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  1. College here is pretty fun. If it didn't cost so much I'd be tempted to go to Lolapalooza this weekend and see the Pixies perform or something with Kevin, but meh.

    Nine Inch Nails in October though :D

    Eh, that's all for now. CoK Block sealed tournament tonight at 7 on Magic Online.

    Oh yeah, have some of this:

    1. SteelPH


      aye, pretty damn cool. :D

    2. Use


      Yes green rules. Scourge is sweet.

    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Use3D said:

      Yes green rules. Scourge is sweet.

      Wow, we're actually doing something cool?!

      Believe it or not, the levels play even sweeter than they look. I have to admit, I have an awesome team that I'm proud of.

      And uhh...the NIN in October, is that where you are? 'Cause they'll be here in Denver in October as well. I might go if I can find someone.

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