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  1. So tomorrow at 8am I have to take this ASSET test for the college I'm going to in July, since I don't have any SAT or ACT scores. It's just over math and english. Unfortunately, since come the 23rd of this month it'll have been a year since I graduated, I'll probably suck at math big time.

    Apparently the double-sided tape I used sucked eggs, as I woke up yesterday to my new NIN poster laying on the floor, now with crinkles in it and rather unpleasent looking, since the cats took it upon themselves to attack it while I was asleep. I hate those fucking cats.

    For no reason, Madness:

    And a card I need to build a Magic deck around, from the upcoming set "Saviors of Kamigawa":

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    2. Danarchy


      That card is awesome. It's like the hot potato of doom.

      Also, Madness:

    3. gatewatcher


      tee hee time 2 tell doomworld abot my awsum day!1

    4. rf`


      Cats are smart.