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  1. Kevins in the hospital right now. Lately he's been hardly able to walk and stuff and his back has been really sore. Last night I made him go to the hospital to get looked at and he has Guillian-Barre (pronounced Joo-lee-ann Buh-Ray), an inflamation of the nerves that can accompany previous illnesses like a severe flu and fever (which he had a couple weeks prior to this). I stayed with him over night we were lucky because he got the last room open in the hospital right now, and I was lucky enough to get a cot to sleep on. He called his parents and I called my family and let them know whats going on. Anyway the illness he has, it causes complete weakness and spreads from your legs up your body until it gets to your diaphram and you can't breathe anymore. But they caught it really early so they're going to start treatment today.

    The treatment is called plasmapheresis and lasts up to 10 days. He's really scared, and so am I, but everything will be fine. The treatment involves hooking him up to this machine and drawing out half of his blood through a tube in his heart and neck, replacing that half with plasma, so they can cleanse his blood and filter it, eventually filtering and cleasning it all.

    I don't know what this is going to mean for school, when I drop by there later he's going to give them a call because I'll have the numbers with me and various things for him to do over the course of his stay there when I go to visit him later.

    1. insertwackynamehere


      sorry man, good luck :(

    2. Kelzam


      insertwackynamehere said:

      sorry man, good luck :(

      Thanks :) They just started doing the treatment and it's really worn him out so I let him off the phone a few minutes ago. Hopefully I'll beable to make it down there tonight, but finally he'll get some rest. He's only gotten like half hours of sleep since yesterday when we woke up because of all the doctors and treatment they've been giving him and everything.

    3. Lüt


      Wow, that sounds intense. At least it's a quick treatment.