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  1. Living in Houston now instead of Missouri. It's a nice change, even if the politicians are full of shit. But hey, that's America in general.

    Still playing Magic: the Gathering. Been playing a lot with the boyfriend and getting set up for a big competitive event.

    Speaking of Magic, Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 is released, now. It's pretty fun, and I'll probably order it tonight. The Steam, Android and iPad version comes with a promo code for a card I really need. So hey, actually, if anyone else gets it for those devices and doesn't need the actual cards, shoot me a PM with the promo code.

    Working on my Doomsday project, "The Exiled", that I started years ago.

    1. Obsidian


      For some reason darknation's Warhammer Quest thread came to mind when I saw this. :-)