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  1. Part 1: Sickness

    Rundown of the what happened to Kevin so that he wasn't home for two two weeks straight but at the hospital instead:

    - Kevin admitted to hospital and diagnosed with Guillian-Berre Syndrom (a viral infection that weakens the muscles in your body starting at your feet travelling upwards, eventually reaching your diaphram disabling you from breathing. Essentially, the immune system starts attacking the body. Has a very high recovery rate and is pretty rare. Usually follows after flu symptoms or being sick).

    - Kevin remains in hospital and they begin the treatment (Plasmatheresis, aka taking his blood and seperating the plasma and giving him new plasma cleaning his own system).

    - Due to lack of attendance from my own being sick previously + taking 3 days off to take care of Kevin I need to drop classes for the term and start again in October next term. Kevin would take a medical leave from school.

    - I find out that as soon as we sign papers and drop classes that we would be kicked out of student housing, left with nowhere to go and little money, because the Student Housing supervisor is a 50-year-old un-married bitch.

    - I call me and Kevin's ADA and she works with higher ups because it pissed her off that that was what Valarie said. They work out for me to drop one class and continue two with leniancy on homework and due-dates, and begin to arrange for Kevin to take online classes until end of term if he's out of the hospital in time.

    - Kevin's last treatment was Friday, August 12th. They moved him out of Intensive Care up to the 12th floor into a really nice room. He is able to walk really well and has gained alot of his strength back, but after 11 days in the hospital his muscles have gotten weak.

    - August 13th was me and Kevin's five-month anniversary. I got him a card and a Ty plushie of a white tiger. He now sleeps with it, as well as my Gir blanket I brought to him a week ago.

    - Monday, August 15th: Kevin got moved to the Physical Rehab Center at 12:45. After going to classes I went to visit him. The nurse at intensive care mentioned previously it'd only be a few days, the doctor there said it could be two weeks. Kevin is really upset right now because he wants to come home. This marks the 11th day he's been away from home and stuck in a hospital environment.

    - Saturday, August 20th: Kevin was discharged from the Physical Therapy Center and came home. I missed him so, so much.

    Part 2: The Infernal

    I've started mapping for Doom 3, and actually plan to finish and release this map at some point

    Part 3: X-Box Live

    I started Xbox Live today. Me and Kevin share the account, our tag is TheUglyHobbits. We have a DDR game, some other game be brought with him, MK: Deception, and Doom 3 :D So let us know if you want to play Co-op or Death Match or anything like that.

    1. insertwackynamehere


      wow awesome screens!

    2. Sporku


      Looks pretty good, although the colored lighting is definitely too intense. Screenshot 1-3 are also too dark, if you ask me.