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  1. ...I'm making a blog.

    So I've been accepted to the Illinois Institute of Art, in Chicago. Should be interesting. Me and Lüt had considered getting a place but I'll probably just live in one of the condos the school leases for use as dorms at the Presidential Towers. Probably still hang around some though. Anyone drop over dead yet?

    I fucking hate Spongebob. [/tangent]

    Apparently my grandparents aren't too pleased with me going to Chicago. Not that it really matters. They can enjoy this shitfest for a town all they want where the most exciting thing to do is go to the local Walmart Supercenter but I don't intend to do that my entire life. I have better things to do.

    So With Teeth is pretty good. I downloaded bootlegs of the entire Fresno, CA show from last Wednsday. Not the best quality but still pretty good. Trent sounds great as does the rest of the band. Supposedly they have over 20 different playsets so I'm curious what some of the songs are they'll play live. They've already played "Burn" and "The Big Comedown" which were tracks that rarely (if ever) played before. It makes me all the more anxious to hear the actual songs on the album. "You Know What You Are" and "Love Is Not Enough" are both great. The actual song "With Teeth" is really interesting, though "The Collector" I don't care for too much.

    Flip-Flop Flip-Flop Flip

    Speaking of music, once again I've been messing around in FL Studio 5. I've come up with this track that's reminescent of the music from an SNES game. It was actually accident turned to advantage as I really like the way it's turning out so far.

    And I'm done. Mong away.

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      The Tangiers turns down your wager, for obvious guest favor.

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