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  1. Wake up this morning and go into the living room, and see my desktop never finished shutting down after I went to bed (was exhausted, hit shut down, went to bed assuming it'd shut down). So I power it off, and go to turn it back on. Case lights come on, fans are starting up, then it goes right back off not even as soon as I release the power button.

    I give it a bit, try starting it up a few more times, and finally get it to start loading aaaand it freezes while loading Win7. Restart it again, this time it starts up asking me if I want to do a start up recovery so I hit yes. It goes through it's thing, restarts and freezes as soon as it enters windows. Great.

    Restarted it again, now it freezes on the MOBO logo screen (I guess you'd call that while it's loading BIOS), and some times not getting a video signal at all. Now, when it'll power up all the way (it still often times does the original not-powering-on-properly thing), I'm met with the sound of fans running at max and no video signal.

    I have no idea wtf is wrong with it now. During all this I tried resetting the BIOS. I got out my Win7 disc because it's priority was set to boot from CD, but now I can't get a video signal or anything anyway. Normally after it starts and gets going when it's working, the fans quiet down, but now all the fans are just blasting at full speed with no video signal until I turn it off again. Also no power is going to my USB mouse that has some LED lights in it, because normally after it gets going the mouse lights come on.

    FYI I'm running Win7 64-bit, a Radeon HD5770 video card, ASUS P5N-T MoBo, and a 750w ATX Power Supply, and an Intel QuadCore CPU (the model escapes me atm.

    edit: Well a friend suggested I try to reseat the processor and video card. Now it's getting a video signal, but automatically shutting down once it enters BIOS.

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    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      It could also be a failing power supply. I had similar problems a few years back and that is what it ended up being. Do you happen to have a spare one to try? Or maybe one you can borrow from another computer just long enough to see if you can boot?

    3. Bucket


      Unplug EVERYTHING.
      Turn it on and see if it throws the appropriate error (usually CPU).
      If the mobo fails even here, the problem is the PSU or motherboard.
      Connect things one at a time to see where it starts to freeze.
      Refer to your mobo's manual and Google to find where to go from here.

    4. Maes


      Inspect the mobo for bulging/exploded capacitors, and, if you are feeling brave, the PSU itself. These tended to be a real plague in the mid 00s, now much less so.