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  1. Life is good.

    Aqua Teen Hungerfoce owns.

    My forum now has gained over 3,500 members since it went up January 1st.

    Magic cards are as good as green

    $115.75 = Sold 505 junk rares + set of Vedalken Shackles
    $ 72.00 = Already in the bank
    $ 5.00 = In my pocket.
    $ 30.00 - Lance owes me for losing my AATCHB dvd.
    $ 40.00 = Playset of Umezawa's Jitte added to SCG sell.
    $ 30.00 = Chaos Orb on SCG sell
    $292.75 sub-total
    -$38.80 = NIN With Teeth hoodie & Poster
    $253.95 total

    About time I was able to get rid of the shit and make some cash.

    The title of this blog/thread is meaningless and was made up.

    Heh, mallis made this a while back, it's quite fitting

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    2. Johnny


      dn's pet?

    3. Sharessa


      Numbermind said:

      Another question: how fast do they appreciate? I'm not going to bother holding on to these for another 10 years if they're only going to double in value.

      Heh, when I first started caring about how much my cards were worth back in 95-96, the Alpha Black Lotus was worth $300-$450. These days, it's worth... $300-$450. None of the cards have really gone up in price in the last 10 years or so. It's just that the Alpha and Beta editions were printed before many people were playing and thus in rather limited runs. Same with Arabian Nights, Antiquities, and Unlimited. Those were back in the very dawn of the game so very few people got a chance to buy any cards at the moment. Then when they made Revised, they got rid of a lot of those powerful broken cards (Lotus, Moxes, Chaos Orb, etc.) and they've never been reprinted since so their price went through the roof. Even the most obscure of those (like Lich) go for at least $50. In short, it was really just the games obscurity, then subsequent popularity that made the prices spike like they did.

      Even old sets like Legends, the Dark, Fallen Empires, and Ice Age aren't worth all THAT much. Some of the more powerful rares can go for as much as $70, but most aren't worth any more thna like $2-3 more than they were when they came out and pretty much everything seems to be worth the same as it was when I started playing. In my opinion, you're probably not going to get much more for them than you can right now. Just be glad you managed to pick up the rarest set while it was still on the market.

    4. Little Faith

      Little Faith

      Johnny used to be the quintessential Me Too whenever some forum member was recieving flak from the other forumites.

      When the majority became tired of Shadowrunner's antics, Johnny was at the scene, heckling from the sideline.

      And when some forum regulars decided to give Melfice hell Johnny was there again jeering at the crowd.

      I am not sure Johnny was there back in the Railgunner days, but I am sure it would have been the same pattern.