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  1. So this weekend has been really boring for the most part. Today I woke up at 10. I figured Brent had shown up or something but instead my mom wanted to know if I was running with her and my sister with my grandparents to Osceola. I said sure whatever. I didn't bother to change except for my shirt and as far as I was concerned I was ready. I took my laptop and headphones and watched my Dream Theater dvd on the way there. The place was quite boring and all around a waste of time. I went to Walmart again earlier, making that the 3rd time since I got paid. I picked up dvds of Vanilla Sky, Office Space, and Superstar, as well as a wireless AIM msging thing that was on sale for $25. I also picked up some new socks. Next time I get paid I'm going to see if my uncle wants to run to joplin the following Monday instead of the Monday where the coming Friday I get paid (next Monday, so the Monday after instead). I'll spend it on college stuff exclusivly. I didn't have enough to cover the $200 deposit because I started and only got a week's pay (When you consider I made $176.00 being there for only 6 hours instead of 8 for five days out of a week that's pretty damn good for Missouri). That means my next check will be for a LOT more, it'll be for three weeks. Before the cheapass government takes money out of my check, I'll have $630 on my next check, which I'll get June 10th. After that I'll have one more full paycheck on June 24th, which will be for around $560, and then finally a half a check the last week of work before I go to Chicago which will be for around $280.

    List of things I need to do before I go to Chicago:

    -$200 Deposit (with next paycheck)
    -New shoes (will spend no more than $40)
    -New canvas messenger bag (I find these very conveniant, there's this Linkin Park bag I'd like to get, rip all the patches off or sew over with something, and dye black. Fucking Linkin Park shit desecrates it.)
    -Atleast 3 other new shirts *aka clothes for college*
    -Some new pants.
    -Plane ticket should I need it (only around $75 for a one-way ride there, non-stop, amazingly, I thought it'd be atleast over $100)
    -Cellphone ($20-$80)
    -Insurance on jeep at the end of June ($20)

    Extra crap I want to buy but doesn't necissarily mean I will:

    -Tweaker's "2 a.m. Wake-Up Call" cd ($10)
    -Tweaker's "The Attraction to All Things Uncertain" cd ($10)
    -Dream Theater's "Images & Words" cd ($10)
    -ATHF Vol 1 & 2 (~$20 each)
    -Invader Zim Vol. 2 & 3 ($10 each)

    Right now I'm talking to Coleman about me, him, Jackie who'll be with Coleman at the time, and perhaps Tristan all taking a roadtrip to Chicago when it comes time for me to move. Coleman is really experienced at driving long distances, and to be honest I'm scared to death of airplane rides. I've never even been on one but jesus it scares the shit out of me. On top of that, I want to spend some time with them all before I probably hardly ever see them again if ever, and I'd get to meet Jackie, too. He said he'd definitely beable to let me know two weeks in advance to when it's being planned out, so if it doesn't work out I'll beable to plan an airplane ride and I'll have time to get some suitcases.

    Everything In Its Right Place.

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    2. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Gokuma said:

      Personally I just use bags I've gotten as gifts over the years regardless of how much they're worn out.

      Yeah I have like three duffel bags that I use for various things, even though they're all pretty old and beat up. I have a Stone Harbor Beach Patrol thing that a lifeguard or something gave me a few years ago at the beach, and I use this for sporting events, etc. Then I have my cross country bag which I use for out-of-town weekends, times when I'm not going to be gone for a real long time. And then I just have this big thing with tons of pockets that I use for extended vacations.

    3. Danarchy


      Heh, I had the most boring and yet the most action packed weekend.

      I can't remember Friday or Saturday too well. I think I had taco bell and ice cream Friday night. I tried to go to Dairy Queen but they were OUT OF ICE CREAM...I guess because it was a 90 fucking degrees out in may. There was a line of cars like a block down the street from the DQ. So we just went to Albertsons and I got some Ben & Jerry's (best ice cream ever). Then I got drunk on whiskey...kinda. I didn't really get too drunk but I didn't want to TRY to get more drunk cause I know what happens with me and whiskey sometimes.

      That might have been Saturday...I'm not sure...they both kind of ran together.

      Sunday was D&D night though we didn't get much of a game started because we were reviving an old game and I wanted to roll up a background for my character that I only played once and Diane wanted to make a new character for the game. Oh yeah, and Diane got pulled over when me and my friend Jeremy were in the car cause she had expired tags. That was fun.

      Then on Monday I helped move stuff around for my friend Shawn's mom with Shawn and Jer and Shawn's brother. I almost got cramps in both of my arms. Man, I'm out of shape. ;_; Also, I got to learn why my other friend is a huge dumbass with women, even moreso than I. But that's a whole different story not meant for public consumption.

    4. Gokuma


      Friday I went to May Fair in Allentown and saw the Strawbs. Saturday I went to a huge punk picnic and show in Baltimore. And Sunday I went to a friend's party and played kickball. Monday I was exhausted.

      The May Fair and Punk Picnic are stories in themselves maybe I'll tell later. I got a couple pictures of the show after the picnic but they need to be decently scanned and my scanner is only good for B&W or shitty color.