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  1. I managed to finish Map05: Lunar Command Center. The majority of the bugs have been worked out of it so all that's left is balancing the enemies, ammo, and health.

    Yesterday I did a whole lot of nothing. Falling asleep on the couch the night before sucked and I felt like I barely got any sleep. Kevin stayed up until like 7am before he went to sleep so I didn't get to talk to him half the day. I'm going to have to backhand him next month.

    Next Monday me and my uncle are going out of town. Whether I do anything or not while I'm down there really depends on how much I get on this pay check. I'm hoping I got atleast $300, so I'll have $100 left. It would have helped me considerably if 1) We didn't have Memorial Day off (heh imagine that, I didn't want memorial day off) and 2.) I missed the next day because of a severe breakout the night before all over my upper body. That same week Coleman should know if driving to Chicago will be a go or not. I really, really hope so. I haven't seen him in half a year. I want to see him again one more time, and driving to Chicago we'll get to catch up on life and everything while jamming to some music. I hope Tristan will go, too.

    Eh, enough blog shit. Here's a screenie.