most of the non-Heretic looking monsters (58 new ones, plus or minus a few depending on what I decide) from the Beastiary at Realm 667... ... which is the main reason why I am making this WAD. I finally figured out how to add monsters into a WAD, and customize the GZDoom.cfg for Doom Builder for easy insertion. I also had fun looking up various scripts and brain storming ideas. I look forward to implementing many of these new monsters to good use, having several levels with a particular theme and such... and others where it is a Dark Dome style slaughter fest. The main goal of this project is practice. This will by no means be my magnum opus for the Doom community, but rather a stepping stone toward that goal. By the time this project is finished, I will have honed my GZDoom skills to pursue a project I first thought up back in 2005... making a faithful recreation of Commander Keen. About a year and a half ago, I started work on this project, making a small private demo map and if some of you recall (doubtful) me asking how to implement the color Cyan in Doom (Cyan is used heavily, and also happens to be a color commonly used for transparency). School got in the way, and I also realized I had no idea how to add new items... I still don't, really, because I just used Merge WAD with XWE to add those monsters (lol). I got Cyan working, I implemented 3D floors, sloped 3D floors, and a scripted sequence creating a perfect working replica of the disappearing floors from Miragia (Commander Keen 4), as well as working platforms that went up and down from the start of a level, and those that needed a switch. http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c47/JoeCapricorn/Screenshot_Doom_20090121_003419.png http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c47/JoeCapricorn/Screenshot_Doom_20090121_003505.png http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c47/JoeCapricorn/alphascreen3.jpg